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Chuwi Hi10 – Dual OS Cherry Trail Vi10 Update Leaked

Chuwi Hi10

This has leaked out via Ali Express, an over keen seller has jumped the gun and posted info on the new Chuwi Hi10 they will be selling. It’s basically an upgraded Vi10. It keeps same formular that made the Vi10 such a popular model, the keyboard dock, two full sized USB ports, but has a few nice improvements.

Firstly the Bay Trail Z3736F has been replaced with an Atom X5 Z8300 according to the listing, but they list 4GB of Ram which the Z8300 doesn’t support. It could well be a Z8500 which does support over 2GB of Ram.  Or the have 2GB and 4GB versions with different Atom’s. Storage comes in the form of a 64GB of eMMC drive and it packs a new screen. The Vi10’s 10.6″1366 x 768 was a deal breaker for some. It would seem Chuwi have taken note and switched to a 16:10 ratio 1920 x 1200 IPS panel. The same screen the Pipo W3/W3F uses. A good move. And of course it’s dual boot, Windows 10 and Android 5.1

The keyboard dock has been reworked too, it how looks similar to the Asus T100 style dock, with a strong latch to hold the tablet in place. Folded down it becomes a clamshell 10.1″ netbook. Other specs include micro HDMI out and a MicroUSB port for charging. The icing on the cake will be USB 3.0 (At least on of the ports), but I have a feeling it might only be USB 2.0. Let’s wait and see what the official announcement states, it can’t be far off now if retailers are listing the tablet. My guess is its only days away from being official.

I really like my Vi10 and still use it, this looks to be a great upgrade, something to truly rival even the Asus T100HA Cherry Trail. If the pricing is correct the tablet will cost $223 excluding the keyboard dock, much less than the Asus T100HA and have a better screen. Maybe it will have a Z8300 as Chuwi deemed it too hot for their tablet?

Update: The seller claims it’s going to be released on the 15th of November, but you can order it now. They also put the price up!

Thanks for the tip 12 | Source leak

Chuwi Hi10 10.1 Cherry Trail press images:

Chuwi Hi10 - 2 Chuwi Hi10 - 1 Chuwi Hi10 - 5 Chuwi Hi10 - 4 Chuwi Hi10 - 3


Basic Information Model Chuwi Hi10 Dual OS
Time To Market 10-Oct
OS Windows 10 & Android 5.1
Lanuage Multi-language
Li-Polymer 8000mAh Battery
CPU CPU INTEL® ATOM® x5 Cherry Trail Z8300 Processor
Instruction Set 64bit
Lithography 14 nm
Processor Base Frequency 1.44 GHz
Burst Frequency 1.84 GHz
Core Quad core
GPU Intel® HD Graphics 12EU Gen8LP 500MHz
Storage RAM 4GB
Max. Support TF card up to 128GB
Network Bluetooth Yes,4.0
WLAN Yes,802.11n/b/g
Screen Display 10.1 Inch
Resolution 1920*1200 pixels
Touch 10 Point Touch
Camera Front Camera 2.0MP
Back camera 2.0MP
Others GPS N/A
G-sensor Yes
Light Sensor Yes
Package Contents 1x Chuwi Hi10 Tablet PC
1x Charger
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual



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  1. No news on the Chuwi Hi10? Would be great to know something else about this tablet before 11/11 Aliexpress offer on the X98 pro to be able to decide…

    • Unfortunately, there is no news. I doubt that they will be until 11.11. I’m more interested about battery capacity (8000 or 6500 mah).

  2. On Gearbest and Bang good it isn’t advertised as dual boot. just windows 10

  3. Tinydeal says it’s due 10/10. I hate being teased.

  4. IMO there’s a chance that 8300 tab performs better than 8500 one due to lower chance of overheating/throttling.

    • Ships in 3-5 business days, this would suggest it’s launching in days. This must be wrong as everyone else is saying November for this one?

    • Well, I ordered one from Gearbest and we’ll see :-).

      • The price on Gearbest is so low (175 EUR) in comparison with Aliexpress (around 225 EUR) that I don’t care even if it ships out in a month. I can wait as I don’t need the tablet urgently.

  5. I hope that ll be a z8500 version with 4g ram.

  6. Do the 4Gb RAM versions of these new Cherry Trail tabs have X86 or x64 OS? I’m wondering if the conspicuous price differential has a Microsoft component as well as CPU, RAM and eMMC/SSD.

  7. I hope that it ll has the z8500(higher clocks and dual ch memory controller!!!), not the 8300.

  8. Am I crazy or do I see a USB c port and plug on the Chui hi8 pro images from this seller? Perhaps its hdmi?


    • They include a plug to in the picture, it does look like a USB type-c plug. And later micro hdmi.

      • Let’s see what happens. If it is a USB type-c plug, then there is a good chance the hi10 would have it too. That said, the image is hard to read, it could be a micro-usb, since there is some shadowing on the edges of the plug. Leave it to Chuwi, Teclast, and the rest to airbrush tablets just like fashion magazines airbrush models!

