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Cube i7 Stylus Review Now Online

Cube i7 Stylus Review Now Online

I’ve been getting a few emails and messages over this one, “Will my review be done before the sale?”, “Is it worth the $299 price”,”Is the stylus accurate”, “Does the pen input lag” well it’s all answered in my i7 Stylus Review which is now online. I’ve had a week of full-time use with the tablet and I think it’s safe to say, for the sale price at least, it’s a hell of a good deal for a Core M tablet for the performance you get.

While my review isn’t 100% complete since I don’t have the keyboard yet which converts it into a ultrabook type PC. But when it arrives my review will be updated with the keyboard dock review. Hopefully, It will arrive this week. So if you’re interested in this model please check out my Cube i7 Stylus review for all the pros and cons of this tablet.

Next up for review I have a Pipo X8 Hybrid Media PC unit with a tablet screen, which looks interesting. I just received it today and will have some videos up of it soon.



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  1. Hello, do you know if the chuwi vi10 keyboard is workièg with the cube i7 stylus?

    • same i want to know
      i know it won’t since the 2 little blocks arent on the same place but the 5pin conector is the same. i have a chuwi vi10 extra keyboard came bend bought a new one. so if i receive the tablet from the 11.11 sale on aliexpress i will try flex down the 2 blocks and see if it hold. the keybaord of the cube looks nice etc with usb port but one position sucks.

  2. Do you think that a dual boot with android is coming?

  3. Juste bought mine this morning but my order has been closed due to security reasons.
    It’s the first time I buy a so expensive product on Ali.
    I have to valid my id sending them pictures of my ID card, credit card and credit card statement.

  4. unfortunately the cube store doesn’t send it’s products to iran… so i can’t buy it on the 23th july sale

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