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Cube i7 Stylus on sale today and sold out already

Cube i7 Stylus on sale today and sold out already

Yes, it was just listed on sale today on and it sold out within hours. My bet is it was the Ali Express sellers and online retailers buying them all up to sell with huge mark ups. According to Cube the i7 Stylus, without the keyboard or Wacom pen, should retail for $299… Not a bad price for a Core M. Of course that’s the price in China, so it’s normal its going to sell for more where it’s exported outside the domestic market.

Expect online retailers to have stock in the next few days, but how will it be priced?

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  1. TF means TransFlash as far as i can tell, it is an outdated term for microSD.
    On the picture: upper TF labeled chips are probably low-power DDR3 made by Samsung or Hynix (2x2GB), the lower TF labeled chip is probably an Realtek microsd controller.
    Unfortunately, upgrading the ram on this mobile boards is pretty much impossible.
    It might be possible if you got the exact chip with a higher capacity and a proper resolder station of course, but i doubt this is worth the effort.
    Only the SSD seems easily replacable.

    • I better understand it now; Thanks for your thoughts. I wouldn’t have suspected it was potentially soldered/integrated directly onto the board, or possibly another component for that matter, but I wouldn’t have purchased at all without feeling confident that what’s included on the surface at least will function against my needs, but also appreciate a better understanding of where I may have opportunities to ‘flesh things out’ a bit more fully, if you will.

    • Viktor, I’m not able to clearly-extrapolate everything from the translation, but OS-specific limitations notwithstanding, does it appear to you offhand as though ram-limit could be fairly easily raised/upgraded?
      I’m not experienced with electronics-components, even after having tinkered with a few DIY-repairs/etc. on a few desktop tablets, so I don’t know if I’m just completely-misinterpreting the placement from the diagram (not even sure what the item listed as “TF” represents), but I’m assuming it’s placement to be somewhere along the bottom strip of protective-tape? That’s fine if your not certain either, just curious for myself. Thanks

  2. Some more information from here:

    Cube I7 Stylus (internal name I8)
    CPU: Intel Core M 5Y10c
    SSD: Foresee 64GB
    WiFi: Realtek RTL8723B
    Battery: 7.4V * 4500 mAh = 33.3Wh
    Display: Is identified as SEC3242, same display label which is also used on the Surface Pro 2.

  3. While surfing on tinydeal, I noticed the cube i7 Stylus is not in presale anymore but really available:

    In the NOTE section: “Good News: The first batch has come, please rest assure to place order, and we will make shipment ASAP, thanks”.

    They sell it for 368,5€ (put the currencies in €: the € price is much more interesting than the conversion from $ to €, as TD seem to accept real paypal payments in € without the conversion taxes).

    Fortunately, I don’t have the funds to buy it, I think I would have been tempted to get one otherwise…


    • Completely understand Twist, as I had the same ‘temptation’ over another piece of hardware that I could definitely make use of, but isn’t entirely-essential to m.y needs right now.
      I just had a ‘now shipping’-notification/tracking# sent to me from Geekbuying in regard to my order on 6/20, so perhaps by next Tue/Wed. it will have arrived.

  4. the keyboard is noisy and there’s no magnetic connector…

  5. There was/is no “Presell Product Lead-time” on the stylus itself, as there is for July-15th with the keyboard—so I wonder if the stylus is already ‘out of stock’, being only listed as “New” on, similar to the tablet itself, which now no longer carries the “in stock” labeling on it’s individual item-page.
    I don’t think atm, that I will be looking into purchasing this keyboard given my needs, but have noticed that it’s also lacking the clickable-buttons along the bottom of the trackpad, which Chris found to be a disappointing omission in his previous-review.

  6. Hi, bad news 🙁

    I will be refund, the seller find an issue when it tried to change the language, only chinese are available !!! He called the factory to have more details, we should wait for an international version :/

    I’m french sorry for my bad english

    • Really? Oh that must explain the delay then. The would be Windows 8.1 Single language editon (Chinese) Like the Onda V116w Core M. I’m trying to get hold of one and will see if it ships out soon, will let you know.

  7. Did you have any complains about the cube i7 stylus? Would you recommend this tablet for artists?

    • I heard it gets hot, I’ll wait until I have mine and test it out in person.

      • that would be so great!
        This tablet seems beastly awesome… Especially if you cant effort the surface pro 3

  8. Hi Chris !!!

    The Cube I7 stylus is available on for 383$

    I ordered mine ^^ they replied fast on chat !!!

    • Best of luck, that site looks dodgy. Do you work for them ?! …..

      • No I don’t, I tried to get it for the cheapest price, the keyboard and the stylus is not available :/

  9. Agreed, although I noticed that the payment for my order is still listed as “processing” for now via my account-page there, just the same as it was after everything was initialized a few days ago.

