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Intel Sponsored Sale: Chuwi Hi12 $209, Hi10 $156.99, Teclast X3 Pro $439

Intel Sponsored Sale: Chuwi Hi12 $209, Hi10 $156.99, Teclast X3 Pro $439

Edit: The sale ends today, so last chance to save with Intel and PayPal’s discounts.

Intel is really pushing the 2 in 1 tablet, not only do they have Jim parsons fronting a series of new adverts. But now even sponsoring the coupon discounts in this GearBest 2 in 1 sale. On from tonight until the 25th. They have some really good deals, the Chuwi Hi12 for $209, the lowest price I’ve seen yet. Limited to 700 units and the Chuwi Hi10 for $156.99 are just two of the better deals. And the Jumper EZPad 5S Surface 3 clone for $196.

You’ll find the Intel discount codes here.

2nd edit: The Teclast X3 Pro Skylake Core M3, has also been added as part of the flash sales. GearBest has 100 units at $439 with the PayPal $10 off offer.

Teclast X3 Pro sale

Edit: Vigzo in the comments has pointed out if you look in the “My Cart” And use the Pay with PayPal button you get a further discount of $10 or 2-5% off the order if you use PayPal.1. Paypal extra discount

GB Intel sale 2


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  1. Was this a one-time sale for intel or y’all think they’ll do another sponsored sale again this year? 😀 It’s been almost a year since this last sale.

    Yesterday I too thought 3 weeks of waiting was a reason for asking Gearbest support about status. This is their response, which sounded unexpectedly honest:

    “The item you ordered is hot sales and there have been significant supply issues with the manufacturer.
    We had originally submitted a large order to them, however, despite repeated assurances, they only provided an incomplete batch which is far below the replenishment level to meet consumer demand. We are as disappointed asyou and feel let down by the manufacturer. We wish to apologize unreservedly for this situation. ”

    Then they offered me 2 options, to continue to wait for delivery (estimated at 23 April) or buy something else. Since I have ordered the keyboard elsewhere, I sent a response back to say that I want to wait. Then few hours later next message arrived:

    “We have checked the item with our collegue in purchasing department and we are sorry to inform you that the item has stopped to be produced. We are as disappointed as you and feel let down by the manufacturer. We wish to apologize unreservedly for this situation. ”

    Again 2 options offered, to buy something else or get a refund on their Gearbest Wallet.

    Chris, could you please check this in someway? Is it reasonable to believe that Teclast is discontinuing a product after shipping only a small “test” batch? To take a pause and correcting a problem is one thing, but to completely discontinue is something else.

    • Hi, I heard it was delayed. Must have been an issue with it. Highly doubt it’s been canceled altogether. I have no Teclast contact so I have to way to know for sure

    • I asked 6 other sellers and nobody would confirm that the product was discontinued. I then contacted Gearbest again and told them about it and also implied that maybe they just wanted me to cancel and reorder at a higher price, once the product was shipping. I also insisted that they would not cancel my order. Today new response from Gearbest, they will not cancel and offered 25 Gearbest points (50 US. cents !!!!) as consolation,

  3. Same here, they are completely unreliable . 25th of March and still on hold, of course i opened a dispute! In a response they said “you can choose something else” and i say “ok VOYO VBook V3” and here is the drop “can you specify” WTF “Are we talking the same language?” and afterthey provide the correct product which of cource they don’t have it! Very simple. Sorry Chris i think you should be more carefoul with gearbest!

    • I just lodged a ticket asking how long it will take…..when I was trying before, their site must of been down as it was pretty straight forward to do today. In my books if you can’t receive what you ordered you should be offered a direct refund as you could of ordered from somewhere else, store credit or exchange is only for if it was unsatisfactory or broken etc.

      • True business do as you say, Big asian markets are a little bit better, they say how much value you are but the treat you like s…!

  4. I ordered a Hi12 on 25/3 and my order is still processing now. I am trying to navigate their site to ask when it will send but not having a lot of success. Can anyone offer a pointer?

  5. I ordered iWork10 on 22.mar – yesterday (2.april ~11 days) I received foto image of package and tracking number (PostNL) – but this number is untrackable yet
    we’ll see after 1-2 bussines days

  6. I ordered the HI12 on the 28th during this sale, like may of you. They are saying shipping for the hi12 on 4/11, and the keyboard 10-15 days more! I expected to wait, but this it INSANE!

    • i had ask them for a few days. they said shipping in 1 or 2 days. but nothing until now. 11/04 is a quite long time and nobody knows if it is possobile to get a dual os system running.

      • Mine is even worst, ordered on 24th March, ask on 4th April when is my Chuwi H12 shipping date. They said i have 2 option: 1.Wait until 20th April 2016 2.Cancel and refund to GEARBEST WALLET.

