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Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS – Windows Hands On In Detail

Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS – Windows Hands On In Detail

Some interest in this dual boot tablet it seems, here is a detailed hands on look at Windows. I cover the speakers, screen, device manager and a few benchmarks in the video. It would seem the lower 1366 x 768 screen resolution is aiding the tablet somewhat, it does feel a bit faster than other Z3736F Atom powered tablets I’ve tested, it certainly helps 3D with that lower res.

I will have further videos on this model if time permits. As it is I am uploading a gaming FPS test video checking out the likes of League of Legends, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, CS:Go and the temperatures. These online games are requested all the time and that I demo them on the tablets.

Also I’ve been hunting around for the best price for those that missed the $149 deal and it seems $166 from Aliexpress seller Leader Electronics is the cheapest so far. have a 3G version listed (It’s an error, Chuwi’s official website says no 3G) For 173.99 and have it for $184.99 if you have found a better deal let us know in the comments.

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  1. I have a chuwi vi10pro 64gb rom/2gb ram dual os that I recently update the bios from tachtablets…not goot…well for me. After the update, my os switcher is gone, my internet wifi thing is gone and my touch screen function for the windows 10 is gone. Any help here…thank you…

  2. interesting ^o^

  3. Hello, My Chuwi VI10 finnaly arrived, I turned it on and everything on Windows was set up in Chinese language, please i need help in setting the base language to english. Can read chinese. Thanks

  4. Dealsmachine has it for 130$

  5. hi….great review chris…i purchased one from aliexpress while they were on offer…together with the keyboard, shipping and free 16gb sd card/otg cable (wtf)..all in at $179. The reason i bought this tablet is that i need something portable for when im travelling and teaching in the faculty…the ipad air that i have have their own limits…the full size usb ports and mini hdmi is the core reason ive gone for the tablet….
    However, after i received the tablet…there are a few qwerks that annoys me which doesnt really goes to toe with your review unit…btw for the record, i have a macbook pro 15 retina, an ipad air and surface pro 2 (my wife’s laptop)..listed below is some of the issue ive gt;
    * the quality of the tablet is not even close to an ipad air..albeit its a very good quality for a china squeks when i tried to bend it with a little bit of force..
    * The bezels on the tablet is so big that its ugly, especially on the top and bottom portion…surface pro2 way better
    * Battery life is good but not as to what uve got…maybe mine is faulty/lemon unit..
    * I know atom can only go so much, but surfing on internet explorer lags a bit…which is quite surprising considers to what uve reviewed in ure unit…
    * Maybe i was spoiled of the retina display in my gadgets…as the display was bad in windows and terrible in android..but windows is tolerable to say the least, hopefully something can be done for the androd though…
    * The keyboard that i got was bad…it was slightly out of shape (slanted in the centre), the keys were ok but the touchpad is terrible…especially if you compared them with a surface pro 2 keyboard cover…another thing is that when closed, i noticed that the tablet sides protrudes a little bit means the sides of the tablets are exposed to the elements…my keyboard touchpad doesnt have the separate buttons so it should mean the official vi10 keyboard…blimey..
    * Im doing updates for hoping to get the windows 10 later, thus it eats up all the space available which is a total letdown..i have to agree that 32 gb is inadequate, and i notice that only 16gb were alocated to my windows drive and approx 6gb to my android…so means that for the recovery partition is about 10gb..thats a whopper in my opinion…later would tinker and remove android all together…once i have the time…

    All in all, for the price you get a very good tablet…you dont really get what you paid for but instead you get more value as long as it doesnt act up…because you dont virtually get a warranty coverage of this thing…but comparing the tablet to a surface 3 which basicly u can get two unit of this thing for single uniit of a surface 3…its best that you invest a bit more/well okay..way more and appreciate the best quality that comes with them…and hopefully save you the trouble with good technical support from microsoft (at least to my experience)…

    sorry for the lengthy post, have a potato..

    p/s- Im not saying that christ is talking bullshit in his review, its just from my perspective…imho

  6. Compared to Teclast x98 Air how does it perform? Which one is a better choice? E.g faster storage, smoother screen, better picture, good performance. I’m dying to replace my Lenovo G50-70 with some nice light tablet. Also, I plan to do some java learning/coding. Not much of a gamer, mostly surfing and streaming.

  7. Hey Chris,

    Great review. Thank you.

    3 Quick questions. I made a factory recovery usb stick with Windows. Will I be able to format
    tablet with a fresh install, delete all partitions, keep the the Windows recovery 5.27 GB partition
    and have only Win8 Os with 25 GB C: drive including Windows ?

    Is the recovery usb stick made from the windows restore partition? If so I would be able to
    delete the recovery partition too and have a 30 GB Win C: drive…

    I’ve deleted all raw partitions and merged them for more space. What is efi partition? Can I delete this?

    Thanks so much for your time…:)

    • Don’t touch the EFI partition, it’s needed for booting the OS. I normally don’t use the Windows recovery to make a restore stick, I just use Windows imagines to backup the Windows imagine when I first get the machine, but on restore it will kill Android. I decided to install Windows 8.1 from scratch on my Chuwi Vi10 and wipe Android as it’s fairly useless to me now since the games I like (apart from Real Racing) are now in the Windows store. I just wiped the whole eMMC and installed it via a usbstick. No recovery partiton for me and I have the whole drive now for Windows. About 24 GB free on first boot if I remember correctly, still not enough really. Which is why I prefer 64GB eMMC machines…But at least I have microsd card slot and two usb ports.

