What’s up next for Review?

What’s up next for Review?

I’ve had a few emails, asking what tablets I have up and coming to review. Well, I have the following:

  • Surface 3 – It will be used as a bench against new Atom Z8000 series when they arrive from China
  • Remix – An interesting custom OS Android tablet with keyboard and kick stand
  • Pipo W8, Cheapest Core M tablet from China
  • Onda v116w Core M

The Pipo W8 is not due to ship until the 15th and the Onda, Remix and Surface should arrive next week, so busy times! DHL and Custom will be having a field day with me…

The reviews will take time, as I like to get a really good feel of the tablet and find all the pros and cons by using it as my daily machine.

I have the Pipo W4S to review, but due to some Play Store issues, microsd card slot issues, dull screen etc. I’m not very motivated to review it at this point. And dispute it’s super fast Samsung 64GB eMMC, I’m not liking it much at all. I also have the Cube iwork8 3G dual boot. It’s not a new tablet, but a rehashed one with dual boot and better spec’s.

I’ll also be comparing the Cherry Trail Z8700 Vs the Bay Trail Z3700 series to see if it’s an upgrade worth considering.


And nope, no plans to get the Telcast X1 Pro 4G until the price drops significantly!


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Thanks Chris! So then I understand you think the Voyo is not a good deal to make a review. It looked to me as a good offer because although it comes with the z3735f, if I’m not wrong, it actually has very similar performance to the z3736f’s tablets because the only difference between them is the overclocking of the z3736f that actually is not an advantatge, because can make the device get quite warm and throttle if the heat dissipation is not well designed, like it happens with the Onda v116w baytrail for example. The other specs looked interesting to me and seem to fit what I need, and including the keyboard for 240€ was what made me thought it was a good deal. It is a pity I didn’t convince you as there is no info around so I feel too risky to buy it and then I will probably go for the Chuwi that looks quite atractive for its price.

  2. Hi Chris! Are you considering reviewing the Voyo Winpad a9HD? It can be found for around 250€ which I think its a good deal because its a 1920×1200 10.1″ tablet with 64GB of storage, 3G, 8000mAh battery, it comes with the magnetic keyboard and has not 1 but 2 full sized USB ports. I would go for the Chuwi but I’m afraid the glass back its too fragile and it seems to be quite heavy so this one seems to fit my needs, but theres no information about it…

    • Hi it looks like a W3F or similar. I see it has two full sized ports to. The price however is around 300 euros, which is a bit to much for me for a z3735F. I only buy them to review and later sell them off at a loss. Where is it for sale for 250?

      • Yes, the specs are similar to the Pipo W3f but just running Windows, with 64Gb, 3G, more battery capacity and, at least for me, a better design. I found it for 250 euros at igogo.es with a coupon I asked them in a spanish forum. In addition I have recently seen that in this store you get additional 5% off if you order throught mobile or tablet.

        • The final price with the extra mobile site discount gets down to 240€ so i’m doubting between going for this one with better specs but no info anywhere or going for the Chuwi Vi10 with worst specs but also cheaper. Which one would you choose?

          • The Chuwi, and if you don’t mind 1366 x 768 pixels, the Chuwi Vi10.

  3. @chris, any news on the new Cherry Trail tablets yet? I am specifically looking for a 10-12″ tablet with a FullHD or better screen, but the CoreM tablets are too pricy for me to justify as a second machine at the moment.

    Not sure whether to:
    [a] Wait for the Cherry Trail tablets,
    [b] wait for the CoreM tablets to come down a bit, or
    [c] jump in and buy a Teclast X10HD 3G or X16HD 3G.

    I am leaning towards the X16HD but the magnetic keyboards being sent out at the moment are the X10HD keyboards, and your video explained the problem with that pretty well. Incidentally, your AliExpress link for the Teclast X10HD keyboard now shows as a X16HD keyboard, same keyboard!

    Any crumbs you can throw my way would be appreciated.

    • I think the Core M tablets will come down in price soon because they aren’t selling to many of them. As for the Cherry Trail Atom tablets from China, none of been annouced yet, and even the likes of Asus have yet to announce one in the works like a new T100 with a Z8700. So it’s safe to say we will not be seeing them until the end of the year or even Q1 2016. The X16HD and X10HD aren’t bad tablets, just depends on how long you can wait.

      • Hi Chris,
        I don’t mind waiting a few weeks if I can save a hundred quid or so. 🙂

        The problem that I have at the moment with ALL of the Chinese tablets is that they are pricing themselves out of their own market! Here in Australia I can buy both the Teclast X10 and X16 with keyboards from Ebay Australia for around $AUS440 (you can take 25% off to get approximate $US, so around $US330).

