Coming Soon In August: GDP Pocket And More Apollo Lakes!

Coming Soon In August: GDP Pocket And More Apollo Lakes!

What’s up next, well the GDP Pocket (Requested a lot this one) a 7″ Windows 10 laptop with 8GB of RAM, Z8750 and 128GB of storage. Hopefully it’s not going to be like the GBP Win which the keyboard half died on me so it was sent back. I know said I wouldn’t review any more Atom devices, this is an exception. And the last for sure!

My quest for the best budget Chinese Apollo lake laptop continues:

  • My Tbook4 Apollo Lake 14″ laptop arrived. Looks very promising for the price, but sadly the wireless AC it was listed as having turned out to be wireless N according to various owners. It’s still in the packet, maybe the unboxing video tomorrow or at least in a few days.
  • Onda Xiaoma 31 Pro (This week)  – Like the Xiaomia 21, but 13.3 inch IPS, fingerprint reader, wireless AC, but a Pentium N4200, yes not the N3450!. It has a full metal build and if it has the unlocked bios like the Tbook Air and Xiaoma 21, might just be the most powerful Apollo Lake yet.
  • Cube iwork5X (Maybe this week) Yoga style 360-degree hinge. Wireless AC, 13.3″ touch screen. N3450 CPU. SSD slot inside and looks promising.

I would have the Jumper EZPad 6S to show this week, but I fried it. Plugging in power to the Type-C is a big no no, it powered off and smells burnt. Stupid design there. I thought it might be like all others and accept power or just do nothing, maybe it does charge via type-c I I got a lemon. But don’t try it! I can also confirm that it has a 2242 or 2280 SSD slot inside.

Mi Notebook 12.5 2017 refresh Core M3-7Y30, 8GB of RAM version. I’m interested to see if 4GB and the Core M3-7Y30 will make a huge difference or not compared to my Mi Notebook 6Y30 4GB 2016 model.

And maybe the Jumper 3L Pro, Jumper 3 Plus (Core M3) this month and the Xiaomi Mi 5X. I still haven’t ordered them yet, however.

So it will be a busy month and I was hoping to slow down a little as I have so little free time nowadays…

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  1. Hey Chris, is the Onda Xiaoma 31 Pro listed on any of the online chinese resellers like GearBest/ GeekBuying/ AliExpress etc? I could not find it anywhere. Would appreciate if you could post a link. Thanks.

    • I got it from Aliexpress seller. But not via a listing. The ordered it from for me. I have it now and it’s exactly like the Jumper EZbook 3 pro, but in gold with a fingerprint reader and Pentium N4200.

      • Thanks a lot for the reply Chris! Waiting for the unboxing and full review. If possible, could you also compare it with Jumper EZbook 3 pro and Onda Xiaoma 21. Thanks.

      • That sounds rather interesting. Pity about their obsession with that colour, that grey tbao looks great.

        • And ooh does that mean a m.2 2280 might be possible unlike the ones with trap door and thereby limited to 2242?

  2. n4200 vs m3-7y30
    Which is better?

    • Core M3-7Y30, much faster!

      • Ok lol
        I saw voyo v3 have i5 and i7 version now, with 4g connection, price is cheap as well

        • Stay away the Voyo V3 has a very cheap build and bad keyboards, dull screens and many issues. I wasted my cash on the Vbook V3 i5 6200.

      • Doesn’t it tend to use battery faster though? Even though on specs it should use less power.

        • Yes the Core M3’s use the battery faster, more power = faster drain.

          • That’s the weird thing though on specs from Intel the m3 only uses 4.5W and the 4200 6W

          • Have also tryed to find a red line with the wattage, but it seems it varies a lot from version to version and brand to brand.
            I noticed this section when i was going thrue a segment about the passive cool CoreM in apples lineup, like M3,M5,M7 (where the M5 actually was the strongest, and the M7 was throttling in seconds from the high clock and performed ewen worse..

            pasted about CoreM comsumption “Another limiting factor is usually the consumption, which is typically specified at 4.5 watts for the Core m chips and can be increased up to 7.5 watts by the manufacturer. Apple ignores these values though and lets the chips consume as much as they want, which can result in up to 13 watts for the Core m7 (2x 2.7 GHz). The question is how long this performance level can be maintained.” end

            if anybody wanne read the article and test in full.

  3. Ah, bit of a downer on the Ezpad 6s, was that the first thing you did with it?

    Is it plastic as you feared or more similar to the ezbook 3 pro?
    Keyboard seem ok?

    • Plastic so a cheaper build this one, It is lighter but the overall quality is not like the EZbook 3 Pro series. I was recording my video, just booted Windows checked it powered an external HDD, then checked if that type-c would handle type-c power. BAM! Powered off and a burnt resistor smell. I unplugged it asap, but silly design to use a type-c port that is wired for power but can’t handle it.

      • Yeah totally agree.

        Fact that I’d likely forget at some point and plug it in there, and the lesser build quality have edged me back towards the ezbook 3 pro. Pity as liked idea of the size and touchscreen

      • auucch..sorry to hear that, can you decifer what part on the main board is toasted, at times you can repair these resistors, transistors, caps etc if it aint to small flow-soldered..though a laptop is pretty cramped and small items, and its often on bigger items, like TVs and bigger printboards you can reapir it in privatregi, as the individuel parts cost insanely little when you find the sucker there blowed..bummer and myself was wondering to use some of all these lipo packs i have from RC as powerbanks for electronics just with an XT60 to DC/USBC silicone cable., like 3cell for 12v coreM tablet like X2 pro, and 5 or 6cell for Xiaomi air13 hence it takes around 20v. (but dont wanne risk it, ewen thow all info says that its solely the device that set the amp and its only the voltage there are importen you suit up ideel and you should be able to plug a high potent RC lipo pack (100AMP current C-effect) to fx a laptop-.. but on the other hand, im not in the mood for another “DOHHH” lesson’ in just learning by taking it all on the fly with my wallet 🙂

  4. Among all the Apollo Lakes Laptops, the Onda Xiaoma 31 Pro with the N4200 could really make a differenceI feel.
    Still, my full attention goes to the new Jumper Laptops, the Jumper EzBook 3L Pro and the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus.
    I really hope these two go on a flash sale as quickly as possible, then I’ll sell of my Lapbook 14.1 given they are decent screens :). I’ve been collecting GB points for a while now to use on my next purchase.

    • Pretty much the reason why I got it, N4200 with more EU’s on the iGPU it should be better unless they locked the bios down. Really on paper, the only thing it lacks is the 6GB of RAM others have, this one only has 4GB.

  5. According to the Chuwi Ali express site the Surbook will be on sale from August 20:

    The site was updated today to show ‘August 20’; before that it just said ‘August’.
    Those of us who ordered via IGG should get it a week or 2 before that, although I doubt it.
    Realistic to assume September, IMHO. I will eat part of the Chuwi cardboard box if I get it before the end of August!

    • Yes late August, early September I would say for my unit. Not holding my breath on getting it anytime soon. I’m not too worried as long as it’s a quality well-finished product.

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