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[Updated] More Details Emerge On The Teclast X98 Pro

[Updated] More Details Emerge On The Teclast X98 Pro

Update: The Teclast X98 Pro X5 Z8500 4GB is going to be all official in about 2 hours. Check Teclast’s Weibo for live updates of today’s X98 Pro unveiling. It kicks off at 1400 hrs in China.

Teclast X98 Pro

Other live sources:



Will there also be a Core M 9.7″ retina tablet?

I’ll update this post once it’s live and I catch it.


More details have emerged today on the X98 Pro, the successor to the popular X98 Air 3G / Air II. I have gained this info from the official leaked Chinese press images I have translated with Google Translate.

First the bad news. I can confirm, unfortunately there no microUSB 3.0 port. The Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8500 chipset supports it, but it seems a move on cost saving here to go with microUSB 2.0. Teclast are clearly using the same design as the X98 Air series, maybe even the same motherboard, which adding a micro USB 3.0 port would have meant modify the metal housing and a new motherboard layout.

No 3G or 4G sim card slot and no dual boot yet. No doubt they will release dual boot at some point and maybe even a X98 Pro 3G model?

The good news, Teclast state newer technology and faster eMMC drive. And one of the images shows eMMC 5. So it looks like the X98 Pro will have an eMMC 5.1 spec in it? Maybe one of the new Samsung 64GB eMMC 5 units? These can reportedly read up to 250mb/s and write at 125mb/s. And the battery life is claimed to be 8 hours. This I can believe as I’m able to get around 7 to 7 & 1/2 hours out of my X98 Air 3G.

The rest of the marketing hyped material talks about how it’s much faster than the older generation and it dual channel 4GB LPDDR3 1600Mhz ram. 150% faster GPU than the older models, it’s not really that much faster, but it will be faster for sure. Every else looks exactly the same as the X98 Air series.

The official X98 Pro and mystery 9.7″ Core M announcement (X98 Core M model?) Are 5 days away, scheduled for the 10th.

Here are the press/marketing images:


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  1. Hey Chris,
    Which Aliexpress seller would you recommend? Also, where can I find a screen protector and an acceptable case (with keyboard ?)?

    • I went for Honesty Team on Aliexpress. There are many keyboard cases on Aliexpress for it, just have a look around. Some good BT ones.

  2. also I want to say that your site is very helpful and up to date

  3. what is the difference between the Z8500 and core m on the aspect of performance? it’s a big difference?
    I see I can get te teclast x98 pro in about 260 $ and the onda v919 core m in about 390 $
    does it worth 130 extra $?
    and also you see any dual os on the teclast x98 pro- windows 10 and android lollipop in ther near future?

  4. Would it be able to beat the Cube I7 ?

    250$ is pretty cheap for this tablet 🙂

    • No its step down from the Cube i7/Stylus, but still offers some decent performance over the Bay Trail last gen Atom’s. For here on it’s Cherry Trails once this is released and we should see a whole new era of Cherry Trail tablets out of Shenzhen, China.

  5. Geekbuying now has it on presale (246 euro / 268 usd) but it won’t be in stock until 27th August. I’ll wait for a trusted review from Chris before ordering 🙂

    • Aliexpress sellers claim to have it on the 10-14th. Much quicker than Geekbuying.com

    • I should have it before the 27th 🙂 And reviewed by then I hope.

  6. any info about other cherry trail tablets, when they will be available?

    • Nothing yet, I expect others in China to follow Teclast. They will have to or lose sales. The Cherry Trail era begins with the release of the X98 Pro.

  7. Close but no sale. Waiting on USB 3 and mainly USB type C , preferably two type c connectors as to be able to charge tablet and use a USB device at the same time. USB type C is the future. One cable to rule them all. This tablets specs and dual boot and type c and I will be sold

    • Maybe the X99 Pro or Air will have this. But I really wish it had at least USB 3.0 it’s the only thing it lacks. And I agree USB 3 type c would seal the deal for many and make this a huge seller if priced under $250.

    • I forgot one thing, Wireless AC dual band. The single band 2.4Ghz Wireless N is getting old now.

  8. Hmm, so they’re saying the Atom x5 in this supports faster eMMC than the x7 in the Surface 3? Hard to believe, but I guess we shall see….

    • Easy to believe,I have tested out many Chinese tablets that have faster eMMC’s than my Surface 3. The Surface 3 eMMC isn’t the faster, far from it. The best I have tested so far is a Samsung that had 190 reads and 120 writes in the Pipo X8.

      • I was referring to eMMC 4.51 vs 5.0, but yes that Pipo X8 drive really pushed the envelope of the current interface!

  9. Any idea of the price ?

  10. The 4gb ram alone make this tablet much more interesting. With 4gb you can actually run some useful software. It won’t be a speed monster but will be good enough for actual work, not just media consumption and light gaming.

    • Yes and dual channel RAM too, the current Z3736F is only single channel and this Z8500 has over double the ram bandwidth. Battery life in my experience is like this:

      Core M’s:

      2000mah per hour of use. For example 8000mAH battery = 4 hours aprox use.

      Bay Trail / Cherry Trail Atoms:

      10000mAH / Hour. So 8000mAH = 8 hours aprox.

      • Yeah, too bad the Core M mean way less battery life… Guess all in all the x98pro might be a worthy upgrade afterall. Improved performance to a level where things are really responsive hopefully and good batterytime.

        For the intended work-use I’d guess the performance would be more then enough. Ugh… My head goes towards a ‘ah well, I guess I have to upgrade’ already 😉

  11. Ugh, on one hand the improvements or nothing spectacular but on the other hand all the non-spectecular improvements combined can really speed things up 🙂

    Improved cpu (mainly gpu, but still)
    4GB vs 2GB (and also faster)
    Improved eMMc speeds

    All in all not sure if it’s worthwhile to upgrade from the original x98 air II/3g but still tempting.

    Also very interested in the Core M tablets, but mainly wondering what the impact will be on battery life. Can’t wait for some real reviews.

    Sweet times ahead 🙂

  12. Anyone read Chinese? Did I miss anything, I was using my mobile and google translate 😀

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