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Tablet Deals: PiPo W3F, now only $147.99

Tablet Deals: PiPo W3F, now only $147.99

Gearbest.com have a sale on the Pipo W3F for $147.99 now, this is the later release (unlike the one I reviewed) that now comes standard as a dual boot tablet.I found the W3F to be a decent 10.1″ tablet with a nice 1920 x 1200 16:10 screen and full sized usb 2.0 port. The gearbest listing states it’s USB 3.0, but that’s incorrect. Only the W3 model has USB 3.0.

You can see our review of the PiPo W3F here: http://techtablets.com/pipo-w3f/review/

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