Core M 5Y10C

Win a Cube i7 Stylus

Cube are having a competition to win a Cube i7 Stylus that has just recently been released. All you have to do is like their Facebook page, comment on the top post and share it with 3 friends and your in to win. You have from now until the 5th of July and the winner will be picked on the 6th. The Cube i7 Stylus is a Wacom stylus tablet with a keyboard dock. It’s got a Core M 5Y10, 4GB of Ram...[Read More]

Cube i7 Stylus on sale today and sold out already

Yes, it was just listed on sale today on and it sold out within hours. My bet is it was the Ali Express sellers and online retailers buying them all up to sell with huge mark ups. According to Cube the i7 Stylus, without the keyboard or Wacom pen, should retail for $299… Not a bad price for a Core M. Of course that’s the price in China, so it’s normal its going to sell for...[Read More]

Cube i7 Vs Onda v116w Core M – Pros and Cons

Two Chinese Core M 5Y10 powered tablet’s head to head, but which one is better? I go over the pro’s and con’s in this video below. Reasons to buy the Onda v11w Core M over the Cube i7: Better port placement Two full sized USB ports, one is USB 3.0 USB 3.0 port works at USB 3 speeds Cheaper than the Cube i7 Touchpad on the keyboard case is better Reasons to buy the Cube i7 over th...[Read More]

First Teclast X1 Pro 4G Hands on Photos and Impressions

I’ve been hunting around on the Teclast forums for some hands on first impressions and photos of the just released Teclast X1 Pro 4G Core M. It started shipping out to customers in China just a day or two ago. Here are the first user photos that were uploaded I could find. So far the first impressions of the X1 Pro 4G are a mixed bag. Some are claiming it’s to heavy, 1.01 kilos in one ...[Read More]

Cube i7 Core M unboxing and first impressions

Our Cube i7 arrived from China and will go through all the usual benchmarks and gaming tests. The unboxing video is below. This is the cheaper $399 special offer priced 64GB version. Our unit came with Windows 8.1 Pro, but you can get it with Ubuntu if you want. I ordered the keyboard dock which was an additional $65, but well worth it. My first impressi...[Read More]

Teclast X1 Pro 4G Internals Reveal Replaceable SSD & Modem

An official press photo of the internals of the Telast X1 Pro 4G reveals the Core M 5Y10C’s heat spreader, motherboard and various other components inside this 12.2 inch Surface Pro 3 clone. Judging by the look of it mSata or M.2 slots in the tablet, both the modem and the 128GB are replaceable and upgradable if you wanted to swap the 128gb drive out for a larger 256GB or 512GB one. Opening ...[Read More]

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