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Cube i7 Stylus Core M for $304?

Cube i7 Stylus Core M for $304?

Edit: Seems it was a flash sale we caught before it went live. Also, have countered this price lowering their listing to $309 with coupon 0fcd6f Hopefully these retailers will keep the price war going and it will lower even further. If you find a better deal, please let us know in the comments.

Another deal has been spotted thanks to Grandalf in the forums. Something is going on with GearBest. If you add the $371 Cube i7 Stylus to your cart selecting the EU warehouse it’s now just $314 USD from $374.

The Gearbest listing shows $324:

Stylus i7

But in the cart it’s either of these depending on the warehouse??

Cube i7 stylus

And just now I noticed that if you add the normal China warehouse option, it’s only $304 and lists it as a flash sale item in the cart. So it looks to me as if a flash sale will take place but the pricing is already reflecting this sale?

Now I’m not too sure how long this little trick will be working for so, be take advantage of it. Don’t be surprised if GearBest pull the plug on this as soon as they find out. Or worse case scenario they cancel the order and claim it’s an error!

Anyone found any coupons that work too in conjunction with this? Please let us know in the comments and if this works for you.

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  1. Hello TechTablets,

    I am searching a good Tablet like Microsoft Surface Pro and I found this Cube i7. I will Offer to my Girlfriend but I need to know if this Tablet run Banished Game (Her favourite game) and Sims4 too. Please, Could you give me good news about if is possible or not run this 2 games?

    Please Answer me ASAP

  2. 305US seems attractive, but I guess it aint an error, because most people buying these stylus machines, also need stylus and keyboard and putting these into the aquasition its another +86US and comming in at 390US for the deal.
    an I recall I purchase the X2 pro with great keyboardcover and active stylus for about 393US more then half a year ago..

    So I reckon it aint an mistake the 305US for the cube i7 stylus.
    and when it comes to an full package on the Cubei7 stylus versus the Teclast x2 pro, I would still go with the X2-..

    but my impression of the Cube I7 stylus is solely down to reviews.. I havent own one myself and the chance to put these two-items head vs head..

    • Yes, it turned out to be a flash sales we caught before it even launched. No doubt a sale to clear out stock for the new Cube i9 successor. The X2 Pro is nice, larger with a larger keyboard and overall a great tablet. I just didn’t like the sharp edges for holding it. But the two full sized USB 3.0 ports is very handy and better in a way than the i7 Stylus.

  3. Hi Guys

    I orderd my one on sat. from the EU Warehouse…

    • Same here, it has already shipped. I hope it is really direct from the EU warehouse and not just from China, via the EU to advoid taxes.

  4. Isn t better to get via banggood? I think its cheaper and they even ship it via europe so you wont pay taxes

  5. Is it possible to use the keyboard of for instance the Chuwi Hi10 on this Cube i7?
    I would like the “degrees of freedom” Chuwi’s keyboard has to offer.

  6. Fyi, with some effort this guy said he got Linux running on it. Everything except auto-screen rotate works he says…

    Originally Posted by bodge99
    Hello all.

    I’m working at putting Linux [Mint and LMDE with XFCE] on the Linx tablet range (7, 8 & 10), an Onda V116W [all Bay Trail SOC] and a Cube i7 Stylus.

    Everything works on the Cube, apart from auto screen rotation (still working on this). You’ll need to manually compile wifi and bluetooth (easy!). One other thing is setting up an on screen keyboard. There are a few available. I’m currently using “Onboard”. These can also be configured for login use.

    There is nothing else needed for the Cube, but other tablets may need a 32 bit grub (32 bit UEFI) for a 64 bit OS.
    Some (esp. the Linx 7) will also need a kernel patch to disable RPMB access during boot (stops a pointless wait during boot).
    They also need a few kernel parameters passed from Grub at boot.

    I compile my own kernel, (use make dep-pkg after make xconfig). This gives the latest kernel hardware support and allows the deb packages to be easily used on any Debian based Linux.

    You can also dual/triple boot with windows or Android if you so wish. I don’t run either of these but have done so as an experiment…

    All good fun!


  7. Doesn’t worth the risk buying it from such a company ! Gearbest is the worst, I made a mistake a bought from them twice, and twice I had problems

  8. Is it worth considering with the i9 and the X3 Pro coming out?

    • Yes for two reasons as I see it, it’s about half the price of the i9 and you have Wacom stylus support. Not a bad price for a core m tablet, but I ordered the hi12. now I kinda regret that as for $65 more I have a core m 5y10 which is much faster than an atom z8300 and faster ssd.

  9. You can find the China Version now on the official Flash Sale:
    But there is nothing about the EU Warehouse

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