Cube i7 Stylus Sale Now Live. $299 Today Only

Cube i7 Stylus Sale Now Live. $299 Today Only

T sale is over, you can see if you made it within the first 500 orders here.

Cubes i7 Stylus sale is now live, $299 for the Core M 5Y10 powered Windows tablet, a $100 saving. They have only 3000pcs at this price, the first 500 orders get a free stylus worth $60. I would get one, if I didn’t already have it 🙂 I do recommend you read my Cube i7 Stylus review, to see if it’s your kind of tablet or not if you are seriously thinking about getting one. For the price, I think it’s an excellent deal for the performance you get.

The deal is here and ends in 24 hours.

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  1. Didnt realise the keyboard had two ports on the back. Think ill get it now. Didnt recieve the message you got. Oh well. Im sure we’ll see a lot of these tablets on ebay selling for a profit watch

  2. I got this message from Cube today, that most will be getting I think. At least if you were in the first 500:

    Dear customer,
    Good day.
    Thanks for your order and great support to cube store, Congratulations you are one of the first 500 buyers who can get the wocam pen gift. we will send the gift together with your tablet.

    By the way, because the production batch of original wocam pen & keyboard different from tablet, we will send you tablet first and pen or keyboard later with tracking number.

    Thanks for your understanding in advance.

    Enjoy the big fresh price .

    Best regards

    Michelle-Cube Store

    • Damn. I won a keyboard but I still bough a keyboard with the tablet to be 100% sure to get the keyboard at the same time I get the tablet. I would not have bough a keyboard if I’d have knew that before >.>

      I also took DHL. So I paid for fast shipping. I’m wondering if they will send all the packages with DHL. If so, I’ll pay fees for every packages. If not, it’ll take ~60 days to get it. Either way, it sucks.

      • It’s not good, I hope they send it all together. I order for someone that doesn’t have an AliExpress account, looks like they may wont to cancel their order now.

      • I got an answer, looks like I’ll get my keyboard, tablet & pen in the same package:

        Congratulations you are one of the first 500 buyers who can get the wocam pen gift. we will send the gift together with your tablet.
        About the keyboard, we will try to send all together.
        Best regards
        Jerry-Cube Store


        I cross my fingers 🙂

  3. so do you need a usb 3.0 otg cable to use a usb 3.0 , or will a standard one work fine?
    i see sandisk do a dual otg usb 3.0 stick, only goes up to 64gb.

    • It comes with a USB 3 OTG adapter in the box. Bit of a pain as you need to carry it around with you if you want a full usb 3 port. the dock keyboard should have two full sized ports to.

  4. hi i have a problem, i have bought the cube but it have been canceled because i have not check the credit card. this was my first buy in aliexpress. i have claimed. Can they accept and send the tablet?

    • Use the chat option on the product page. Maybe the seller will allow you to put in a valid payment in place of your original card and keep your spot so you can get the gift. But even without the pen, it’s is still $100 off.

  5. @chris I got the recommendation off you lol there top tablets

  6. Your getting the top core-m processor in the dell. Higher clock speeds too. Only better for gaming. Apart from that they should be the same. The new onda with core-m and android 5.1 is the way forward. But for this price how could we turn this down. No interest in the pen.

    • The Dell Venue 11 Pro, I had came with the exact same 5Y10C CPU this i7Stylus has, but the Dell has a much better build, screen, speakers and the mobile keyboard. But much more expensive. You can get the Venue 11 Pro with a 5Y71 which clocks higher, but it will throttle more. There is an article on Anandtech, that shows the 5Y10 can beat the higher clocked 5Y70 and 5Y51.

  7. hi guys i was not gonna buy one as i have a x98 and a chuwi vi10 but for that price i had to buy one what a steel £257.00 with pen and keyboard and DHL shipping bargin.

    • It is barging, when you consider how expensive other Core M’s are in the UK. The Dell Venue pro 11 7140 for example with the mobile keyboard would be almost 3 times that. It’s a better machine of course, but for the price doesn’t justify it. Btw, you have my 3 favorite Chinese tablets, X98, Vi10 and soon a i7 Stylus.

  8. i missed out on the goodies , had to do a work around on why i was up so early checking the internet haha. i hope the girlfriend doesn’t recognize the new gadget . shame it only takes 32gb sdcard . think i will have to buy a large usb 3.0 .

    • Does it definetly only take 32gb? The review said 64gb worked and 128gb should work as well.

      • 64 GB SDCard works fine, but only usb 2.0 speed. Large usb 3.0 drive would be better option if you don’t mind carrying OTG cable with you all the time.

        • Thanks! So would a 128gb micro sd card work then?

          • According to Chris, it should work. The most Chinese tablets nowadays support 128GB SDCard even though the spec says maximum 32GB supported. IMO, I think they referred to Android side on dual boot model and Cube wants to play safe just in case if they’re able to add dual boot function to this model successfully.

