Cube iwork5X

Cube iWork 5X Review

Cube’s iWork 5X is a cheaper version of the Thinker i35. It’s based on a 360 degree-hinge design for a 2-in-1 laptop that can be folded back to convert itself into a tablet or use the downward facing keyboard as a base to support the screen. But at 1.7 kilos and 13.3-inches, that’s a rather heavy and large tablet you won’t be holding for long. The Cube iWork5X has a premium...[Read More]

Cube iWork 5X

Alldocube's iWork5X is a hybrid laptop, with a 360-degree hinge that supports up to 10 touch points and an active stylus. It's power by a Celeron N3450, 4GB of dual channel 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM and has a 64GB eMMC. The screen is a non-laminated 1080p IPS, the battery is a 38Wh one good for around 8 hours max and it has Intel dual band wireless AC. USB 3.0 ports x 2, Micro HDMI out, MicroSD slot and a ...[Read More]

Cube Featured Brand Sale On Tomorrow – Aliexpress

Thanks Kevin for the tip, tomorrow Cube is one of the featured brands on I’ve noticed that their name they are now sticking with is Alldocube and not Cube as mention on the page. Anway, their tablets, and laptops are on sale including the Cube Mix Plus, Wacom stylus enabled Core M3-7Y30 Windows 10 tablet for $299. Their budget 4G tablets and then the 360 degree-hinge Yoga styl...[Read More]

Coming Soon In August: GDP Pocket And More Apollo Lakes!

What’s up next, well the GDP Pocket (Requested a lot this one) a 7″ Windows 10 laptop with 8GB of RAM, Z8750 and 128GB of storage. Hopefully it’s not going to be like the GBP Win which the keyboard half died on me so it was sent back. I know said I wouldn’t review any more Atom devices, this is an exception. And the last for sure! My quest for the best budget Chinese Apollo...[Read More]

Cube iWork5X – 360-Degree Hinge 13.3″ Yoga Laptop From Cube.

The Cube iwork5X name came up a few times in the last press conference from Cube when the Thinker i35 and iwork3X were announced. Now Cube has their landing page up for this model finally and some more info. We can see it  has a Yoga-style 360-degree, powered by an Apollo lake N3450, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Wireless AC, USB 3 ports, MicroSD slot, D/C charging. The build looks to be all metal and I hop...[Read More]

Cube iWork5X A 360-degree Apollo Lake Laptop With Type-C

One last piece of tech unveiled in the recent the Cube press event was the iwork5X, this one I don’t have info on apart from that blurry press event slide. shown on Weibo. But you can glean information from that slide. It’s a 14-inch laptop with a possible 360-degree hinge like a Yoga book. At least that’s what It looks like to me, anyone that understands Chinese can you help fil...[Read More]

Cube Thinker i35 Core M3 & Core i5 Versions Official

Yesterday’s Cube event officially unveiled the Cube Thinker, which we know to be the Cube i35. Seems there will be two version of the notebook. The Core M3 version with a Kaby Lake Core M3-7Y30 and a new Core i5 / Nvidia 940MX version. These and two other models I have very few details on the Cube iwork5X an Apollo Lake N3450 laptop with 180-degree hinge and the Cube iwork3X another Apollo L...[Read More]

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