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Alldocube X Now Shipping. Online Retailers To Follow This Month.

Alldocube X Now Shipping. Online Retailers To Follow This Month.

Update 3rd January: The X is now shipping to the Indiegogo backers and AllDoCube will be shipping it out later to online retailers like Gearbest & Banggood by the end of this month.

Alldocube (previously Cube) has posted a quick video on the production of their X model. It shows us the X model being assembled and also comments that first delivery will go to the Indiegogo backers (naturally) before it will make its way to the official Aliexpress store and partners like Gearbest.

The Alldocube X is the most interesting Android tablets out of China due to its screen and spec. The screen is the same exact panel as used in the Samsung Tab S4 a premium tablet. It’s a Super AMOLED panel, 10.5-inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. I’ve seen this screen in the Tab S4 and it’s without a doubt one of if not the best screens you’ll find in a tablet.

The X runs Android 8.1, it’s only 6.9mm thin and has an AKM Hi-Fi chip, so audio should be a step up from the typical tablets. The SoC used is a MediaTek MT8176, a hexacore with PowerVR GX6250 GPU which runs better in my experience than the Helio X20, X23 and X27 tablets.

In the above video you can see the 8000mAh battery, some of the PCB with what looks like a copper heatsink or EM shield covering the chipset. That battery should be good for up to 10 hours screen on time after all the IPS 2560 x 1600 panels with a similar spec can do that and normally the AMOLED screens are more energy efficient. And some of the workers installing the MicroSD reader, microphone and a Wireless or Bluetooth antenna. Then finally a QC test of the touch digitizer and confirming everything is working before being possibly bulk flash then packed into its retail box.

I’ve been waiting for this one for some time and hope mine ships out this year for review. But more and likely it will not ship until next year.


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  1. I expect that the screen will be better than any LCD but image quality will not match the Tab S4 because Samsung have software enhancement built in-to their firmware (Adaptive Display)

  2. “We will upload the tracking number to your orders in the update section later.”

    I’ll breathe a sigh of relief once I see my tracking number. This tablet’s release date pushed back nearly half a year from when the campaign went live.

    • to be fair the campaign ended only on oct which should be taken as the original shipping date, thou it should be said that any delay just shows incompetency on alldocubes part. they are doing nothing revolutionary here, just old hardware on old software. it should have been ready the moment it went live.

      cancelled my backing when they delayed it the third or fourth time, was thinking of getting if after a few months as im worried about screen burn in issues but by the time it would likely be too old to be even considered.

  3. Hey
    Is there some solid info about Netflix in HDR?

    • Nothing yet not till I get one I think. But I’m 99% it would have Widevine level 3 so we will be stuck at SD, no HD, FHD etc.

  4. By the way, any rumors about that there will be a follow up version with a better CPU? The 28nm one in this is a bit disappointing. P90 maybe?

  5. Video/audio support on the USB-C? Yes according to this article…

    If it’s true, finally, will buy for sure

    • I sure hope so, about time someone gave us type-c video out on these tablets.

      • Yea it increases the usefulness a million-fold, could be used for work purposes if so. Would beat carrying around my laptop and charger everyday thats for sure.

        That was a fast reply bro, hola de otro neozelandés en españa, feliz navidad

  6. good job on pushing this out before the end of the year, it would have been a shameful event if they were release a m8176 running on android 8 in the year 2019

  7. really excited for this

  8. No LTE. No buy.

    • Not really a big issue for me anymore and I do have data SIMs. But I use my mobile now as a hotspot.

    • Most people dont need LTE on their tablets. Why would you pay extra for a sim you already have data on your mobile.

  9. What I would REALLY like to see is one of these medium sized Chinese manufacturers say “[email protected]&k Google” and bring out a similar specced tablet running Ubuntu Touch or PureOS. I reckon the market is ready for Linux-based tablets and phones at sensible prices. No licence fees for them, no Big Brother for us — win/win!

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