Onda Promising a Dual Boot Breakthrough Tomorrow

Onda Promising a Dual Boot Breakthrough Tomorrow

A new Weibo post from Onda, they are going to unveil a Dual OS breakthrough. It looks like a new way to start up and switch OS’s and there is a sharedisk, so each OS can read and open files on the other. (To a limited extent) More on this tomorrow.

I wonder if its a new Insyde bios update with switcher that is even faster than before. It’s certainly faster than Teclast and Pipo’s solution which doesn’t allow you to switch in the OS, you need to reboot and then use the selector menu.


Via: Mikecane x blog

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  1. Hi Chris. So what’s the latest on this and should it cause a person thinking of adding a Teclast x98 air 3g to cart to hold off on the checkout?

    • It’s a bit of a scam, I saw the weibo. It’s nothing but a firnware update that allows you to view and edit files on both OS’s. They have a demo video and they edit it to make the OS switch look super fast. Just fake advertising!

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