    • My Samsung Evo 64GB MicroSD works just fine, larger ones should do to, but some brands can be bit funny and aren’t detected. The card reader is a Realtek microsd card reader.

      • That’s not fun, isn’t it? JK. Anyway, most major brands should work with no problem, right? I’m planning to buy one too.

        • Gte a Samsung Evo one, the Sandisks I’ve found don’t work in some tablets. I had issues with my Sandisk 64GB extreme in a Pipo W4S.

  9. Sure was one of the first, my order is 07.23.2015 00:00

    But I know I’m officially in the top 500?

  10. I don’t really know WHY I ordered one +keyboard and pen today. I just bought MS Surface 3 last month and happy with it so far. I wish I could wait a bit more until Core M devices come with dual boot or at least this one come with 128GB option. Now I’m thinking of good reasons to explain to my wife when it arrive.

  11. picked mine up, be nice if i win the keyboard going on the facebook page. lets see.

  12. Yeahh got mine too, first 30 buyers I believe, I should get the free pen 😀
    You can see your transaction position at the bottom of the product page:

  13. Chris, I’m sure you would have touched on this, but does the cube stylus fit on the pipo w3f keyboard?

    • @twing323 No, while the connector is the same, fitting isn’t.

      • Thanks. I used the chat link on the product page earlier today and the seller allowed me to buy the keyboard at the discounted “combo” rate and add it to the shipment.

        I liked the way the case and keyboard was all in one and protected the pipo w3f, but I guess not having to prop it up on the i7 stylus is the tradeoff.

  14. Now, we just have to wait, I guess packaging and arranging 3000 orders will take them a few days before most get sent out. Singapore post can take up to a month to arrive to the EU.

    • I hope they will process the orders in the same order that they went in. I was approximately the 200th buyer, I hope mine will be out for shipping before the 2000th order 🙂 It says 7 days to process so it’s fine. Just crossing my finger it’ll be faster 😀 I took DHL.

      • I was about order 390. It went so fast. No DHL for my order, as they tax me 21% and then 15 eu processing fee onto. I’m tired of paying the DHL driver 🙂

        • Ah yeah I’m tired too. Costs $18 for shipping and pretty sure it’ll cost around $30 for “DHL fees” and taxes. It’s almost always the same. Seller declare ~$90 value, 10% tax on that + DHL fees = around $30. That’s fine for me, I’ve never had bad experience with them, I get what I’m paying for: an ultra fast shipping from China to me. When I can accord to wait, which is most of the time, I don’t take DHL.

          By the way here in Canada I’m not sure if we can still pay the fees at the door. They now automatically call/sms/email me to pay the fees online. There is some useful stuff to, like send to another address, allow safe-drop, etc.

          • I get an SMS with the amount I have to pay the driver in cash here once it’s going out for delivery. Normally I have to pay another 40-50 euros in taxes to them, which bumps the price up a lot.

        • I’m an anxious person and had to take DHL to US, hope there are no surprise charges for me. I would have been the first 100 if I didn’t freak about about not seeing the pen in my cart but I’ll settle for sub 400. Now to spend more money looking for the keyboard.

          • AFAIK, DHL always charges fees. In Canada, when I buy something from international (so US included), I may have to pay duty fees (custom fees). But it depends which carrier I take and how lucky I am.

            Basically, when I choose the free shipping option, my chances are 99% to not have fees. It goes with Canada Post (USPS equivalent here) and it’s rare to get fees with them. When I choose DHL, I always get fees. With other carrier it depends.

            You should always be prepared to have to pay taxes and some fees over a package you receive internationally. Because in theory you should always declare what you buy and pay taxes on it. YMMV as I’m Canadian. There is a 10% taxe Canada-wide (federal) and a 5% taxe Quebec-wide (provincial) but when I buy internationally I just pay the 10% tax.

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  15. I made it within the 500. It didn’t include the pen in the cart as a “gift” which was what I was expecting. But after I paid, I saw the the number of orders incrementing on the product page so I knew I was under the first 500. So due to your great reviews, I’ve bought the pipo w3f and now this one. $313 poorer. Thanks…. lol I’ll give the pipo to my daughter.

    • Same here! Bought a PiPo W3F before. I’m selling it tomorrow for $154 (200$ CAD).
      I bought the 7i stylus in in the first minute, in ~250 first buyers. Didn’t see the pen as gift neither.

      I’m lucky I won a free keyboard from ACUBE on their Facebook page!

      • Free keyboard, nice! Doesn’t say it for me either. I ended up getting one too, ordering it on behalf of someone else. I guess we just have to trust Cube will add the 500 stylus’s for the 500 orders.

      • Hi keven, i find you here ,haha

  16. Fairly sure I got mine in the first 500; when I checked the sale screen after I placed my order it said there were ‘2506 left.’ How do you suppose I can confirm that I got the free pen?

    • The seller Cube should see you’re order 494 or something, so you should be okay. If not ask them.

    • I think you will be the first 500 buyers

  17. First 500 order almost gone already in minutes….

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