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Cube i7 CM to come with Ubuntu, Windows and Android?

Cube i7 Android emulator

Cube today are promoting on Weibo the Cube i7 with the choice of three different OS’s, I know there is the i7-CM which comes with Ubuntu or Windows. But it seems now they are throwing Android in there to. Further investigation shows the Windows version could come with an application that emulates Android within Windows. Since the Cube i7 has a 14nm Core M chip which is around 4 times faster than the Atom bay trails and 4GB of ram it can run the emulation okay. It’s also for the iWork8, iWork11 and Cube i6 Air 3G models.

If your model already supports native dual OS and Android for that matter why would you need this? Running emulated Android will never be as fast.

Cube i7 Android emulator screen

I ran this on my tablet and it works. The install is in part Chinese and yes, it’s Android emulated within Windows. Hands on video of it in action to follow! Also I’m waiting for a Cube i7 to review that should be shipping out this week, so I will try it on the Tablet once it arrives. It will be my first Core M Chinese tablet to review.


Edit: Here’s the MEmu Android for Windows download if you want to test it out,


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  1. I have heard Onda v919 Core M supports real dual boot (no emulated android). Can you confirm?

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