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[Updated] Daily Deals: Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB For Only $179 Flash Sale

[Updated] Daily Deals: Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB For Only $179 Flash Sale

Edit: Seems Gearbest have 60 units more on sale, but at $179.99 now. So if you missed out on the $169.99 price, $179.99 is still a pretty good deal for a 64GB Air 3G with Windows 10.

Gearbest are having the best deal yet I’ve seen on the Teclast Air 3G, this is the latest 64GB model with Windows 10. And tomorrow only they are slashing $30 of the price. It’s now $169.99 for 48 hours only starting tomorrow and I think there might be limited stock at this flash sale price.

If you haven’t already seen all my X98 Air 3G coverage, you can catch the Youtube Air 3G playlist and my Teclast X98 Air 3G review.

Source: Gearbest X98 Air 3G Windows 10 flash sale

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  1. Finally got my tablet. Has Android 4.4.4 + Win 10 (Home). Although my Win 10 isn’t activated. Did anyone else have this when they got their tablet? I haven’t connected it to the internet yet as I’ve just moved house and still getting it connected, so maybe it’s just that?

    Although, looking at changing the Android ROM to one of the custom ones to remove the Chines apps. Wouldn’t mind doing a fresh install of Win10 as well, since I’m pretty sure Gearbest have opened it up, although that might have been to check that the item was working fine. Anyone know the deal with the Win10 serial/activation?

  2. I ordered from Gearbest at $179.99 sales price & paidon 1/09/15 till now haven’t ship out yet. Even ask to refund or change to another item. Beware of their sales gimmick

  3. They had a $4USD flash sale 2200PHT (+8GMT) unfortunately the site was sluggish and when I clicked it returned to $179USD. 🙁

    • It was $4 !?!? But only 1 unit?

      • At that moment there were 4 units @ $4.00USD. Then the price suddenly went back to $179.00USD.

    • They also had a flash sale (using a coupon) for the Teclast X98 Pro for $179.89 but only 2 units. I was able to actually order one at that price, BUT after the complete order page, it suddenly showed $294 :\ Was showing the item at the discounted price EVERY step of the way, even at the final page until AFTER the order had been placed and then the price jumped.

      Obviously I’ve raised a ticket with them. But with this issue and the fact that the tracking number they gave me for the X98 3G that I ordered still doesn’t work; I’m starting to see why people avoid Gearbest. Pity, they have such potential to be awesome.

  4. Its been a week since I bought the $169 deal. They still have not even ship out the tablet. I email the support and they mentioned they could not provide supply at the moment thus causing the delay.

    What annoys me is that they are still selling this tablet as if they have it in stock.

    DO NOT BUY IT FROM THEM. unless you happy to wait months and months

    • What were their words exactly? I’ve found ordering almost anything from a lot of China stores results in the item sitting in limbo for almost a week each time while it sits at China shipping company before it gets handed over. Tracking number doesn’t usually kick in till it’s handed over to the next stage. But that’s just my experience. This is my first time with Gearbest. (But I’m sort of patient and don’t expect my)

    • Lol, feeling like a Gearbest person here doing this, but my OCD is kicking in cause you got me thinking about when it will actually come:

      Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Packaging Time + Shipping Time

      Mine was ordered on Aug 26, but wasn’t “Shipped” till Aug 30, which is fine as that’s the Processing Time + Packaging Time.

      I paid a little extra for Australia Line Registered to get the 3-8 days delivery time. So technically I should get it around September 9th give or take.

      I think you might be freaking out a little early, as it’s too soon to tell really.

      • Yes it does say this to : Dispatch: Ships within 4-10 business days. So it could take 2 weeks to ship!

    • Akmal, Same here, brought it on the first day sale and now a week later nothing…. I got a reply back today, no stock, they are waiting stock and it will ship this week. We will see. So far I think overall Banggood.com has the best service, but this price was super cheap at $169 and this has yet to be beaten. Since mine is for resale I will just wait it out.

      • Have your orders been marked as shipped out? Mine have and I have a tracking number, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Hey Akmal, what’s the current status of your order? Is it Shipped or still Processing?

