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Chuwi Hi10 $169.99 Black Friday Sale (Update)

Chuwi Hi10 $169.99 Black Friday Sale (Update)

Happy thanksgiving to our American readers! This deal kicks off in about 8 hours from now.

AliExpress has a Black Friday sale on the 27th to 30th on the Chuwi Hi10. The price will be dropped to $169 from the normal $189 listed price on AliExpress. I haven’t received my Hi10 yet, still waiting for it to ship out from China.

There were some reports on Chuwi’s forum of issues with the first batch. Hopefully, these units for sale are the newest batch or the issues are solved via driver updates.

The $169.99 deal is here.

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  1. Today, I asked VC mall seller about heat issue. He answered that “factory solved the problem”.

  2. I just bought mine. I asked to the vendor (VC Mall) via chat about the version of the OS and wich batch are they selling. They told me that “could be 32 version” of Windows 10 and that this is the first batch but repaired. Because of that they will start the shippment after 5th of December when they’ll receive the “fixed” batch.

  3. Chris,
    Will Chuwi Vi 10 Keyboard fit Chuwi Hi10?

    • No, it uses a different dock connector. It’s like the Asus Transformer Book series of keyboards.

  4. well if you search hard enough you will find the HI10 on ali for that price already!.. some even cheaper!!

    • Thanks Shaun for the information.

      • Nahh..fake. 20-30$ shipping cost.

        • Yeah, for cheap slow 2-4 week post. Quite a few I notice on aliexpress doing this, putting a small, even a “so small only a sucker would believe it price” on a product, and making up all the different with their equivilant of regular international mail.

          You shouldn’t pay more than a few bucks for that at most, and ideally if you buy something a) expensive b) breakable thus that you should probably have it insured c) something worth enough money they could con you out of it with too long transit times and excuses – you really ought to pay for EMS or DHL.

          Not spending that 20-40 extra bucks is kind of asking for trouble.

          I mean if you were sending your dear nanna a small computer, and wanted it to arrive safely and in a reliable timely manner, would you send it via regular international post?

          Same goes if its you. Free shipping is for dongles, widgets, nicknacks, and knock off clothing etc.

          • The “little” problem with express carrier is customs… Altought they are speedy and more reliable, you will get custom fees 90% of the time…

          • As mentioned below using these express couriers means you always get hit with taxes which pretty much wipes out any savings made buying Chinese in the first place. I have bought dozens of phones/tablets using standard mail and they have all arrived safely in 7-14 days without any additional charges. I would never pay extra for DHL, EMS etc.. as the standard delivery methods have improved immeasurably over the last 12-18 months. In fact last month I placed an order on Ali and it arrived at my door here in the UK within 6 days using China post, that faster than some Royal Mail packages!

          • Which is why I use DHL, but only if I need it quick for a review as customs here add 21% tax to the invoice total. Value of the goods + shipping cost x 21% you have to pay. Only back in New Zealand do I get DHL/Fedex tax free if it’s under $300 usd in value I think it is.

          • I ordered the Chuwi Hi10 on Black Friday. In the description, they said that the first 200 buyers get a free case, and the first 500 get a free keyboard. After ordering (within seconds of release), I believe I am eligible (looking at the buyer counter, I should be eligible).

            But now the seller is saying something like $41 in custom fees (but in really bad english). I’ve asked her to explain more clearly, and if there is any way to avoid fees. She hasn’t responded yet after about 12 hours. I chose the free shipping btw.

            So is this a necessary thing or are they just taking more money from me?

  5. And VC says they don’t actually have them on hand but will get them after a couple of days after the things are likely to streatch

  6. According to seller VC they can’t ship to Germany because german customs requires CE sign.

  7. In my mind, selling lemons internationnally is easier for the seller.

    Creating a shop on Aliexpress is easy.
    Selling is easy.

    If your customer faced a problem, he will have to pay 40$ to get it back to China for an hypothetical reparation.

  8. What does this mean?

    “The Chuwi Hi10 has a non-removable battery of 8000 mAh (Rated capacity 6500 mAh)”?


  9. “This product can’t be shipped to the selected Region.”
    Same as by all good 11-11 Deals 🙁 I do not know why they do not ship to Germany…

    • To Israel it’s actually 11$ shipping. Usually it’s free but I guess it’s least they ship it here.

    • USB 3 vs no usb3
      22% extra speed.


      • You forget displaylink and using USB 3 docks that support it like plugables one allowing up to 2560 x 1440p I think it is and ports etc all via one jack.

