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Black Friday Deals: Lapbook SE $249 Mi Pad 4 64GB $199 Mi Drone 4k $399

Yes, I know sick of the Black Friday emails and posts? Me too, but what’s one more right? The usual sites I source my cheaper Chinese alternative tech from like Banggood and Gearbest both have Black Friday deals on of course. There are a few deals around so if you’re in the market for some cheaper tech or something for Christmas here’s a couple of the better offers I’ve see...[Read More]

Deals: More Flash Sales: Pocophone F1 Only $289!

The 11.11 sales are over however some retailers are still pushing out some great deals (And will be for some time). Take for example this one, it’s really good. A Snapdragon 845 flagship mobile that’s normally $309 (already a great price) is now $289 for a limited time at Gearbest. And it’s seriously the best phone for the price you’ll find anywhere. Not only do you get a t...[Read More]

11.11 Sales, Coupons & Where to Shop For Deals 2018

11.11 is here with big sales across Chinese retailers. It’s just a matter of finding the best coupons, and discounts. Below are some of the deal pages worth checking from major Chinese retailers. Once I spot the best deals of the day I’ll be updating and posting them here in this post like I’ve done in the past. If you find a great deal please let us know in the comments. Gearbes...[Read More]

Deals: Chuwi Lapbook SE Now $259

Another new coupon is out for the Chuwi Lapbook SE, this is the latest Gemini Lake laptop from Chuwi and my current chosen best budget laptop, I’ve taken mine to New Zealand with me and it’s still running great. It has a great fully laminated display, the best keyboard I’ve used on a budget laptop and it’s backlit. With a few tweaks like installing the OS on the installed S...[Read More]

Deals: Teclast Master T10 Only $169.99

It’s November and that time of the year when Chinese retailers start offering up their best deals ready for 11.11 sales. And we are already starting to see a few really good offers. This new deal is on a top Android 7.0 tablet reviewed here on the site. Teclast’s Master T10. Normally it’s over $200 USD, but is now selling for just $169.99 with coupon GB&TATET10 The Master T10...[Read More]

Deals: Mi Notebook Pro i5 8250U $767 – Mi Gaming Laptop $1202

Here are two new great deals if you’re in the market for a new 15.6″ laptop. The Mi Notebook Pro, i5 8250U model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD is a low $767 USD over at Banggood with coupon 1B0G85 on checkout (limited to 10 units only so be quick!). It’s one of the lowest prices I’ve seen for this great laptop go for. And it’s still one of the best I’ve used for...[Read More]

Deals: Jumper EZbook 3 Pro For $199

The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro is now on clearance sale over at Gearbest, $199 USD with a free micro HDMI cable. All you have to do is use coupon BeatBG02 on checkout to get it for this price. While it’s last years Celeron N3450 chipset, it does at least have 6GB of RAM where the new models have been mostly shipping with 4GB, expect the Teclast F5 11.6″ laptop. The EZbook 3 Pro and Teclast F7...[Read More]

Deals: Chuwi HiPad – Helio X27 Tablet for $145

There’s a new coupon for Chuwi’s new Helio X27 tablet. This 10.1″ tablet has a couple of things going for it, the screen firstly is a much easier 1920 x 1200 resolution for the Mali-T800 MP4 to drive and not 2560 x 1600 like the other tablets. And secondly, it has the Helio X27, which in my experience with the Teclast Master T20 is quite a bit faster than the Helio X20 or Helio X...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook SE Now Available, Dropped to $259.99

Update: Latest video from IFA 2018 updated in this post it’s in English and confirms the Lapbook SE has HDMI 2.0 support for 4k 60hz and not 4k 30hz like the Lapbook Air. Now, all we need to do is get Chuwi to release an 8GB model, 4GB is a deal breaker for many of us! Chuwi’s new Lapbook Air Apollo Lake upgrade, the Lapbook SE with a faster Intel Celeron N4100 Gemini Lake is now avail...[Read More]

Deals: Teclast Master T10 $190, EZBook X4 IPS $279.99 & More

Gearbest has a new round of deals on various items. I’ve found a few of which I’ve reviewed, know are good and the price also is decent. The Teclast Master T10 – This one has the MT8176 hexa-core still a much better CPU than the Helio X20 tablets. The screen is fully laminated and the build is premium. It’s now $190 USD, the lowest price it’s been for a while. Well wo...[Read More]

Deals: Chuwi LapBook SE $269.99 Sale (Updated)

Update #2 It’s back to the $269.99 price but you must use coupon GB&TACWlapbookse on checkout to get it for that price. It also now comes with a free USB hub and 3.5mm earphones. You can be sure the will Update: I’m not sure what happened to the $269.99 price (As per first image below) But the laptop is $279.99 on the site. Starting tomorrow (Monday the 20th) the Chuwi Lapbook SE, ...[Read More]

Deals: Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 32GB $154.99 & 64GB $179

Two new deals on the new Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Android One models. This mobile I’ve reviewed as the Redmi 6 Pro, they are identical only that the software is Android One, stock Android 8.1. It’s using an octa-core 2.0Ghz Snapdragon 625 chipset which is getting old, but still better than the cheaper MediaTek P23, Helio X25 chipsets etc. These models only just came out and the global version...[Read More]

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