      • Its is still not shipped out. Its been over a week now.

        Yes I’ve bought hundreds items from china over ebay and aliexpress and I know that it would take time. But its ridiculous that the order have not been shipped out after a week.

        It seems i’m not the only one with the problem with their service. check out their FB page

        I was wondering why other websites ie banggood, geekbuying have review section for their products but gearbest does not. I think I know the answer now.

        • Hi Akmal, Mine has not shipped either ($169 deal) and normally Gearbest ship quickly, this is really slow for them. They don’t have stock yet which is poor. Please write a review of them here: http://techtablets.com/forums/topic/gearbest-com-user-reviews/

          If it doesn’t ship next week I will cancel.

          You’re currently in NZ, nice. Whereabouts? You’re in the best country in the world 🙂 (I’m bias)

      • I don’t mind if it does take a month to arrive (that is my expectation buying products from china) but I’m leaving out of country (NZ) in about 70 days. Hmm.. wondering when should I stop wait.

        Does anybody experience on how long it takes for the item to arrive after shipping? (my bet its 2-4 weeks)

    • Received it yesterday. Seems like a 10 day process. 4 days processing, 6 days shipping.

      Now just reset Android and Windows. Preparing for Macrium Reflect Backup in WinPE mode.

      Just a thought, Android seems not to recognize exFAT format, but recognizes FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, not sure about EXT2 and EXT4, did not try.

      Windows recognizes almost all formats but not sure about Linux partitions.

      • Macrium Reflect Backup does this backup Windows and Android? Will restore work for both OS’s? I’m looking for something like this.

  5. They added more us eu and uk style

  6. The sale is over…. I checked at 5:55 am pst. 2 left. Added to cart and before I can checkout it was back to regular price

    • I have a feeling they will add more as it’s meant to be a two day flash sale. I’ll check checking and update the comments if I see more stock.

    • They have added more stock it seems. 60 units. But $10 more….now $179.99 still the best price for the latest 64GB model with Win 10.

  7. Only EU plug model have this 169$ promotion…

    • @俊逸 楊 I was able to buy the US Plug model for $169.89 last night at 6:26 PHT +8 GMT

  8. Hey everyone they still got the EU plug available as of this posting time.

    Here’s the link for 22 listed sale items.


  9. I doubt this offer is real. Could have been made up just to spoil the aliexpress sale the day before.

    • I just bought one. So yay me 😀

      • I got one too. Glad I was wrong.

        • Crap they sold out so quick. There were 2 left. Went to the check out and its back to 199. How many did they list? They sold so quickly…

          • Thanks for the heads up Chris I will test the peripherals that I ordered separately for the X98 Air 3G and will tell you what works and what doesn’t (hopefully all peripherals will work). 🙂

            I got 1/16 listed for US Plug.

            They still have 22 listed for EU Plug.

            Here is the link for the 22 listing for EU Plug.


          • I got one with EU plug.
            The rest was sold out.
            Which Android L ROM do you recomend flashing?
            Still V2 with the removed bloat?

          • When I purchased one I think there were 8 available with the US plug and 30 with the EU plug.

          • @Simon Schönhammer yes the V2 Android 5 debloat Rom I find is the best.

  10. 6pm in China. So just over 3 hours from now it starts.

  11. Just noticed Chris’s comment has a glitch. I actually think it starts at midnight tonight.
    If it was from 26th to 28th, that’s technically 3 days, and it’s only a 48hr sale apparently, so it probably starts tonight.
    Well that’s what I’m hoping.

    • Although I’m just saying that because I’m in Australia. Not sure what the local time is for Gearbest.

    • Okay the blog says,18:00 GMT +8 (AUG.26- AUG.28) China time 6pm. So not long to wait.

  12. It’s still $199 – same price as Banggood and slightly more expensive than Lazada, bought locally in Thailand. No mention of any 30% discount

  13. Waiting for the sale to get one thanks Chris. Any idea when the sale starts?

  14. It’s still showing the current price. But 26th to 28th it should be the $30 off one.

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