Deals: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Only $149 (Update)

Deals: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Only $149 (Update)

Update: My order has already shipped out. So they are turning these ones around very quickly and it’s not an error.

I posted this on twitter last night. This one is a crazy good offer considering it’s one of if not the best budget phone for the price. And it’s the 4GB RAM/64GB eMMC international version, not the cheaper 3GB RAM/32GB model. But there is one catch this price only covers the Rose color. If you’re a guy then maybe a phone for your mum, girlfriend, daughter or wife? Or simply just slap a case on it.

This phone has a very decent 12MP Samsung sensor with dual pixel focus, a similar sensor to the one used in the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8 the best focus tech on a mobile. It’s super quick to focus and doesn’t focus hunt like the earlier Xiaomi’s. Not only that it’s powered by a more recent Snapdragon 636, but that’s also efficient and paired with a 4000mAh battery you can expect a good 2-3 days out of this with moderate use. Or about 10 hours+ SOT with continuous use. And this phone is also in my eyes the best budget phone of 2018 especially at this price, it can’t be beaten.

The deal can be found here at Gearbest, it’s a flash sale so best be quick as when the stock is gone the sale is over. So Xiaomi isn’t moving a lot of the Rose stock. They must have offered it up in bulk to Gearbest for a very nice discount.



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  1. Hey Chris, I’m considering replacing my Iphone SE with an android phone and came across with this post. This one looks good but I’m not a fan of big phones to be honest. There are other Xiaomi smartphones on sale like the Redmi 6 4G and the 6A 4G which are a bit smaller. Is the difference in performance so big as to being better to go with the Redmi Note 5?

    • normally the base model phones are good enough for regular use but if you are switching from a iphone se, i would recommend a snapdragon 636 at the very least, or the 632 if you dont intend to game on it.

      unfortunately as you would have noticed they dont usually comes in small form factor phones. the smallest one i can recall off the top of my head is the nokia x6 or the mi 8 se which cost quite a bit more as well.

      • Oh I guess it is time for me to forget about having a new smartphone that can fit on the palm of your hand. These phones right now are just too big! I understand the benefits of having a larger battery but it is just too much. Well, it seems too be the current trend and I really want to change my phone.

  2. The market is too saturated! Probably next year will see even more great deals to clean up inventory.

    • Chris, has yours been delivered already? Mine seems to be in limbo somewhere between HK en DE. As usual (for me at least) GB track & trace has no more info….

      • Not yet it’s between here and China

        • Ok, seems like they’re keeping one another company on the same slow boat from China…

  3. Although this comes with an outdated USB port, for me personally it is the Quality of the camera that matters more. Fortunately, Chris mentioned this in his article above and I agree with him that this is the best budget phone for 2018 even with its non-sale price. So i already ordered one. It would be interesting to compare the camera quality with my Galaxy S7 (after all, they have the same camera sensor as mentioned by Chris) which I bought for 250 USD refurbished and already showing signs of OLED Burn-in after only a few months of use. Installation of a new oled screen will cost me around 100 to 120 USD.

    • By the way, the Galaxy S7 which went on sale from March 2016 up to March 2017 also have an old USB port.

    • As usual, Chris already had the comparison covered:

      • Yes, I thought the same myself and as you saw it was very close apart from video. A great camera really on the phone for the price.

        • Yeah. Thanks to TechTablets. not only do I get to learn about the reviews of the latest tech devices that are available on the market, I also get alerted to discounts by reputable online retailers. Great job, Chris.

  4. There is a catch. There is no B20 for 4g in Europe. It is not to be confused with the global version.

    • Ah yes, I tend to forget that as band 20 isn’t an issue for me here in Spain and many other EU countries.

  5. if only it comes with a type c port this phone would be the perfect budget phone even 2-3 years later

    • You can blame Xiaomi’s huge stockpile of MicroUSB ports for that! They have millions of units to still use up apparently. But I agree Type-C on this would have made it that little bit more future proof.

      • Huawei P Smart (2019) also comes with a micro USB port. Probably in some markets people don’t care.

  6. Very good price!

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