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Onda: No real dual boot breakthrough

Onda: No real dual boot breakthrough

Onda’s so called dual boot breakthrough “Surprise surprise” is really nothing but some fake sped up boot switching video and a new firmware that allows each OS to access the other. Nothing I would consider breakthrough, just a bunch of marketing hype.

The new firmware files are here if your interested: http://onda.cn/Tablet/ProductInfo.aspx?ProductId=361

And the better and faster method of switching? Well the show a demo video of it on their weibo, and cut the video to make it look like it’s booting over to the other os super quick and faster than ever. Basic false advertising.

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  1. Hey is it possible for you to make a video on how to upate the firmware on the onda v919 3g dual os ? i have searched everywere and the guides provided do not seem to explain it very well .. :/

    • Maybe if I get time to look at it on my Onda V919 (I still have it at least) Are you talking about the firmware flashing? It similar to the Teclast X98 Air 3G using the Intel MFG Tools.

  2. It’s actually extremely cool feature which I would love to have!!
    Not sure why you bash it so much. Sounds very cool to be able to transfer files between Android and Windows on the same device.
    I’m just wondering now how long will I need to wait for a Cherry Trail Onda Dual OS tablet.

    • I guess it’s handy for some. I only bash it because Onda talked it up so much as a huge breakthrough and super quick OS swapping. The OS switching part was just a sped up video. And you could transfer files between the OS’s with a fat32 micro sdcard, I’ve been do that for about 6 months.

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