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Onda V116w Core M and v919 Core M annoucment

Onda V116w Core M and v919 Core M annoucment

Onda kicked off a press event today and posted quite a bit on their new Core M 5Y10 powered tablet on Weibo. It’s called the Onda V116w Core M, luckly it’s not the same v116w just with a Core M I reviewed a couple of months back.

Like the Cube i7, Pipo W8, Teclast X1 Pro 4G and many others to follow it’s got a 2.0Ghz Core M, 4GB’s of RAM, 64GB or 128GB sata3 ssd. But the more interesting feature is it has two full sized usb ports, one of which is usb 3.0 spec (Shame they both aren’t). The tablet has it’s own keyboard dock, stand and case all in one job. The battery capacity figure is an unknown, but they claim 8 hours of battery life.

The cost? Approximately $450 usd for the 64GB version (domestic price) – Ouch.

The real treat was at the even of the live event, Onda announced they will be making an Onda v919 Core M model for release in June. It’s going to be a 4:3 ratio 9.7″ Retina tablet liek the old version, however with 4GB of ram and a 14nm 5Y10 Core M. Looks interesting, I love that high resips 4:3 iPad air panel and adding the power of a Core M to it looks like it could be a real winner. I just hope they don’t use the same V919 Air 3G case and that horrible removable panel to access the sim and microsd card slots. If they fix that, add dual speakers, usb 3.0 port  and a more premium case for it I think it will sell like crazy if priced correctly.

Onda V919 Core M iPad Air Clone

What do you think on a Core M air clone? Should the other Chinese tech companies make Core M retina tablets?


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  1. Thanks for the advise, but I found it on baggoods.com for like 200 USD ( because of an 50$ coupon) including their keyboard-case and express delivery 😉

    • sorry for double posting…
      btw. do you think it would be worth waiting for a core m tablet or is the difference not that much?

  2. Do you have any new infomation on the v919 core m?
    I’m considering buying a Texlast x98 Air 3g 64 GB…
    As I am in Singapore until end of June I want to order asap to avoid european customs 😉

    • No more info from Onda on their Core M V919. I’m in Europe to and if you order from Ali Express and have it delivered via PostNL you’ll avoid customs. As it goes to Amsterdam first and then on to your country.

  3. Is it available now?
    Looks great but then again……

  4. Oh wow, high hopes for the Core M v919 then. Given TDP is more than 2x that of Z3736F though, they’ll need to make it fatter for cooling surely. It’ll want HDMI out and bigger than current 7000mah battery too….

    • Sorry just saw you reported the battery as 5000mah. That will not last long at all with Core M.

      • 5000mah x 2 I hope, so 10000mAH in total. This is what the Cube i7 has and it lasts for 5-6 hours.

      • Ah that’s the v116w…hope you find a review of the Core M v919 soon too! These 11.6″ tabs seem to weigh a lot – probably more than I’d want to hold up while reading….

        • As far as I know the V919 retina core m tablet will not be out until June/July. So it will be a while yet before we see how thin or not it is and how it runs etc. I’m looking forward to it. I hope it has usb 3 and a dock port for a keyboard.

  5. unfortunately its overpriced. I hope the next Chinese tablet batch running the new Atom processors which support 4GB of RAM is coming soon.

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