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Cube iWork5X – 360-Degree Hinge 13.3″ Yoga Laptop From Cube.

Cube iWork5X – 360-Degree Hinge 13.3″ Yoga Laptop From Cube.

The Cube iwork5X name came up a few times in the last press conference from Cube when the Thinker i35 and iwork3X were announced. Now Cube has their landing page up for this model finally and some more info. We can see it  has a Yoga-style 360-degree, powered by an Apollo lake N3450, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, Wireless AC, USB 3 ports, MicroSD slot, D/C charging. The build looks to be all metal and I hope that 13.3″ 1080p touch screen is fully laminated. An SSD can be added which is great.

Source: Cube iwork5X landing page Thanks Maverick for the tip.

It will be selling for 2199 Yuan or 323 USD in China on

My Chinese isn’t good can anyone glean any more info from these press images?

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  1. Some internal pictures of the iwork 5X toward to bottom of pages 2 and 3.
    Looks like you can fit any size of M.2 SSD, there are 3 screw holes. Battery is the same as most others, 38wh. And it has a copper heat sink!! Also some counter weights and magnets to remove if you want to..

    • Great, I got my iwork 5X yesterday. But the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 5X took up my afternoon off so had no time to look at it. So I will focus on the iwork 5X today and (hopefully get a video up and first impressions) I’ll add my 2280 M.2 to it I think, will make my review easier using a larger drive so I can install more apps and games.

  2. What is the default language of Windows 10 Home of this iwork 5x laptop?

    • Windows 10 Home, I think Chinese only installation. Might need drivers dumb and then new install. I will check this today. Just got mine, need to record my unboxing video.

  3. it is just 1800 yuan in the link

  4. If only it come with 6GB RAM it would be perfect.

    • It’s odd that it doesn’t, I don’t mind 4GB as long as it’s fast RAM like I have in the Civiltop Air. That one is still the fastest Apollo Lake laptop reviewed.

  5. Base on the image:
    Quad speaker
    User addable ssd
    5g wifi

    • Dual 5g wifi

    • Looking good if that screen is fully laminated. Shame it’s not just the Thinker but with a 360-degree hinge.

  6. Price is already on sale for 1999 rmb!

  7. Anyone heard any word on stylus support?

    • Can’t see it, so safe to say no support for now.

      • Cheers Chris!
        It’s getting quite frustrating now, the search for the perfect stylus machine continues…. 🙂

        • You don’t like the Cube Mix Plus or i7 Book? Too small? Wacom stylus it supports is fast.

          • Cheers for the reply Chris!

            I’ve been umming and arring over the Mix Plus… I just wish it was a little bigger. Had huge hopes for the surbook but it looks like that lags as well. Fingers crossed for a cpu upgrade option soon! Otherwise it probably will end up being the Mix Plus. Either way, I’ll buy through your links if I can.

            Keep up the excellent work Chris!

  8. Here is the spec:

    Good to see that there’s microHDMI output, not through USB-C.

    @Chris, you always test usb-c video output with the usb hub? I wonder if I need $30 big hub to connect second screen or can I use passive usb-c -> hdmi adapter like MHL for smartphones.

    • Thanks for the specs. I use type-c HDMI or my hubs because the MHL smartphones don’t work.

  9. 4Gb of ram feels like a step back considering how many of the newer Apollo Lake machines coming out of China have 6GB. At least it does look like it’ll have a USB-C port…

  10. Why can’t they just make a Yoga version of the Cube Thinker…. 🙁

    It’d be the only Yoga laptop with a 3:2 Surface screen on the market

    • Yeah, it sucks. I’d love to see the 360* version, with 170* it’s hard to use the pen.
      I was waiting and thinking about buying Thinker i35 but not it looks like there’s no CoreM competitors other than Xiaomi MiBook Air.

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