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Cube i7 Stylus Unboxing, Hands on And First impressions

Cube i7 Stylus Unboxing, Hands on And First impressions

Our Cube i7 Stylus is now in the Office for its review and tests. Please see our below unboxing and hands-on videos:

So far so good, first impressions are as follows:

The Good:

  • Same great build quality as the Cube i7
  • Fast 64GB SSD drive, faster than my i7’s 64GB
  • USB 3.0 port works at full speeds and can power 2.5″ drives and USB 3.0 hubs
  • Came with English installed
  • Wacom Stylus works well. It’s fast and accurate as my Note 4.
  • Good speed and performance, on par with the Cube i7 5Y10 64GB
  • Good touch response and accuracy


The Bad:

  • Touch screen slow to wake from sleep (It sleeps if inactive)
  • Issues activating my Windows 8.1 Bing version (Seller has a new key for me to try)
  • Can’t install any language packs, on factory reset it’s 100% Chinese and I can’t install English



Please keep in mind this is my first impressions of the new i7 Stylus, my full view of the tablet will be in a week or two once I complete my review and have a good week or more just using the i7 has my full-time work machine. I7 Stylus Gaming videos and other tests to follow as I go through my review process.

Have a question or a new Cube i7 owner? Please join us in our Cube i7 Stylus Forum.

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  1. Chris, Have you tried connecting it with the Pipe keyboard? If not could you try and see if it would fit?

  2. Will you be reselling this after you’re finished with reviewing it? 😉

    • Since USB 3 port works fine, unlike the i7 which I sold I will be keeping this one.

  3. Grainy, I don’t have this. I was on the i6 Air 3G, i6 Wifi only model has no anti-glare layer. Non-laminated with about a 1mm air gap yes.

  4. What about grainy screen? have they solved this problem?

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