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Cube iWork5X First Impressions – A Premium N3450 Laptop

Cube iWork5X First Impressions – A Premium N3450 Laptop

The Cube iwork5X has arrived, and it’s impressive. The build and design look very similar to what I saw on the Cube Thinker i35, their premium Core M3-7Y30 laptop. But unlike the Surface Book screen clad Thinker i35, this screen flips around 360 degrees converting it into a tablet. But one of the cons is the weight, at 1.68 kilos, it’s the heaviest of the Apollo Lake powered devices I’ve looked at.

part of the reason is the 360-degree hinges means it has to be heavily counterweighted down to stop it from flipping up. A trade off from the design. So the build is really the best yet, I’ve seen on any of the Apollo Lakes. The screen is covered wit ha touch digitizer glass that is sadly nonlaminated. The gap is around 1.5mm, but since the glass is not covered with a screen protector and the screen is both vibrate and bright. It’s not distracting.

Windows 10 Chinese was the installed OS. I’ve now switched over to an SSD with English and the backup of drivers restored without any issues. The touchpad is great, a full precision touchpad so gestures can be disabled and customised via the Windows mouse and touchpad settings menu.

The iwork5X battery is 38Wh as listed on the battery itself and the CPU has a nice 1mm thick copper heatsink over it. The SSD slot looks like it would take even the largest 2280 size. But it supports only 2242 and 2260 M.2 SATA3 SSD’s.

The keyboard key travel is good, with a firm feels and not as much travel as others, but so far good to type on.

So the cons are no 6GB like other models, it’s heavy. Really nothing else at this point but I need some time to sit down and use it more.

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  1. No backlit keyboard? After I have tried one, I cannot be without it 🙁

  2. I wouldn’t think it’s a 38 Wh battery though. At least, I hope not? That’s like the juice you get out of two AA Nicads.

    • Wait, I’m talking out of my ass. 38 Wh equals something like two 5300 mAh Li-ion cells.

      • It states 38Wh on the battery and I can see within their two cells of at least 5000mAh so I think it’s correct.

  3. First thanks you very mutch for your work and all the time that you’ve spent in this site.
    I think I will fall in love with this laptop 😉 Do you maybe know which active stylus technologie is used (ntrig, wacom or cube active stylus)?
    Thanks for a reply

  4. When we can expect Chuwi laptop with Intel core m3 7y30 ?

  5. Looking good, bit weighty, I guess it might give it a premium feel.
    Were the magnets holding the screen closed strong, I removed mine from the Ezbook 3Pro, much better.

    • They aren’t as strong so I’m able to open up the lid without any issues.

  6. was only £230 last week on aliexpress, shame I never hit buy.

    • Shame 🙁 I got it just before the sale. Didn’t know there would be one.

  7. Looks good for the price. Has pretty much everything. Can the amount of RAM be upgraded?

    • Sadly it can’t be upgraded. None of the Apollo lakes apart from the Mini PC’s can be upgraded.

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