Hands-On With The KNote From AllDoCube

Hands-On With The KNote From AllDoCube

This is an odd release from AllDoCube (Cube) A tablet with the name note in it, yet it doesn’t support a stylus. The screen is a fully laminated one which is great to see. Can’t get enough fully laminated displays even at 1920 x 1080 and 11.6 inches it looks great but does lack on top end brightness somewhat topping out at 270 lux (White images).

The build is slim, and as a result, it seems they could or didn’t want to add any full-sized USB 3.0 ports. They’ve gone Apple on us and used a type-C port, so yes USB type-c hubs are needed and you do at least get an adaptor in the box. The port supports HMDI out up to 4k 30Hz refresh rates and charging as well as data. Which is great.

The bios is locked out, no more than basic settings and the keyboard I’ll be checking out soon is a type cover/stand one. Also has no USB ports due to the size. The tablet has a SanDisk eMMC 5.1 128GB drive which is fast for this type of storage. 6GB of RAM also and Wireless AC. The speakers are the worse part, very low in volume and flat. Just listen to my sample in the hands-on video above.

The build is typical Cube, not bad solid and well put together. Overall I’m somewhat disappointed, this device is too late, lacking and too expensive (Currently going for $249 USD).

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  1. $249 at the moment at Gearbest, keyboard is an extra $31.

    • Much better price than the $434 rip off it was at.

      • Would be good to bear in mind the inevitable price drop when deciding on how much time to spend on a tablet. ATM this is one of the best value N3450 tablets on Gearbest – though the battery seems kind of small. Did you test that out at all?

  2. 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ratio
    fully laminated
    svelte design
    8 or 10inch
    +/- dual boot

    Chris, have you ever review a tablet with above specs?
    by the way well done for all the good work

    • @Johnson, if you forget the last criteria, you can get an iPad 😉

  3. Good conclusion and analysis.
    Too late, far too expensive and a note without stylus is a crap.
    For that amount I get a used microsoft surface with keyboard and pen. A lot more value and lower costs in the next 2 years with an even better performance plus a localised or national keyboard.

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