Tablet Deals: Teclast X98 Air II 64GB for just $186 and more…

Tablet Deals: Teclast X98 Air II 64GB for just $186 and more…

I’ve found which I think is the cheapest deal yet on the 64GB dual boot Teclast X98Air 3G, only $206 with free delivery. Hopefully soon we will see this tablet below $200 everywhere. And the Chuwi Vi10 Dual boot for $153.69 only about $4 dollars more than the limited $149 sale that was on Ali Express a few weeks ago.

And then there is the Chuwi Hi8 which is up for pre order at $96 with coupon CHI8 which looks like a nice 8 inch dual boot with a 1920 x 1200 high res screen and faster Z3736F 2.16Ghz CPU.

Update: Richard found the Teclast X98 Air II for only $186 for the 64GB dual boot model over at, a very good price for those that don’t need 3G or GPS.

If you have found better prices or deals, please let me know and I’ll update the post.


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  1. Hi Chris what version of adobe flash does the techlast run and also the pipo w3?

    • I need a tablet that supports adobe flash 14 or higher what are my options if any?

      • Well in Windows on these Dual boot you can run any version you want. So Flash 14 would work.

  2. You’re right. It’s the 32Gb model.

    At the time I bought it I am not sure if they had the 64Gb version, or if the price was higher than what I wanted to spend.

    In any case I think it suits what I use it for. Is there a way to increase that?

    • No way to increase to the eMMC I’m afraid.

      • It’s OK. What I can’t find is what is occupying what of the 32Gb and if I’m able to delete what I do not want.

  3. Banggood has the Air II 64gb at $186, depends on how much you value the 3G I suppose.

    • That’s not a bad deal at all, as you say depends if you need the 3G or not.

  4. If only that Chuwi had a 64gb model, it would be a done deal for me. That Hi8 though seems crazy cheap for a faster CPU model. So, do they just price these because of their size? The faster CPU had to cost them more, no?

    Also, is there a bios setting on the Teclast to remove the iPad look? lol just kidding! I wish they had a black version, I don’t really like white, but it seems like the best model if you have to have 64gb as a minimum.

    • I know, Chuwi really do need a 64GB version of this tablet. 32GB on a dual os tablet just doesn’t really cut it. The faster Z3736F would only cost them an extra $5-10 more and the screen about that amount again. I doubt it would be much. The only other Ipad dual boot that isn’t white is the Cube i6, it has a better build than this X98 Air 3G. But no 64GB model and a slightly slower Z3735F Atom.

  5. Well, I paid $210 to Banggood, with free shipping to the USA, last March when I bought my X98 Air.

    I’m not sure what their price is now, but you should into them too.

    It’s a great tablet!

    • Must have been the 32GB version? I see banggood have it, but for 232.49 for the 64GB version, so more expensive.

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