    • Same here, Intel claims the Z8300 supports only up to 2GB.

      Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 2 GB
      Memory Types DDR3L-RS 1600
      Max # of Memory Channels 1
      Max Memory Bandwidth 12.8 GB/s

      Which is why I think it must be a Z8500.

      • @chris , I think you are spot on here. If Chuwi found a way to make 2 GB work, then they have some serious engineering skills going for them that no other tablet manufacturer has. Furthermore, I am pretty sure Intel doesn’t want them messing around with the ‘intel experience’. I am VERY excited by this tablet, it looks to be relatively light weight, well built, and with full-size ports.

        Teclast has that fantastic screen, but Chuwi’s vi10 has basically everything else going for it. If they solve the Z8500 heating issue, this may turn into a winner laptop. They would have to keep the price low though, but sounds like they will.

        • I does still seem to suffer from those unnecessarily thick borders around the screen.

        • I have high hopes for this tablet, if its USB 3.0 this will be an Asus T100HA killer at around 40% less. I have my Asus T100HA ordered to compare with this one. But so far the T100HA has a low 1280 x 800 screen and only a full sized USB 2.0 port on the docking keyboard. The Tablet does have a USB 3.1 Type-C plug, but you need adapters for full sized ports.

          • I for one prefer a lower resolution screen and it is not just for the cost (of course great that it keep cost down too).
            Might be just my habits.

            I always prefer to game at native resolution of screen (a 1280×720 game always look better on a 1280×720 screen compared to being upscaled to a 1920×1080 one for example.)

            And I prefer to play a game at 1280×720 with medium or even high settings rather than play at 1920×1080 with all settings low or disabled, with framerate being a constant here.

            The atom ‘s graphic chip seriously cant take 1920×1080, even for older games.
            Not even the core-m ‘s can in my opinion.

            And I am have been gaming on a 22 inch 1680×1050 screen and on a 40 inch 1920×1080 HDTV for past 4-5 years (nowhere near retina) and my eyes doesn’t bleed.

            Programming and general words/powerpoint usage on a 14 inch 1440×900 old laptop doesn’t hurt either.

            Always find the high resolution on smartphone and tablets an overkill and even undesirable feature.

          • @zealvix The Atoms run better to with the lower res. Which cis why I think the Chuwi Vi10 is good. 10″ screen 1366 x 768 still looks okay. You also have windows scaling issues with the retina displays. I’ve looking forward to both the T100HA and this Hi10. Whichever is the fastest and good for my needs I will no doubt keep as my second PC/ travel unit.

        • The Pipo store claims that Pipo’s W1S also has x5 z8300 and 4Gb RAM. It’ll be interesting when the things finally get to market.

  9. 16:10 is almost perfect for comics. Good for video and OK for surfing the web.

    For me is the best aspect ratio, but it depends of the use everyone does of the tablet.

    • I find 16:10 awful for surfing the web because in android the top and bottom of the screen are used for status and navigation. So the rest of the screen for web browsing is really 16:9. I will take 4:3 any day over this sad situation.

      • 4:3 is not great for the web as I find I have to zoom out or it’s crushed up.

  10. Looking forward to this, regardless of ratio or battery life it has 2 full size ports, which means I can use one for a nano usb 5ghz wifi and one for a mouse/controller at the same time. Perfect.

    • Exactly it opens up up all sorts of possibilities with two full sized ports. It could also be usb 3.0, i hope so.

  11. What advantage would be a 16:10 screen over a 16:9?

    What programs or what would benefit for it?

    • its not really a software matter, it’s more about the size and the ergonomics of the actual object

  12. I hope the 1920*1200 is a good enough screen, I was hoping for 2k, but build looks to make up for the price a whole alot

    • The Pipo W3 and W3F use this screen res and it’s sharp enough on a 10.1″ screen.

  13. Might have to wait for this device:)

  14. So it’s available???

    • Not yet, just leaked out. I guess it will be announced soon.

  15. Finally a good 16:10 tablet with hdmi, microusb charging and 64gb.

    • Yes, too many 16:9 tablets and 4:3. We need more 16:10 ones. It looks the most promising yet for me personally what I want in a cheap tablet. I just hope it has at least 1 USB 3 port. I have high hopes for this one.

      • Lets hope I just find a replacement for my Teclast Air 3G (which I love but I hate 4:3). I was staring to think never going to happen.

        Now crossing fingers for battery life and heat xD.

      • actually the specs on aliexpress lists 1920×1080 which is 16:9 sadly 🙁

        • The picture on aliexpress is of a 16:10 tablet. I’m really looking forward to this one.

        • @lalla521 I think that’s an error the rest of the stats say 1920 x 1200 and it doesn’t look as wide as a 16:9.

          • it looks wide to me… plus, looking at the actual product size it fits that of a 16:9

      • I would love some 3:2 chinese cherry trail tablets.

        • I mean this one (16:10) is good, is the closest we are now but 3:2 would be perfect =)

          • i agree… 16:10 and 3:2 seems the best ratios for tablets… 4:3 is too square ad 16:9 too wide

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