    It was the weekend, so didn’t think much of it, but not having purchased from GB before, I’m also hoping that, with respect to the deal I got, that it wasn’t in actuality a ‘pre-order’ situation, as opposed to them actually having a number of physical-units available to sale(?)
    Of course, I’m largely just anxious to finally have the tablet in hand, so hoping any suspicions to that on my end, are unfounded.

    • Edit* the ^above^ was in response to Viktor.

    • Well, i received a message from them today:
      “Sorry for this delay that the item 347214 is extremely popular and we need a number of it to meet demands ,it will be arrived on 3th July on our warehouse.”
      Seems like it was indeed just a pre-order (for everyone).

      • No stocks and all the ones that did sell from where Chinese only versions. So we are just going to have to wait 🙁 At least it will give me time to finish up my current tablets on the review tablet.

      • Well, after posting that, I’ve since become involved in an ongoing email-discussion with their support staff on the subject, (this was sent just after 8pm EST U.S. time on Monday to provide some generalised-timeframe of customer-service email-response) and I received a response back very-early yesterday (2am Wed. morning) which expressed to me the differences in processing-time necessary when items are readily-available/ordered from the warehouse in Spain, vs. those delivered to that location, from China—and I need not have any worries, as the item will arrive this weekend (I assume this to mean arriving to them though, and not to my residence) to ensure that everything is working-smoothly beforehand.
        That particular-measure I’m going to assume as being the language-option check/install, that Steevenoo mentioned hampered his order?

        All the same, and in lieu of Chris’ discontent as of late with Ali Express, and asking others for their experiences with certain retailers, I do want to be fair to if everything actually is being processed ‘as usual’, and my order arrives before that additional-shipment date Viktor has revealed, but even if it doesn’t, so long as it’s delivered within a ‘reasonable’ timeframe afterward, I’ll cope with the frustration of having-been mislead on that end, as despite how eager I am to have it in hand, I’m actually more-concerned with the final-execution of the hardware.

        Btw, does anyone have information on if the initial-stock was set at 1000, or even less for this model of the I7?

  10. Yep, after finding a well-updated thread by user Steve S. over at the tabletpc forums concerning the topic of compatible-pens for the surface 1 & 2—you were positively-correct with your assumption there; and although I’ve found that I’m fortunate to have a few variants that should work fine, I haven’t yet had a ‘compelling’ reason to purchase the Bamboo Feel/Carbon, so assuming that the Cube I7 turns out as expected, and fits my workflow needs, I’ll most-likely look into buying one of those as soon as possible, if only to see if it’s more comfortable over the long haul, or just more to my liking in all respects. Thanks for your reply.

  11. Sirdrak, in lieu of your helpful-post above, the most frustrating thing has been attempting to gain clarity on just what can/cannot specifically be used as a stylus with the digitizer used in this model from Cube.
    For example, I have older, 1024 pressure-levels based Wacom intuos3, and Cintiq pens, but is it most-likely that those are not going to be suitable, wherein the examples such as you stated, are actually what the company is inferring will be compatible pens?
    I ask that understanding there may not truly be a way of answering with 100% given the short-info being supplied atm, but I’d rather try to have something like the Wacom Feel ready to go when my order arrives, as opposed to having to wait another few days before I can put everything through it’s paces, so to speak, so I may just go ahead and opt to find something cheap on eBay and such.

    • I’m pretty sure that Cube i7 Stylus screen is similar (if not the same) to the one of Microsoft Surface Pro 2. All EMR stylus used on Wacom Tablets/convertibles are compatible, no matter how old are they. For example… I have an Asus Vivotab Note 8 (2014) and a HP Touchsmart TM2 2050es (2010), and i can use interchangeably their pens. I think that the ones from Cintiq and pen tablets like Intuos3 aren’t compatible pens, but i’m not sure.

  12. It’s on sale on Geekbuying. They have it on stock by 376 €. I just bought one yerterday… It’s on presale on TinyDeal at the same prize.

    • Thanks, that’s about $400? I’ll have to order one soon for review.

      • Yes, 399$ 😉 No keyboard or stylus by now (luckily i have some of them and my Microsoft Wedge Keyboard) 😀

        • Dell Venue pen would work I think, it’s wacom right?

          • No, it’s not, sorry… Dell Venue pen is from Synaptics. Wacom pens are Surface Pro 1 and 2 pens, Samsung S-Pens, Bamboo Stylus Feel (from Wacom), etc… There are a lot of them. I have a Bamboo Stylus Feel and one from my HP Touchsmart TM2 2050es

            • Okay, thanks. That’s a shame as I have the n-trig Surface 3 pen and a Venue 11 Pro one about. At least I have my Note 4’s pen, that should work then.

    • Thanks for the information. I got it for 360€ with the 5% coupon, even with taxes added the price is very decent.

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