        • Ended up buying surface 3 because of the kick stand and super slim light cover.

          Premium but it beats the bulk.

    • I would get the X98 Pro in a heartbeat (regardless the shorter battery life) if it weren’t for the many user complaints I’ve read about the device in “just died”/” doesn’t not anymore “. Got me scared as it’s ridiculously expensive to send back a unit from Israel. Need the safest bet.. So far it seems like the X98 Plus.

  10. What exact time the sale begin ?
    Thank you.

  11. My Hi10 is still in HK waiting for clearance to be sent to SG. Sigh… hopefulyl to get it on Friday or Saturday now.

    With regards to keyboard, what they are supposed to sent me is (refer to link 1 – approx USD25) without the mouse pad.

    Link 1 —

    They do have a keyboard specially for Hi10 though. (refer to link 2 – approx USD33) which I felt is rather bulky.

    Link 2 —

    I would prefer this (refer to link 3 – approx USD21)

    • I finally have a tracking number for mine, but it’s not showing up. Could be a fake tracking number and now the seller is telling me it’s in HKG customs.

      • Tablets, batteries etc are considered sensitive items. Usually will be sent to HK for onward forwarding to final destination.

        Mine just got updated that it is being forwarded to another hub from HK. Hopefully its SG hub and i will still have a chance to get it tomorrow if not Friday.

    • Are those all docking port 3 and the right size?

      I guess either everyone very shortly gets their pre-orders, or I’d be suss..

      Will see in the next few days I think.

    • Can the link 3 keyboard work on the lap when on the bus / train?

  12. Other thing is, no talk of the keyboard yet. With this aspect ratio, it really shines with a keyboard, and that dock looks amazing. But if the tablet is available (apparently – although none of the rest of us seem to be able to get it), and the dock isn’t, that’s kind of like buying half a sandwich.
    Perhaps thats the hook. Next to no markup on the tablets, so they can then sell 4,000 100% markup keyboard docks 😛
    IDK, but myself, I am waiting for my hi10’s but concerned they are less useful without a dock, that no one is legitimately pre-selling, and chuwi themselves is not pre-selling. Now much longer will the keyboard take?

  13. But do they actually have them available to send?

    Are they the ones with errors from china?

    Great price though…

    • 4000 units it says, I hope they do have them and they aren’t faulty ones. They shouldn’t be otherwise they would have a claims nightmare on their hands.

      • Let’s think about it for a second.

        1. The Chuwi Hi10 is just released.
        2. The Chuwi Hi10 has come with a faulty first batch.
        3. Few weeks after release the Chuwi Hi10 has a fairly strong discount in different stores (not just AliE).

        Whatever train of thought that doesn’t lead to the notion that they’re trying to ship the faulty batch with a discount by making use of a shopping rush is suspect.

        • i thought so too. they are trying to get rid of the first faulty batch quickly… thanks but no thanks

        • My thoughts. There again, another trick a manufacturer may take is to sell at near cost, to recover during a period of loss (which the china batch may have caused, also a loss in sales).

          Either way, the price is low enough to be like, ay what?

        • Is suspect indeed, but if it was true then VC lemon the reseller would have a huge amount of claims and issues. It would not be worth their time. For that reason I think Chuwi will fix or sell the faulty units locally in China.

      • I caught this deal late yesterday, but since I had canceled my Gearbest order, I thanked my luck and thought about waiting for a new batch for new years or so.

      • Yeah but, why exactly do they have 4000 units, right now, when nowhere in the world, so far as I know, shipped yet, of the pre-orders made a month or more ago – the only hi10’s released so far, are the screen problem ones in china?

        Seems pretty weird.

        I’ve ordered some, and mine aren’t via aliexpress, they via factory suppliers in china. I’ve heard nothing yet on them being available. AND ontop of that, the price? Well its close to the cost price, without any bulk discount. That is, even with bulk supply, the margins are very poor. Maybe if you purchased 4000, the bulk discount would make the margins work, but honestly its less than they could charge for a black friday special.

        Suss I think.
        That said, perhaps there is a driver fix, and these are being hard to sell within china due to the prior fault, so they are just compensating for the bad rep, and recovering costs.

    • Very very tempting… but why z8300?

      • X5 Z8500 would have been better. I guess they went with the Z8300 for battery life. My X98 Plus with the Z8300 gets over 8 hours of battery with a higher res screen.

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