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Teclast X98 Air 3G Quietly Downgraded To An Atom Z3735F

Teclast X98 Air 3G Quietly Downgraded To An Atom Z3735F

Thanks to a few members of the site and YouTube comments pointing out this one, it seems Teclast have quietly downgraded the Atom Bay Trail in the X98 Air 3G from the Atom Z3736F 2.16 Ghz to the Atom Z3735F 1.83Ghz. There has been no official word from Teclast on this change on Weibo or Teclast.com. My guess is they have simply run out of Z3736F tray’s and have switched to using their remaining Z3735F stock. GPS is also lost it seems with comments on Banggood.com’s X98 Air 3G listing that it no longer supports GPS.

Edit: GearBest still sell the Z3736F model for now, but it’s $199 and the Z3735F model is $179, $20 cheaper.

To me this signals the last of the Bay Trail’s once Teclast use up all the Bay Trail stock, they will switch over to just making the Cherry Trail line? Intel plants aren’t making the Bay Trail Atom anymore, unless Teclast have huge amounts of Z3735F stock around. So the X98 Plus, X98 Pro, X16 Pro and X16 Power will be their Atom line up going into 2016.


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  1. Love the site and help I bought Cube I7
    But is not suitable for daily use & to navigate
    Hi I bought from -ali Express And has not yet reached, but I want to upgrade to SSD 128 or 256
    Is it possible ? I can not give up the GPS or WIFI or 3G
    Since it intended to replace the various instruments in order to navigate & require the use of Data
    I am really curious about a similar guide for the

    2015 New Teclast Tablet X98 Air 3G Dual OS Windows 10 + Android 4.4 Support Phone calls/GPS/WiDi 9.7” Tablet PC 2GB + 64GB

    I’d love to help detail because I do not understand much about computers, but good hands and I have an understanding of mechanics.
    I would be happy being a simple language and my English is basic and I use the abilities of ” Big Brother ” Google Translate

  2. Is GPS working with CPU Z3735F Or CPU Z3736F Only , OR Both ??

  3. If you want i can run some benchmarks with the new cpu. I am actually waiting for the new version. Should be here in some days.
    Which benchmarks are you interested in?

    • Hoping to pick one of these up Thursday. should the cpu downgrade make me reconsider??

  4. At least one idiot buyer complained on the Bangood product page, that he’d received a tablet with the ‘old’ Z3736F CPU. LOL

  5. Will the tweaks and custom ROMs and BIOS you have on this site for the Ait 3G still work with this newer model with the Z3735?

  6. I think you mean cherry trail and not “So the X98 Plus, X98 Pro, X16 Pro and X16 Power will be their Atom line up going into 2016.” hopefully this means they are planning to slowly introduce the skyline as their top tier processor early next year.

  7. You still have the air il with z3736

  8. You can still fond some with z3736 on gearbest?
    But will you get it really ?

  9. The biggest problem I see is the Z3735F is lacking GPS functionality.

    • … and performance. The difference is quite considerable

      • I bought from Gearbest in November and got the Z3736F , however the clock speed says it’s 1.33 Ghz.
        I’ve noticed battery life is horrendous, especially in Android mode. I don’t use the cell so I put in airplane mode to shut off the 3G modem.
        My volume down button does not work at all, I created a ticket with gearbest 5 days ago with no response. The reason this will become a bigger issue is I won’t be able to do firmware updates if VOL down does not work.
        The other problem is the chinese windows 10, it won’t download the new language packs so impossible to switch to english. There’s a video to do it with Windows 8 but it doesn’t work with 10.

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