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Deals: Chuwi Lapbook Pro 8GB 256GB SSD Model Finally Here

Deals: Chuwi Lapbook Pro 8GB 256GB SSD Model Finally Here

Something a lot of us have been after is finally coming the 8GB’s of RAM we have sorely been missing paired to the Intel Celeron N4100 (Gemini Lake) in a Chuwi laptop. The Lapbook SE has been discontinued for the more modern looking slimmer bezel Chuwi Lapbook Pro. I reviewed then $319 the 4GB version, and despite the 4GB of RAM and only a 64GB eMMC, it runs fine for what it was intended light computing.

Bangood has them shipping in 5 days for $319 USD with coupon BGCLP1I the price without the coupon is $369. Which the Lapbook Pro might be the best of the Gemini Laptops now with the 8GB of RAM & larger 256GB SSD vs the old 64GB eMMC and empty 2280 M.2 SSD slot.

These coupons don’t normally last long but make sure you watch my review below if you’re thinking of one.


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  1. Has anyone worked out a way so the light on the backlit keyboard is always on ? MIne turns off after about 15 seconds. Also another problem I just noticed, Even with the type -C charger inserted the battery was still discharging !, It was downloading and installing updates, but still seems strange that it doesnt have enough power to charge it if its downloading

  2. I just ordered the 8gb from Aliexpress, I live in the UK and the shipping is from Spain, Ordered this morning and it shipped within the hour, should have in 4-5 working days !, Looking forward to getting my hands on this !, not bothered about the type C power problem, would never use an extenal hard drive, so this laptop is perfect for me, O yes, it was only £235 delivered !

  3. Will a hub with hdmi ports work in the type-c port ? can i connect two different monitors in extended display mode ?

  4. Hi Chris,

    I need to buy a laptop for my daughter who is going to high school (Mt Albert Grammar here in Auckland, NZ). I have an original teclast f7 which I love.

    I see the Chuwi N4100 256gb 8gb Ram on Ali Express and the 11.11 sales are coming up so was looking to get this model. BUT… im a little put off by this video? Are they only 4gb even though they advertise 8gb and given the issues in your video should i go teclast?

    Which would you recomend Teclast F7 Plus @ $550NZD or CHUWI Lapbook Pro @ $477NZD?

  5. can you make 1 review of this version?

  6. Chuwi’s website says :
    “LapBook Pro comes with 256GB eMMC5.1, fast read/write speed. What’s more, M.2SSD support on LapBook Pro is available, more files storageand more apps installation is possible.
    Note: LapBook Pro does not come with M.2 SSD when leaving the factory. Only expansion slot is reserved, users need to install it themselves.”

    Any idea??

    • Oh, so they are using an eMMC and keeping the M.2 slot free then unless it’s an error. Even better if later I install my 512GB SSD, I can run windows off it and keep the slower eMMC 5.1 as storage.

  7. Chris is this really a new product? They’ve been selling it on amazon Japan for a while now (yes the 8GB+256GB model) and I wonder if there’s any difference. It is actually cheaper than banggood.

    • Maybe so but I couldn’t get hold of it or saw it listed anywhere till now. Seems it was Japan only at first and now the rest of the world.

    • Also, that model has the Japanese characters on the keyboard.

  8. Does it have a metall palm rest ?

    N4100 machines were pretty decent in the past compared with my thinker i35 except the then 4 / 64 GB limits …

    Great to see these limits gone … and 8 GB + 264 GB is the right combination for W10 …

    But the days of ezbook built quality and price point seem to have gone too.

    • Yes, a metal palm yes. They are so late to bring us 8GB of RAM and the larger faster storage. Yes, sadly no more Ezbook 3 pro days and prices. Will it ever return?

  9. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the cool review. Is the 256GB SSD a SATA3 and now in the M.2 slot? Is the ram dual channel?

    By the way, the Banggood’s product page is a bit messed up with both 4GB/64GB AND 8GB/256GB in the description so it will be tricky to know which is which that they are actually selling.

    • Yes, the 256GB SSD will in the M.2 drive bay. RAM in dual channel I’m not sure I hope so. I would love to get hold of one to see if it is dual-channel.

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