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Win a Cube i7 Stylus

Win a Cube i7 Stylus

Cube are having a competition to win a Cube i7 Stylus that has just recently been released. All you have to do is like their Facebook page, comment on the top post and share it with 3 friends and your in to win. You have from now until the 5th of July and the winner will be picked on the 6th.

The Cube i7 Stylus is a Wacom stylus tablet with a keyboard dock. It’s got a Core M 5Y10, 4GB of Ram and a 64GB SSD. So it wouldn’t a bad tablet to win.


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  1. I received my cube i7 stylus yesterday and wanted to give some information to people who are thinking about purchasing it. Take into consideration that I’ve been using it for less than 12 hours.

    I purchased it from The experience was positive overall. There was a 3-week delay in shipping but once shipped, the item arrived via DHL from Hong Kong to NYC in 3 days and was well packaged. As for the tablet itself:

    I’ve been using tablets for more than a decade, and my latest one was the Asus vivotab note 8 (AVTN), which has Intel Atom Z3740 CPU, and eMMC, and 2GB of memory.

    1. Fast CPU and sufficient memory. As fast as the Surface Pro version 1 I had a couple of years ago if not faster. I use onenote to study, so I put entire books and heavily mark them. This is a CPU and memory-intensive process, so in the AVTN I sometimes had to wait for more than a minute after highlighting before I could keep going. In the cube, I don’t have to wait.
    2. Fast SSD. Unlike the Cube I7 without stylus that has been reviewed on this site, this tablet has a “FORESEE 64GB SSD.” I ran an AS-SSD benchmark and received much higher scores than posted on the review of the Cube I7 without stylus. Noticeable faster than the AVTN eMMC.
    3. Build quality. Sturdy feel, similar to the surface pro version 1, better than AVTN. Even though the AVTN is 8 inch and the cube is 10.6 inch, it feels like you have much more screen space with the cube, possibly because of the higher resolution. The cube weighs more than the AVTN but when you hold it, it doesn’t feel that much heavier if at all.
    4. Screen. I am not a screen expert and don’t have the tools to text color accuracy and so on, but it has good viewing angles and I had no significant light bleed. The screen arrives with a screen protected that scratches easily and has a few small bubbles, though it is not a big issue.
    5. Stylus. I am using a Fujitsu Lifebook stylus. The accuracy and responsiveness is as good if not better than the surface pro version 1 and much better than AVTN. There is inaccuracy on the edges, as expected with Wacom, but still better than other Wacom-based tablets I used to date.
    6. Battery. Lasts about as long as the AVTN, 8 hours give or take. Screen brightness about 30%, balanced power mode. Working with onenote and some web surfing.

    1. Touch sensitivity on edges. The touch sensitivity overall is great, and even on the edges, you don’t need to use much force for a point touch. However, you really have to press hard for it to register a slide over the edges. This is an issue for me because on onenote, for example, I slide down the pages fast so I have to do a couple of inches away from the edges unlike with other tablets.
    2. Wifi. Only 2.4Ghz. I have no issues but people who use bluetooth may have interferences.
    3. Operating system. Some characters on several menus in specific programs (for example, windows defender before I updated it) are in chinese and can’t be modified in some programs, but this hasn’t prevented me from using a program yet.
    4. Sound. Similar to the AVTN in volume and quality, which makes it one of the worst encountered. Not a deal breaker for me.
    5. Charging. I prefer to charge through micro USB, though other prefer to use it for peripherals. This tablet comes with a 2.5Amp power brick, so you need to carry it with you.
    6. Screen ratio 16:9. Would’ve preferred 3:2 for better balance and productivity.

    • Thanks for the post. Sounds like its a good tablet. I should have mine this week if all goes well. I haven’t got a stylus or keyboard, but they are on the way, the official ones.

  2. There is a sale coming up on aliexpress on july 23 july for 300$ on aliexpress. Is it worth it?

    • Really the I7 Stylus for $300? That’s a good deal concidering the specs and core m etc.

  3. hate when people send me stuff on fb etc so ill have to miss out on this one. which crowd did you order it off ?

    • i hope they send it in the original box to. I need it for the review.

  4. this tablet only available with the chinese version of windows !!!

    • I think they would have a English / Chinese rom by the time of release. This could be the reason for the delay, but I doubt they would give a Chinese only system to non Chinese FB fans 🙂 That wouldn’t be a good start!

  5. Has anyone seen any write-ups or video reviews of this tablet? I would consider buying it but it seems to be a difficult beast to track down since it’s release.

    • Hi mate, I’d suggest you to wait a bit longer here for Chris to review it. There might be reviews in some Chinese websites, but the problem is most of them are likely to be paid review or seller review, and we have no clue which one is trustworthy. BTW, I also interest in this tablet and would enter the competition. 🙂

      • I’ll try and get it and review it asap. You right about the reviews, the Cube i7 Chinese review failed to test or mention the USB 3 port issue, which I find odd. I hope it’s fixed in this new model.

  6. Damn I’d be super keen if I didn’t have to spam friends.

    • Ha yeah, spamming friends isn’t good. I would enter, but already preordered mine.

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