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First Onda v116w Core M Review / Hands on

First Onda v116w Core M Review / Hands on

Update: Our full Onda v116w Core M review can be found here: http://techtablets.com/onda-v116w-core-m/review/

The first review of the Onda v116w Core M has surfaced, there are some benchmarks, opinions on the keyboard case, battery life, screen and heat. It’s to be taken with a pinch of salt however as this is the official Onda forum and it could be a fake review, which is common in China.

Onda v116w Core M images:

The Onda V116w looks like the most promising Core M out of China so far, if a tad bit on the chunky side. An Intel 5y10 Core M with 4GB of ram, a 64GB or 128GB BIWIN sata3 ssd and full sized USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0 spec. It also has a laminated / OGS (One Glass Solution) 1080p 11.6″ screen and a 10000mAH battery. The keyboard dock looks okay two, but you only get one fixed angle. It’s about time they started incorporating kick stands into these tablets.

And it’s priced at around $420 in China for the 64GB model, so when it hits Ali Express, It will be a good $100 or more higher.

Use Google chrome to translate or your favorite translator.

Source: Benchmarks & Hands on images

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  1. Really!
    I thought the keyboard came together with the tablet as a package.
    It seems to have a decent layout with a bigger trackpad.

  2. Is it the same keyboard from the Cube i7?
    At least you get a keyboard cover with the price, overall seems like a pretty good deal for a m core tablet.

    • Not the same as the Cube i7 keyboard. The keyboard is an extra…

      • Can you use Cube’s keyboard on this? Are the ports and pins the same?

  3. You can order then directly from ONDA for $469 -64GB and $499-128GB USD.
    Seems decent enough.
    Will you get a review unit?

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