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Chuwi Hi10 In Stock At BG for $169.25 With Coupon

Chuwi Hi10 In Stock At BG for $169.25 With Coupon

Chuwi’s Hi10 Windows 10 64bit version is now in stock at, according to them this is now the second batch with the corrected 64bit Windows 10 image and not the first release 32bit one. So you get the full 4GB of RAM and you’re not limited to 32bit apps and only 2.9GB usable RAM like the first one.

Banggood’s price is $189, $169.25 with coupon 3F3128 (7% off)

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  1. had made order with coupon and get 176$ price, refunded it when they had lowered the price. Refunding is still in process and coupon is not availible, i cannot get it for 169$ 🙁

  2. If you use coupon 3F3128, you can get it for $169.25, cheapest price around. Just tried it and the coupon still works!

  3. Does this have 64 bit Windows 10, yes or no? …. someone who has actually bought one and knows. Thank you.

  4. Hi Chris,
    are you sure about the 64 bit?
    Emily Zhao from Banggood claims it is still 32 bit (see post 14 below)

    Post on December 28,2015 01:16#14
    No, the tablet has not been updated to 64-bit, and it will be in about 2 month.

    • Mine was shipped from BG yesterday… I was hoping they had time to fix their mistakes, I guess not.

      As long as the hardware is fine, reinstalling the 64Bit Windows 10 shouldn’t be too hard if the drivers are available.

    • Yes, I was told this by customer services. And now the item listing itself states:

      Attention: 1.The keyboard is not included in the package.
      2.The Windows OS is the 64-bit version now.

      • I’ve received mine yesterday, It’s the Win 10 64 bit version, so I think everyone who ordered since that news should receive the 64 Bit version as well.

  5. Hi All, I am not sure why most chinese manufacturers are moving to windows and intel over past couple of years. I am looking for a powerful single boot android tablet with very good battery life. I have zeroed in on Teclast P98 4G (though i dont really require calling function). Reviews have been mixed. Can you tell me if this is good or if there are other alternatives?

    • Hi, the P98 was okay for me. But plauged by massive sleep lockup issues, I just couldn’t let it sleep or it wouldn’t wake up and had to hard power it off. What about the Mi Pad 2, it’s an amazing tablet for the price and even has a fully laminated 324PPI screen and FM radio. I would get the 64GB version.

      • Thanks Chris, specs look breathtaking. But @$330+30 for shipping, price may be a bit out of my league for now. Getting it shipped will attract a freaking 25-41% customs in India. They will be release it here soon, will hopefully arrive with a better price and service support within my country. I’ll wait for it.

  6. i have the chuwi hi10 in my possession for about a week now its not all that bad it performs a lot better than my dual core desktop AMD computer. it can hold a pretty solid thirty fps with everything on low in CS:go “which doesn’t look all to bad”. euro truck simulator as well i have yet to find fault with the 32 bit os idk why it is even a thing though i have been able to download and play pretty much any steam game (that would even be relevant to run on a cheap tablet) 2 gb of ram is sufficient for light gaming i guess. the bad things are the wifi card its not bad but no the best reception range. and the tablet gets hot but i assume it was meant to thermal throttle just like the ( ) because these chips are passively cooled but powerful. and i didn’t loose any performance when playing cs go for 3+ hours straight. also i didn’t have problems with running a usb keybaord and usb mouse. but my question still is i don’t know which usb port is 3.0 in the manual it states “usb type 2.0 x2” so i assum its the type a and not the micro usb but idk what ever goodluck.

    • Hi, it seems to have a better-designed keyboard (Not just one fixed angle). But it’s not a Wacom stylus, but an active one. Still I hope to get my hands on one of these to review next month I hope.

  7. What a same it hasnt Android. This tablet with dual boot is perfectamente for me.

    10.1″ 16:10, dual boot seems imposible to find. Only Pipo W3F but doesnt charge through microusb.

  8. I just ordered a Vi10 Ultimate 2 days ago, with the 10% app coupon the Hi10 get lower than Vi10… Is the Hi10 worth cancelling the Vi10?

  9. z8300 can support up to 2gb ram and z8500 can 4gb ram?

  10. A question for everyone;

    With a price of almost 190 dollars..isn’t there another tablet with better specs for maybe only a small increase in price?
    I remembered being interested in this tablet because of the low price, now it’s gone to 190 and I am wondering if other tablets aren’t getting in the same price-range.

    What do you guys think?

    • Personally I like the Teclast X98 Pro better…
      Z8500 offers a good chunk of performance increase over Z8300 and imho 4:3 / 2048×1536 is much better than 16:10 / 1920×1200

      It gets hot, tough and is about 30 bucks more

      • The X98 Pro is a good tablet, but you want the full sized USB ports, keyboard dock and 16:10. The Hi10 is the one, but the X98 Pro is much faster, X5 Z8500 and dual channel RAM Vs single.

  11. Awesome sauce

  12. If youre using thier app you could get it for 170$.
    How can you tell its the 64bit model? thier answers are kinda misleading.

  13. Hope they release this update to IWork11 as well

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