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(Update) Chuwi Lapbook SE – First Photos & Backlit Keyboard Confirmed

(Update) Chuwi Lapbook SE – First Photos & Backlit Keyboard Confirmed

Update: It’s been confirmed FN + F5 is for the backlit keyboard lights on or off. So just like the Lapbook Air the Lapbook SE features a backlit keyboard. It’s just the one set level (on) apparently like other models.

Finally, we get a real look at the new Lapbook SE from Chuwi, you could call it the successor to the Lapbook Air. As you can see from these images the bezels look somewhat larger than the press images show. But you can see the screen is fully laminated with a screen protector on it out of the box.

That screen to me looks exactly like the Chuwi Corebook 13.3″ 1080p IPS touchscreen and no doubt it is with Chuwi reusing parts minus the touch digitizer. The MicroSD card slot can be seen on the right side, full USB 3.0 ports, D/C charging and Mini HDMI output. Judging from these pictures the build looks decent.  And the touchpad is large, but the photos don’t show it clearly. What’s interesting to note is Fn + F5 shortcut, that looks like a backlit keyboard on/off switch? (Now confirmed it has a backlit keyboard) The screen up and down brightness controls are next to it. So it would seem the Lapbook SE has a backlit keyboard after all?

The Lapbook SE is powered by the new Gemini Lake Celeron N4100, 128GB SSD, 4GB DDR4 RAM, Wireless AC, 10000mah / 37Wh battery. It’s currently $299 over at Gearbest and due to ship next week. I’ve ordered on to review here on the site.

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  1. Hi Chris, cover is full made of metal? Is it possible to charge this laptop using power bank?

    • I’m assuming it needs 12v dc in to charge. Not sure if a powerbank will do that.
      The cover is probably a metal alloy.

  2. All that marketing about the bezels, 13 inch fitted in a 12 inch housing. Check the promo video. In Europe they would get sued for false advertising.
    The keyboard is fine, you get used to it in 2 days.

    • yeah they would get done for false advertising anywhere outside of China for that!

  3. Very interested in this laptop. I’m between the Jumper EZBook X4 and this one (maybe the Teclast F5).
    REALLY looking forward to your review as you’re the guy I trust @cris.
    Also saw it on another site with a graphic that made it look like $269 before August 20th.
    Can’t find that deal but hoping to read your review, love it, and buy it at that price in a couple of days.
    Thanks for the great reviews – always.
    (The graphic I mentioned is here:

  4. Why is there always *1* serious thing missing in Chinese laptops? If this had 8GB RAM it would be *super*!

  5. Maybe it’s a minor deal to some, but IMO again, they ruined an otherwise good keyboard layout by throwing in those 3 full-sized arrow keys at the expense of a small right-shift key. Shouda gone with the condensed arrow keys layout. The shift keys are among the most used ones and important to heavy writers and coders.

    • I agree they should have reduced the arrow keys instead rather than the shift key.

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