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Hands-On With The AlldoCube X – The Sub $300 Galaxy Tab S4 Alternative

Hands-On With The AlldoCube X – The Sub $300 Galaxy Tab S4 Alternative

The crowdfunded X Android tablet from Alldocube finally arrived, orders from Indiegogo are shipping out now. This tablet has a fully laminated SAMOLED 2560 x 1600 screen in it. Yes, it’s the same panel used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and it looks stunning. 600+ lux max brightness, deep blacks, great contrast, and very good viewing angles. I assumed for the $219 this must have been the seconds Samsung didn’t accept for their tablet. But that’s not the case, there are no defects at all with the screen.

Alldocube X hands-on review index:

01:33 – Thickness & weight
02:11 – Design & build
03:31 – First boot
05:36 – SAMOLED display
07:32 – Streaming video
08:09 – Performance
09:11 – Gaming tests
10:12 – Antutu & benchmarks
10:45 – eBooks & PDFs
11:12 – Fingerprint unlocking
11:47 – Audio
12:34 – First impressions
13:01 – Pros & Cons (So far)


The build is really good, a pleasant surprise lifting it out of the box to find how light and thin it is. Under 7mm, and just under 500 grams. The quality of the finish is premium, a full metal unibody alloy build that feels thin, yet solid enough that it doesn’t flex or creak under pressure. Above is my first look detailed hands-on video with the X. It covers plenty, but I need more time for the webcam samples, charge times and battery life. And then any bugs etc that might arise over the next few days using it. The final verdict in my full review. But for now, I’m impressed and really enjoying it so far.

Alldocube X notes:

    • Impressive screen, some of the Sharp brand 2560 x 1600 screens are great in the likes of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus. But this is step up over them.
    • Over 600 lux max brightness and fully laminated means it’s viewable in bright environments and it’s super bright overall. One of the brighter screens seen in the Chinese brands I review
    • Android 8.1 stock with little to no real bloatware
    • The display settings are missing Miravision options for some odd reason that most MediaTek tablets have.
    • No video output via Type-C sadly. I didn’t think so, there was a slim chance but no. No HDMI either.
    • Overall performance is better than the Helio X27 tablets reviewed. It’s not perfect, but smoother animations
    • Super thin and lightweight build. It’s great.
    • Youtube runs up to 1440p – This is good not even the iPad Pro runs at 1440p. It’s still using 1080p.
    • Widevine level 3 as expected not level 1. So no Netflix in HD – Such a shame with such a nice panel. Hope there is a fix from Alldocube.
    • The fingerprint reader works well, but it’s a little slow. About 2 seconds to read and unlock. Yes, it’s always on this one. No need to wake the tablet first.
    • Speakers are better than the typical tablets I review. But no bass to them. 3.5mm is good, clean and clear.
    • Oleophobic coating is present smooth glass resistant to fingerprints
    • Wireless display works, the input lag is around 1 second

 Alldocube X Gaming notes:

  • Shadowgun legends. It starts out very smooth and playable but after a few minutes is so laggy it’s unplayable. Not sure what’s up thermal throttling? But other games don’t do this.
  • World of Warships Blitz can run in max setting fine, with a little lag when there is a lot of screens
  • PBUG runs, smooth enough to be playable. But you’ll see some frame dips here and there
  • HIT runs on high settings fine.
  • Shadow Fight 3 runs fine
  • FIFA Mobile runs well
  • Darkness Rises runs best on low settings playable.
  • Asphalt 9 runs well on low settings

Alldocube X images:


  • Top end screen, that’s fully laminated. You’ll not find better
  • Very thin 6.7mm and only 491 grams in weight
  • Unibody hosuing with a premum feel to it
  • Good touch input and accuracy
  • Better speakaers than the typical sub $300 Chinese tablet.
  • Great 3.5mm output, AKM DAC, clean and clear sound. Loudness is good
  • Price tag, paid $219 is great value for money (Indiegogo backers)
  • Fingerprint reader accuracy. It works well, just a bit slow
  • Stock Android 8.1 with little to no bloatware
  • Type-C with fast charging


  • Not the most powerful chipset, if you expected to play PUBG at 60fps this isn’t your tablet. But it is playable on low settings.
  • No display output via Type-C. Missing HDMI out
  • Widevine level 3 means you’re stuck at standard definition Netflix…
  • The fingerprint reader is a little slow at times
  • Battery life, not quite the claimed 8 hours.

