Cube Featured Brand Sale On Tomorrow – Aliexpress

Cube Featured Brand Sale On Tomorrow – Aliexpress

Thanks Kevin for the tip, tomorrow Cube is one of the featured brands on I’ve noticed that their name they are now sticking with is Alldocube and not Cube as mention on the page. Anway, their tablets, and laptops are on sale including the Cube Mix Plus, Wacom stylus enabled Core M3-7Y30 Windows 10 tablet for $299.

Their budget 4G tablets and then the 360 degree-hinge Yoga style iwork 5X will be $209. Which looks to be one of the best deals. Apollo Lake N3450, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC with SSD support I think? Wireless AC and 13.3″ 1080p IPS.

The sale is here and starts tomorrow.

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  1. the iWork 5x for a 13.3 is a bit heavy 1.6 kg

  2. Alldocube is a much worse name than Cube.

    • Agreed. Why didn’t they just leave it at Cube? Maybe legal issues? They were also know as or maybe still are Cube51.

      • Yeah could be legal issues, you’d think they could find something better though.

  3. Look like a mistake. iWork x5 is $299 tomorrow not $209

    • Damn, oh well. $209 would have been a good deal. I’ll have mine soon to review. 3 Apollo Lakes in a week or so! 😀

      • Yeah I’d have purchased loads of them for that price

        • It was £223($293) in the end using a Alldocube site $10 discount coupon, so not a bad price considering it has a touchscreen, ac wifi and type C.

  4. Hehehe you missed it. In giant letter it says on advert upgrade to ssd no mention of m.2 but it means that.

    • 🙂 it does say in the promotional pictures “can support SSD expansion” but we’ve already learned that sellers saying things are true doesn’t mean they are always true….as I have learned when I bought the Tbook4 when the seller said wireless AC but unit really has wireless N! It’s tough making purchase decisions when you can’t trust what you read. I wish the manufacturer Alldocube would list the real specs on their website but this laptop isn’t even there! (

      • You right it could have it or not. But they can’t even get the specs right most of the time. I’ll just have to open it up and check when I get it this week. My Tbook4 arrived but missed it. What I thought was the Tbook4 was, in fact, the Onda Xiaoma 31 Pro (N4200)

  5. I can’t find any listing of the iWork 5x specs that includes a M.2 slot :-/
    Other thatn that, it seems like a good deal.

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