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PiPo W3F eMMC and port speeds, plus gaming tested.

PiPo W3F eMMC and port speeds, plus gaming tested.

Here a few videos of the PiPo W3F I currently have to review. Here is a short video testing the USB port speed, eMMC drive speed and the microsd card slot speed. Unfortunately it’s only a usb 2.0 port, but there are two, one full sized and the other micro. It would seem that some of the sellers on Ali Express are getting mixed up with the W3 that has usb 3.0.

Some gaming on the PiPo W3F, as you can see that Windows store games run fine.

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  1. I got my W3f talet and I love it. It’s sleek fine and works well… for what it is. I use Windows when it’s plugged in and Android when on battery because it requires less resources. I’m building a library of first person shooter PC games that work well in it. (some will run through USB or Micro SD for others I manage space on the built in drive), I added a 120 gig portable external storage, a full size but tiny 6 port USB hub, a wireless mini optical mouse, a USB external antenna to pick up weaker wifi signals, and lastly various extra USB/OTG connector cables. I carry it all around in a nice shoulder bag. I plan to add external power next if possible. My next purchase of a tablet like this of I’d like to have 4 gigs of ram and at least 120 gigs of storage built in. Chris, do know f the battery is replaceable ?

  2. 2 batteries makes more sense , but no one has mentioned that before..Thanks. An American company would be subject to false advertising laws and be forced to render me a unit with a 3.0 UBS as advertised. It’s a pitty I cannot hold Pipo to that law. I’m getting one and matching keyboard tonight from Geekbuying because that’s the only place I can find the matching keyboard from. I’m hoping I can make Windows 10 work on it (for Cortana) but if not I’ll use the 8.1 for games. Thanks again.

    • Windows 10: Just run all the windows updates until a logo appears in the taskbar to upgrade to Windows 10 and register etc. Then you’ll get Win 10 once released on the 29th of July.

      • Is this confirmed? As I have all the latest updates, a window for upgrade briefly appeared and it went away suddenly.

        • On the bottom of the taskbar, I get a windows logo button I can click on to upgrade the unit to Windows 10 (Called GWX.) This just lets you reserve your copy which Microsoft admits isn’t really necessary as you have up to a year to get the Windows 10 update – but it shows your Windows 8 install is ready for the update. If yours disappeared it’s possible it got hidden in Notifications somehow. I know similar BayTrail CPU based tablets can run the Windows 10 Preview. ( youtube vids) I don’t know anything about the type of graphical boot manager they are using for dual boot and that may get in the way if it doesn’t pick up Windows 10 or if Windows 10 overwrites it. If I had a way to ghost this drive for reinstall later (such as Macrium reflect forPC), I’d format a drive and try to install the Windows 10 Preview. I know they have a factory default repair system but I don’t know if it’s installed on a drive i can format or if it’s on a chip making it safe to format the drive(s’) and I don’t wanna mess up the boot manager. I’ve dual booted Linux and Windows for years but this is new to me.

  3. I don’t think the sellers on Ali Express are confused – I think we are all being had. If you look at the Pipo.com website Official the specs for the W3F, not W3 do include the 3.0 USB as well as a 7800 mah battery. Yet all sellers I see from anywhere, deals prime, amazon, geekbuying etc ALL use the same specs but you find out in small print by the reviewers they only come with a 3900 mah battery and a 2.0 port – Someone is being Misleading on purpose it looks to me. Where can i buy a Pipo W3F with Keyboard and the 7800 mah battery and the 3,0 usb as advertised By Pipo itself? http://www.pipo.com/product.php?id=177

    • It’s two 3900 battery cells, as the battery life would have been much less in my tests if it was only 3900mAH. But yes they list it as USB 3 which is not good since as you can see in my tests it’s not. Ali Express sellers would only copy this info, it is after all the official site.

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