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First Lapbook Pro User Review Posted

First Lapbook Pro User Review Posted

Daniel one of our readers has posted a first hands-on user review of the Lapbook Pro from Chuwi. It’s very similar in spec to the Lapbook SE. But it gives up on of the two USB 3.0 ports in favour of a Type-C USB 3.0 port with power delivery support. The other change is the screen, it’s even slimmer the bezels on the sides and top. The screen is 14.1″ and a fully laminated 1080p IPS. Overall it looks like a great laptop, but according to Daniel, there are some changes in the keyboard backlighting and touchpad texture which make it a slight downgrade vs the Lapbook SE.

I hope to have mine ship out soon, they are currently selling for $299 on Aliexpress with 4GB of RAM (Yes no 8GB Gemini Lake models still from Chuwi!) and 64GB eMMC 5.1 drive and an M.2 22×80 SATA3 SSD slot. With a 38Wh battery, I would expect the battery life to be like the Lapbook SE up to 8-9 hours light use. Oh, and it is on Amazon but for 419 euros!

So it remains to be seen if this is really any better than the Lapbook SE. And I’ll be sure to compare it to the other new Chuwi laptop the Aerobook I’m currently reviewing.

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