Chuwi MiniBook 8″ Pocket Laptop With Core M3-8100Y

Chuwi MiniBook 8″ Pocket Laptop With Core M3-8100Y

Update #2: we have a new video, a hands-on with the Minibook from Chuwi. Great to see a nice amount of power in such a small form factor with PCIe SSD and full spec Type-C port. Which means a single port to connect it up to charge, a monitor and data all at the same time. Making it an ideal mobile desktop, I just hope the thermals and battery life will hold up. That will all be tested when I review it maybe next month.

Update: Chuwi’s posted some real photos of the product, for those looking for a touchscreen compact Windows 10 PC this does look very promising. There will be two versions now it seems a cheaper Celeron N4100 version and the Core M3-8100Y 8th gen version. It’s soon to be listed on Indiegogo in just over two weeks. And if you sign up you can get 25% (Details below)

Chuwi’s got a new laptop coming with specs we’re after but in a smaller size. This 8″ compact pocket laptop called the Chuwi Minibook will be launching on Indiegogo soon and if you sign up you get the early bird 25% discount. It’s powered by the 8th gen Core M3-8100Y and has 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Something we should have had in the Aerobook or Lapbook Pro…Chuwi clearly isn’t listening (Unless it’s already planned, they now have 8100Y stock?)

Anyway, this laptop has a 360-degree hinge,type-C USB 3.1 with PD support, USB 3.0 port, and MicroSD slot. The storage is 128GB of eMMC 5.1 spec but there is a 2242 sized M.2 SSD slot inside for storage upgrades.

The screen is a touch one with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and it has a 26.6Wh battery Chuwi claims will last 8 hours and the TDP of the Core M3-8100Y is set to a higher 8W TDP. It’s fan cooled allowing that high power limit. Overall it looks like a tweaked version of the GPD and OneNote pocket laptops.

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  1. I wish they would shut up and take my money already.

  2. I bet Chuwi put a 8gen Intel cpu here becuase they know they’ll sell so fews of them….the small amount of 8gen cpu they got would be enough

  3. Similar product, but slightly bigger screen and higher resolution, and looks to have a better USA keyboard layout.

    @Chris any change you could review this one, since it looks to hit the market sooner and have the same processor and form factor?

  4. I know my hope is in vain, but if it could run Android x86…..

  5. EightinchesistoosmallMaybetenpointoneincheswillpeakmyinterestSrrynospacesinmymsgcozmyTeclasttabtouchscreennoworkwherethespacebarislocated

    • On second thought, I wouldn’t mind having a slightly larger screen (9-10.1 inches) but do see some uses for this device as my current main PC is an 8″ Windows 10 dual OS tablet but only 1280×800 resolution. Been wanting one with higher res so I could finally watch 1080p movies at native resolution…

  6. Chuwi, just put this cpu in the lapbook se, bump up the ram to 8gb dual channel and you’ll have a top seller!

  7. WTH they finally have access to some proper chips and they decided to use it on a niche product.

    chuwi must have look at the gpd and one netbook and saw that it command a higher price and they wanted in as well, however they never stop to think that the only reason they cost more is because nobody else is selling it.

    chuwi better place it at a very attractive price if they hope to sell this product.

  8. Exactly

    What… are… they… doing ?!?

    These people have been driving absolutely nuts with their one step forward five steps back routine over the past few years. I’m done

  9. I hope it has a nice stylus support like the pricey One Netbook.

  10. If Chuwi will launch it at around $399 at Indiegogo with 25% discount, then that’s a good value at $299. You’ll only need one of those 15.6 USB Monitors that Chris have reviewed here and you’ve yourself a portable workstation with the latest Intel Chipset that weighs 1.5 kilos.

    • “you’ve got yourself a portable workstation…”

    • FYI when most people say “portable workstation” or “workstation” in reference to a machine for work, they mean something with significant graphical power, meant for professional video editing, CAD work, etc. It usually implies Xeon processing power and a powerful GPU.

  11. That one actually seems pretty interesting, depending on the price, of course. I miss the old netbook size segment. I don’t need the fastest computer, I only need something easy to carry with fairly good battery life for long flights, train and bus rides.

  12. Too small and that CPU they should have put in the Aerobook not the dated 6Y30!!!! What the hell are Chuwi doing???

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