Alldocube New Products Showcased (Updated)

Alldocube New Products Showcased (Updated)

Alldocube was at the Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Fair showing off a new line-up of tech. It’s very hard to make out from the press release what exactly are the specs of new models or their names. But more 2-in-1 tablet products and laptops. No mention sadly of a new Thinker i35 model. A think a lot of people are after a new successor to that model, myself included with that great 3000 x 2000 fully laminated Surface Book screen.

11.6″, 13.3″, 14″ and 15.6″ 2-in-1’s with 1080p IPS screens. New laptops with Core i3’s, Gemini Lake N4100 and N5000 models. But also a 15.6″ Laptop that looks to have AMD. Finally one of the Chinese brands is going to release some AMD tech. Not only that but a Snapdragon 850 or 845 laptop with great battery life and always-on connectivity.

New 2019 Alldocube products shown in Hong Kong.

New 2019 Alldocube products shown in Hong Kong.

I’ve pieced together from some of the photos & video the following models. The below might not be 100% correct until specs can be confirmed:

  • i1102 – Gemini Lake 11.6″ 4GB 2-in-1 tablet
  • i1302 – Intel Kabylake 6Y30 /Gemini Lake N4000 13.3″ 2560*1440 4GB/8GB 2-in-1
  • i1401 – Gemini Lake 14″ laptop with 4GB RAM backlit keyboard.
  • i1504 – Core i3 or AMD 13.3″ laptop with 4GB or 8GB of RAM.
  • i1404–Core i3 or AMD 14″ laptop with 4GB or 8GB of RAM
  • i1405 – Snapdragon 14″ 850 laptop with 4GB/8GB RAM. 38Wh battery

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  1. Yes everything pales into insignificance compared to the i35 Thinker. I’m hoping they make a cooler version with a faster processor a full hinge for drawing with maybe USB 3.1 Gen 2 capability and backlit keyboard. I could dream of Thunderbolt, but unlikely if we want the price to remain low.

    Seriously though, I’d like to think the delays are around cooling. I’ve got to think that was it’s worst fault. Despite my own personal irritation with the lack of full hinge. Trying to keep within the design parameters of the previous i35 with that of more power, but cooler is going to be a bit of challenge perhaps. I just hope it’s not a one off to be never attempted again.

  2. As speaking of Thinker i35, my wife tried to clean keyboard, while he is on with a damp cloth, so what’s left is not working keyboard (some of keys only works). What should I do with this? I don’t think I can find keyboard replacement 😀

  3. +1 on the AMD comment. Need more low cost Ryzen based products. Snapdragon too.

  4. The other day I discovered and realized it’s odd that the (smaller) China brands have ignored the low cost mobile processor Pentium Gold 4415U which is more powerful than the Celeron N4100 albeit with a higher TDP. Lenovo is using it in some of their notebooks so prob some other brands are also.
    Search for “Lenovo IdeaPad 330S Intel Pentium 4415U”
    I saw an 8GB 128GB SSD 14″ version for around EUR$350 and 4GB cheaper of course.
    Notable is that the Lenovo 330S is sold widely in LOTS of different configurations (I own the Core-i5 version) so replacement parts should be relatively easy/cheap to come by.

    • The 14″ 330S-14IKB and 15″ 330S-15IKB both have 4GB RAM soldered on-board and can accept up to 16GB DIMM in the one slot for a total of 20GB RAM. They also have both an 2.5″ HDD SATA space and a 2280 PCIe NVMe capable slot. Both also have a WiFi chip plugged in a slot so it can be replaced/upgraded.

    • Runs perfectly all flavors of Linux that I have tried so far – Mint, Manjaro, MX, Lubuntu. Touchpad works well.
      Battery life on my Core-i5 version sucks but it might be better on the Pentium 4415U version. Dunno. Read the reviews. The WiFi chip in mine performs poorly, but I plan to upgrade it later. All aluminum build and keyboard are OK.

    • CPU performance comparison between Pentium Gold 4415U, Pentium Silver N5000, and Celeron N4100:

      • I read somewhere that the max TDP of the 4415U can be set to 10 watts (in BIOS?) to perhaps help batty life at the expense of performance? dunno.

  5. Have you ever looked at the Huawei Matebook X?
    It seems the closest to a Thinker v2 out there – obviously a different pricerange but still a fair bit less than XPS / Surface type laptops with more power. Its a shame there are so few 3:2 screens in affordable laptops.

    I miss my thinker screen ;(

    • I miss my Thinker i35 also. I had to sell it on as I need fund to buy more tech to review. Love the Matebook X Pro it looks like the perfect machine to me. But not cheap, so I cannot buy it just to review it. Huawei also is giving me the cold shoulder in regards to getting a loan unit to review.

  6. It seems that as of the moment, AlldoCube is following the path of other Chinese manufacturers to offer all their newest laptops and 2-in-1’s with just 4 GB of RAM (non-upgradeable?). With the exception of their i1401 – Gemini Lake 14″ laptop which comes with 8GB. The 4GB standard RAM is maybe enough for Snapdragon variants but even with DDR4 memory, I honestly think that 4GB is barely enough for Windows 10 and other Apps/Programs like MS Office; not to mention surfing with Chrome or Firefox with multiple tabs open.

  7. Wow! Lots of interesting devices, hope you can get some if not all of them for reviews.

    • I hope so too, but I heard it will depend on order as some might be ODM supplied tech

  8. You are right regarding Thinker NG better known as Next Generation Thinker.
    I’d like to see competitive AMD and Snapdragon machines cause the current intel line up is dominated by damn slow innvoation speed.
    The intels do not get really or recogniceable faster but a lot more expensive especially since the uncrowned king jumper ezbook 3 pro V6 disappeared.

    I am not a fan of colured laptops cause it will become a acratch magnet. And still 4 GB and a 5000 mAh battery are each a nightmare for a win 10 device of 2019 cause both make the system in too many cases not useable. Especially if they don’t offer a ram expansion slot.
    Sad too see that there is progress, but a slow one … as if they are sleeping fir over a year.
    What are chinese consumers buying if their current thinker has more ram, bigger ssd and better display at a lower price?

    Oh, I forgot: backlit keyboard.

    Anyway: great effort to get these news from around the globe.
    Let’s wait n see ifbwork on thinker’s next generation will be finished.
    That thinker and ezbook 3 were quite well established product names and it is a loss if they abandon them this way or they kill it by loosing sharpness by adding too many aditions like pro or x whatever …. ezbook 2019 or ezbook alpha 2019 for all apollo lake ezbooka … but no 3 pro plus …

    Crazy how they destroy their own success cause since over a year they were not really able to deliver a strong innovator.

    • Reall now need these laptops to use SODIMM slots two of them. Ship it with 4GB and then we have the option to add another 4GB or maybe even two 8GB sticks, I did push this item to Chuwi when in China.

  9. For me. Especially the Snapdragon and the AMD models looks interesting depending on which chips, on other specs and of course the price.

    • Yes depends on the pricing and what AMD chip they use Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 I hope. Shame no mention of a new Thinker i35 also, that had to have been their best laptop.

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