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Teclast X2 Pro a 11.6 Core M Dual Boot Tablet with Keyboard and USB 3

Teclast X2 Pro a 11.6 Core M Dual Boot Tablet with Keyboard and USB 3

A member of our Forum KM Chan just spotted a new model X2 Pro model on the official Teclast website. The Teclast X2 Pro is a Core M 5Y10C powered 11.6″ dual boot tablet. It’s got a 16:9 1080p IPS screen, 4GB of ram, 64GB or 128GB M.2 SSD, keyboard dock and 2 x full sized USB 3.0 port. Funny thing is there is no mention of this model on Teclast’s Weibo, no announcement, nothing. There was a mention of new Core M tablet a while back at the last press event, but later the event only featured the X98 Pro.  I think this page isn’t meant to be live just yet. Here the images in case it’s pulled from the official site until its announcement.

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  1. The tab is perfect, but emulated android is a flaw.

    • How is Android emulated when it is a dual boot? It either boots Windows or Android.

  2. I found it on aliexpress, looks very expensive. 11.6″ Teclast X2 Pro Windows 10 Tablet PC Intel Core M 5Y10C 1920*1080 IPS 4GB DDR3L 64/128GB SSD 2.0MP+5.0MP HDMI Bluetooth OTG
    (from AliExpress Android)

  3. This site doesnt have paypal option.
    When the x2 pro officially revealed?

    • I won’t be, looks like it will not be official outside of China.

  4. id imagine the ssd in this could be upgraded same as the Cube i7 stylus ?
    two built in usb 3 is a winner in my book.

  5. It’s looks like the best choice from the all Chinese tablets.
    When it’s gonna be on sale international?
    There is pre sale?
    I think 400 $for this apecs its awesome.

  6. there’s a wacom digitizer in 11.6 inch from the samsung ativ tab 7, this tablet is no longer produced.

  7. it looks quite good, unfortunately still an 16:9 ratio, about the pen technology, I don’t think it’s wacom, ntrig, synaptics or a chinese company (hanvon) ?

  8. Pen is optional.
    And it mentioned “active”, that means t is not Wacom.

    • Thanks for the translation!

    • You are wrong…. The Wacom stylus system IS ‘active’ so it’s not excuded yet.

      • Lets hopes it’s a Wacom, but it’s very strange they do not mention it.

  9. i would wish the price, because if it come whith keyboard an pen could be a adversary for cube i7 stylus, becase the price of all in the cube are $360 for tablet in banggood,, $20 pen and $56 the keyboard in cube page of aliexpres. All are $ 436.

  10. Does anyone know the weight of this tablet?

  11. Using Google Translator Android app in some of the screenshots, i can read that Teclast X2 Pro comes with ‘Teclast active stylus’ support, but there is no mention of Wacom along the text. Interesting.

    • Ntrig maybe? They would mention it if it was Wacom for sure.

  12. FHD, 2xUSB3.0, seems to be a winning choice.

    • Yes and running 1080p without any scaling is ideal as much has high res screen look like there is still scaling issues with some apps.

  13. It looks crear, bit why you said it have dual boot if it dont ser anywhere. Can be possible use pena like wakon?

  14. Can any of you experts dicern from the images if it’s a laminated or non-laminated screen this device is using?

    • My guess is non laminated for that price. Otherwise it would have been mentioned and I can see it using google translator on the images.

  15. Now I really don´t know what to buy. I was expecting the reviews for onda v919 core M and teclast x98 pro, but with this new one I really don´t know. Which will be the international estimate price? around USD 400?

    • its 2199yuan at the moment, which is about $350USD granted this is from Tmall.com so internationally will probably cost a bit more. they say the normal retail price is 2399yuan which would be $375USD (so i’d probably expect around $400USDish on aliexpress etc)

  16. It looks like its at least somewhat official as it’s also on the tmall website for 2399yuan.

    Looks like quite a nice sized unit!!! And soo slim for something with two full sized USB ports!!!

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