        But for $AUS498 I can get an ASUS with similar specs, and for LESS money ($AUS398) I can get a Dell 14″ notebook. They are known brands, with Australian warranties and Australian support, and no problems with the machines maybe having Chinese language installed as standard.

        So the Chinese brands, and probably more so the traders on AliExpress and others, need to realize that their market is in the low-end pricing, not trying to compete on equal terms with the big names like Apple, Dell, Samsung, etc. They will never do it because they don’t have the brand credibility of the big names, but if they go back to selling comparable quality products at half the prices of the big names, they will sell a boatload of tablets.

        The Chuwi Vi10 is a good example, at $US149 it was a good deal, but at around $US200, no thanks! The same with the CoreM tablets, at the moment they are too close to the MS Surface3 pricing to even consider buying one of the Chinese ones, but if they were around the $US300-350 mark they would definitely be worth considering. Just my 2.2c worth (inc GST).

        • Hi Terry,

          You’re absolutely right there, the issue is the seller’s both Ali Express and the retailers like Geekbuying Tiny deal etc add their own cut of the action which pushes the prices up. I was lucky and got my Cube i7 for $399 from ALi Express which I thought was a good deal. In Europe here the prices of tablets and notebooks is much much higher than in Aussie or NZ, but even so they do need to price them lower. The Pipo W8 is meant to be $400, I’ve got one ordered, but it was $469 due to sellers cut on top of this. It will be my last Core M to review I think, as the prices mean I just loose so much money purchasing these to review.

          No way I can justify spending $799 usd on the Teclast X1 Pro 4G people would like to see reviewed, it’s WAY to expensive and risky. Even buying the Onda v116w Core M was a risk for me. Luckily it wasn’t faulty or anything.

  4. Did you ever get a keyboard for your Onda v116w?

    • Never found one! So I gave up, one of the bad points I gave the tablet in my review.

  5. If you don’t mind me asking how much did you pay for it?

    My local shopping mall has a Dell venue Pro 11 for $499 USD and it looks very tempting at that price only 64GB but still a pretty dood deal considering they go for $699 from Dell .

    Can’t wait for your ONDA v116w core M review.
    Out of curiosity do you sell your tablets after reviewing?
    If so how do I contact you to buy one

    • I got it for around 600 euros, so more expensive. I should have the Onda on Friday for unboxing and some hands on videos. I’m looking forward to checking this one out to as it looks like the most promising Core M for China to date. I jsut hope the battery is good, Onda’s batteries in all my paste machines have been very average, the worst was the V975w which seems like a recycled battery.

      I do sell them from time to time as I can’t afford to keep them all and have boxing of tablets sitting around just for comparison videos.

      • Could you please use more benchmark tests for the Onda?

  6. Can’t wait for the review of the ONDA V116w core m, seems like the best out of the bunch.

    • It does seem the best so far, it did ship on Friday when it was meant to. Looks like it will be Monday now via DHL.

  7. Chris, when will you review the Chuwi Vi10 ? That tablet could be compared head to head with W3F. Price is cheaper but only WXGA resolution, compared to full HD in W3F

    • Should have it in a about a weeks time. Yes the only downside is the screen I think.

  8. Could you please do chuwi v89? I see you haven’t done any 8.9 inch devices. If you could do some that would be great, particularly with some size and weight comparisons and win 10 upgradeability. Thanks

    • This. It would be awesome if you will (in the future 🙂 ) review other screen sizes/different aspect ratio tablets: like Jon said 8.9 inches (16:9) or 8 (4:3 like Teclast X89HD: http://www.teclast.com/en/zt/X89HD/)

    • Maybe that and the X89 I wanted to review, but I think the Chuwi Vi10 will be my last Atom Z37XX review unless something good is released before the Z8700 series Atoms arrive.

      • If I’m reading the news right, I think cherry trail won’t be as cheap as bay trail. For bay trail Intel had what they called a “contra-revenue” strategy which basically means they were paying OEM’s to use their chips. I think they said they are stopping that strategy in 2015, so the cost for OEM’s will be higher. That’s how I understood it anyway. Do you have any thoughts on whether the prices of the atom z8xxx tablets will be staying roughly the same or do you anticipate the prices to jump? Thanks in advance, and great website by the way.

  9. Any chance to try the Ramos M12?

  10. I’m actually a bit surprised/dissapointed that you are not liking the W4s. Really, that’s the only dual boot device I’ve even considered thanks to the smaller screen and fast 64GB storage. Is it really that bad?

  11. Awesome Chris!! Pipo having the cheapest Core M sounds promising. Can’t wait 🙂

    • It has a 2560 x 1600 screen to the Pipo W3, only downside is 64gb or 128gb emmc drive and not sata3. It’s meant to be around $400, but selling for around 460 on Ali Express. Geekbuying and Tiny deal don’t have it stocked yet.

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