      • Many thanks for your response, sorry to bother you again. I am very experienced with
        laptops and desktops. This is my 1st tablet and just want to be safe & sure. Yeah I noticed that you can’t do a clean install
        with recovery usb. I can restore and win is pre-activated. You can’t do a clean install, dummy me that’s why it’s called
        recovery, hahaha…!!!

        If I use a win 8.1version which would require kmspico to activate windows, wipe the drive clean and
        do a proper format will I have any problems with drivers after. I have read somewhere some people had problems
        after a clean install with drivers , particularly touch screen. (android is totally useless)

        Will windows automatically install all device drivers like on laptops etc? No chuwi site for drivers. I did download
        your drivers etc. and have done a extensive driver dump with double driver as I have read in your posts.
        Am I good to go for a trouble free fresh install??? Should I delete the efi boot drive

        Many Thanks Again…:)!!!

        PS:Awsome usb power capabilities! Use a 3 port usb hub with mouse, midi controller and usb soundcard.
        A usd hdd on 2nd usb slot. Mixed music 3 hrs on battery worked like a charm, no crashes etc and still had
        juice left over. I love this tablet…!!!

  8. Hi Chris!

    You have a video showing that the Teclast X98 Air II is more smooth than the Air 3g when scrolling a website or selecting on the desktop. Can the vi10 do the same? Thanks

  9. Hello Chris,

    I have a vi10 on hand but can’t seem to change it to displaying english, I’m stuck with chinese here..
    The download option is not available in control panel, how can i change into english version like yours?

    appreciate the help

  10. Is there HDMI connection issue in Windows for this model?

  11. Chris, you say that this tablet uses Toshiba drive which write/read performance is quite low. Do this affect your usage in real life?
    and what do you mean by : “…and it doesn’t like to charge when in use very well,…” ? Do you mean that the charger doesn’t supply enough juice to use the tablet while charging?

    • Yes, that I’ve noticed that it will not supply enough juice at times and doesn’t charge even when connected sometimes. Not sure why this is, might be the charger or the cable. Powered off it will charge up just fine. The eMMC you do notice when opening up apps, the control panel or files that they load up a fraction faster on faster eMMC drivers. The are all slow overall compared to SSD’s. It’s only a fraction faster but using these tablets I can tell the difference between the slow drivers and the faster ones.

      For example the Voyo Mini PC I tested a while back, it’s eMMC had only 80mbs read rates and it did slow the whole system down. It was very slow and bottle necked the system.

      • Maybe the power supply did not give true power like a high quality charger do. I have an cheap chinese android tablet and have the same problem. The charger is not very well made.

        Regarding the eMMC in this Vi10, it is slow on writes, but decent at reads speed. Do you still find it to be acceptable and not a deal breaker? Overall, what do you recommend, W3F or Vi10 ? Considering overall Windows performance and usability.

        Thank you Chris.

        • I do like the W3F I think a little more because it has that 16:10 1920 x 1200 screen. Still the Chuwi Vi10 for the price seems a decent dual OS tablet. It thought it might be the charger so I used my 23W Surface 3 charger and it’s cable and it didn’t charge after a while. My unit only wants to charge when powered off, not very good. I’ll do some more testing.

  12. Chris I really like the specs of this tablets but have concern on screen and according to your previous post, the noise on 3.5mm jack. In your next review of the unit can you compare a 4k video sample on Chuwi Vi10 with Teclast X98 Air 3G? Also this noise, is it there on both Windows and Android?

    Regarding OS, do you think Chuwi will provide drivers for Windows 10 and can we expect Lollipop from this manufacture?

    • Unfortunately the slight buzz sound over the headphones jack is in both OS’s. I don’t have a X98 Air 3G on hand at the moment, but I can tell you know that the 4k files will play on both, but look far superior on the X98 Air 3G due to that much sharper high res retina screen. The Chuwi Vi10 box shows Windows 8.1/10 It’s safe to say you should be able to upgrade once Win 10 is out. As for Lollipop I wouldn’t expect an update for a while. Only Teclast are now releasing Android 5 on the X98 Air 3G, Air II and it’s a beta still.

  13. build quality seems quite ok, but I am waiting for the 4GB of RAM version. Anyway, this tablet is quite exciting, how would you rate it agains the other dual boot Chinese tablets?

    • Haven’t used it enough to really know the unit to compare it to the other dual boot ones, but it’s looking good so far. The keyboard docking connector and 2 x USB full sized ports are a big plus and make it so much more practical. The only issues I have found so far is a bit of interference and noise over the 3.5mm jack and it doesn’t like to charge when in use very well, could be faults on my unit or across the board.

  14. What’s the weight of this tablet ? doesn’tthe chuwy v10hd seem like a much better deal? Thanks

    • It’s 622 grams according to my scales here in my unboxing video: Might be a better deal depends on what your needs are, it is only better for two things, 3g and better screen 1920 x 1200 Vs 1366 x 768. Otherwise it has no keyboard dock, no 2x full sized usb ports and a slow processor.

  15. Could you please also test Football Manager 2015?

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