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Cube i7 Stylus is Generic And Used By Many Brands

Cube i7 Stylus is Generic And Used By Many Brands

Clever forum member Majkel has spotted that the Cube official stylus is, in fact a generic Wacom Stylus used by many brands like Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft. So if you’re looking to source the exact same stylus as used in my i7 Stylus review. I can confirm it’s identical, down to the box even (without the Samsung branding) then there are many places to source one.

It’s a Samsung 700T slate stylus, Wacom Digitizer Pen for Thinkpad X200t X230t ASUS EP121 Samsung 700T Surface Pro and can be picked up for $19.99 here, much cheaper than Cube’s own store. And on eBay here with international shipping.

Source: Forums

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  1. 21euro on 11.11 on alie
    with seller so cube

  2. You also can go for a very cheap chinese one 😉

    • I recently got that one but it doesnt have pressure support. I works great for writing on a wacom tablet pc, but no pressure at all, it the wacom pressure test jumps from 0 to 256, no in between.

  3. This is why i thought the people ordering them at $50 a pop were crazy. I got an old Lifebook stylus, and recently acquired a Bamboo Stylus Feel all for under $30

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