Battery life:

I’m getting a lot of questions about just how long it will last with such a bright and high-resolution screen. And here are some figures now after using it for a day. So demanding use gaming for about 3 & 1/2 to 4 hours. Light use, streaming YouTube, video and the likes about 6 1/2 to 7 hours max. Then mixed use with some video, Chrome, Amazon Prime Video in FHD and gaming about 5-6 hours.

So the battery life is a bit shorter compared to the other 2560 x 1600 tablets. I was hopeful it would last the full claim 8 hours. And yes it would with just video use and a lower brightness setting. Tablets like the (slower) Chuwi Hi9 Plus can do over 10 hours.

Charging and using the tablet at the same time it will charge the battery.

Finally, it’s time for me to sit down enjoy this tablet and use it for a few days to get all the ins, the outs for the final review. Amazing we have this premium top end screen in a $219 tablet! By the way, that price was for the early backers like myself. It’s not on sale via crowdfunding anymore, Alldocube sells it in their Aliexpress store for $269.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. how are we supposed to have root on that one?

  2. So there is no way to connect this to an external monitor?

  3. Could you please let us know if it supports OTG?

  4. thanks for your review. I have recieved mine and I have the same feedback. Screen is amazing and battery desappointing . Considering the fingerprint mine unlock in less than 1 min. I have tested with a 400 Gb micro sd card. It works perfectly.
    This tablet is very nice to have in hand.

  5. “Oleophobic coating is present smooth glass resistant to fingerprints”
    Are you talking here about the origenal screen space or included protective glass?

    • I’m not using the protector on it as it adds thickness, so yes the original glass does have the coating. Most don’t but it’s there as it’s not picking up fingerprints as bad as the typical Chinese tablets I look at with no coating.

    • The touch is really soft and nice.

  6. Not HDMI. Screen mirroring as an alternative?

    • Yes it has miracast wireless mirroring. Tested and working!

  7. And where can I buy it for $219?

    • That was the crowdfunding price, it was even as low as $199 for the very first backers. Now it’s about $269 here: the best price I’ve found direct from Alldocube.

      • Thanks for the tip Chris. I ordered one, 38 working days for delivery. Hopefully will get much earlier. True that this is the best price available.

        • Another Android Tablet from the same manufacturer, the AllDOCUBE M5X 4G with MediaTek 6797X processor along with 4 GB RAM 64GB ROM and 10.1 inches 2560 X 1600 IPS resolution is now available for $179.99. So the ALLDOCUBE X has a much bigger and better screen, in fact, according to the TechTablets YouTube Channel, the X has the best screen among the sub-300 USD Tablets.

  8. Will the battery last for more than 8 hours of Chrome?

    • It’s in the bottom of this post. About 6-7 hours light use. Gaming about 3.5 to 4 hours.

  9. Hi Chris, good to know you have on your hands for review probably one of the best bang for the money budget tablet of the year. Great way to start 2019! Any comments about stylus support will be appreciated though, thanks.

    • So far it’s looking very good for a multimedia tablet and light games. Even some games on high settings it runs fine. As for stylus support no support there.

      • TechTablets fans are indeed very lucky as you are the only one with the exclusive review of this tablet as of now. Can’t wait till you upload your full review though I am already encouraged by your early positive handson preview of the Alldo X. Hope you’ll be also among the first to review the new budget phones and other tech gadgets coming this year. I know you have a lot of surprises for your supporters. Best of luck to you and congratulations for all your efforts.

        • Thank you, it’s all looking like a nice tablet. But battery life certainly could be a little better. I struggled to get over 6 hours use the first charge, however. So I’ll see how it improves with more battery cycles. Thanks, I will try and get some mobiles early as I do. It’s hard as a lot of guys upload Chinese videos with voice-overs that get huge amounts of views. (Not a real hands-on)

  10. Chris, what date does your indiegogo account show for contribution ID and date? I tried looking up my tracking information on their provided link but nothing is coming up for my email despite being #274 on August 8th. I would have figured their recent update mentioning ~1000 more in addition to the first 115 would have included mine, but apparently I need to keep playing the waiting game.

    • I have two ordered one from August and one from October. The October still hasn’t shipped and when I enter my email nothing shows up for that one. Alldocube got this one out earlier for me as they know of my channel. I guess we just have to wait for the others to ship, but it can’t be long. Wasn’t in the spreadsheet either. From experience with the Chuwi Surbook I also backed it can be a bit of a long wait.

  11. Any info about Project Treble?

    • Yes, not supporting seamless updates. No access to the partitions.

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