        • no shipping until now. i asked again today. last time was 3/29, they said one or two days…. ordered very late on 23th March

        • same here… they replied my ticket now

  7. I cancelled my Gearbest order for a Cube i7 Stylus on Monday, ordered yesterday evening from Banggood and had it shipped today…I am much happier…
    Unfortunately the “Cashback” options for Banggood are not as profitable, but I have found two reliable sites that offer 6% (instead of 3% of GivingAssistant) and pay in British Pounds.
    No harm in testing them out. They are centered mostly around the UK market.

  8. Flash Sales ‪#‎Chuwi‬ ‪#‎HiBook‬ in Aliexpress feature brand sales $ 179.99 (original price $ 224) http://goo.gl/lVyzOI , You can get the coupon here : http://goo.gl/d4l2DZ

  9. GearBest have suddenly slashed $20 off their flash sale price. It is now $ 429.99. On behalf of all of us who already placed our orders, I am saying “Thank you, GearBest!”

  10. hmm for the x3 pro from teclast, how is gearbest selling product haven’t been officially launched? i’ve checked their official page and forum (teclast) none of it providing accurate information on when will it be launched, only thing for sure is they’re selling it for 3000 cny as they did mentioned before…so gearbest just taking pre-order without knowing when will it be available?

    • Exactly. After placing the order, I checked with GearBest Support on a discount related query where they revealed that they neither have the X3 Pro stock now, nor are they certain when it would arrive! When I questioned why they put up an item on sale in the first place that they don’t have and are not certain when they’d get stock, they told me the item is only listed for reference (!) and asked me to cancel the order if I don’t want to wait! WTF! As though it’s our fault that we ordered from them.

      • Its there praksis,and they do it with an bunch of item, and it doesnt matter if its quadcopter, mobiles, or tablets, they will list it as stocksale with 3-5 days dispatchtime ewen thow they dont got it or know when,
        and it makes sense. at least for them, since all the cards are on there hands when you had placed an order, and there dispatch notice, is as faulty as it comes.

        it was the same show with there X2 pro.. waited 3 months and 3 orders that where cancelled before it arrived, around christmas.. but it was okay since i got is 50US cheaper then the first order, that was around the 400ish when it later i fall3q 15 when on 349us.

        obuts iits annying to keep checking for months if its shipped, and not getting an truthfully answeer and is also quite expensive on 3 orders this back and forward exhcange of 400us, since its around the 5US in echange fee every time, when you cancelled do to the sellers not shipping the order, like the details otherwise said when purchasing..

  11. hmm, this is a scam or something is very wrong with this site. I wanted to buy a Teclast X3 PRO but the price changes. Yesterday the price was 389€, today its 408€ and after refreshing the site the actual price is 437€. WTF???? I didnt use any coupon just registered, enterd my order and wanter to confirm it but I wont ause this stinks.

    X3 PRO is labeled as “flash sale” but no words about limited quantity, no timer like on other “flash sale” products. I pass this.

  12. be careful, before placing order check the availability. have ordered ezpad 5s turned out to be shipped around mid April, so cancelled. then check the availability of hi12, cs reply no stock…..

    • Yep, it’s true, Gearbest is pretty bad with availability…gets your money and makes you waaaiiit…

  13. hmm .. today morning GB reported only 47pcs left on Hi12 – but now reports 112 pcs left (after more then 12hrs) .. !?!

  14. Oh wow! Thanks for the tip regarding Givingassistant #Vgiozo!

    Managed to get myself a Cube Iwork 10 dual boot with original keyboard for $170 with all discounts

  15. Eh, before the sale is over i will have to choose between chuwi hi10, cube i10 or the teclast tbook11. I do Like the extra .05 inch of the teclast and i might be the cavia for this tablet. I Like the design of the tbook, does anyone know which of those models have the best WiFi ?
    Im also considering the plus but it does have thee smallest screen of all, i dont mind ratio sin e i can live with alla aspect.
    From the paper is the tbook 11 a Hood choice or shall i go hi10\i10?

  16. Chris G what tablet do you recommend with 9 to 10 inches, Dual OS. ? (not necessarily from this promotion)

    My options so far:
    Teclast X98 plus or pro (like this two a lot but keep wearing about problems with the android, and throttling int the pro)
    Cube iWork 10 (looks good, Problem with play store?)
    Onda OBoock 10 (really cheap, cheap keyboard to , the screen resolution its a little bad)
    If you could help… i would like something with a little quality this is the only reason i haven’t bought the oBoock in this promotion só far. Thanks.

    PS: Just notice the Teclast X98 Plus 3G Tablet PC

    • The cube is the 10 Flagship model.
      Also forgot the Onda V919 Air CH Tablet PC .

    • Dont buy the Onda (or better, dont buy Onda in general, their QC is horrible)

      I would go with either X98 Plus or iWork 10 Flagship, depending on your preferency for 4:3 vs 16:10

      The X98 Pro has some issues (throttling/overheating and the RAM runs slower than it should… and quite a few units just died without any obvious reason)… if you want something with more power than a Z8300, I would wait for Z8x50 tablets or buy Core M if you can afford it.

      • Yes, I recently received an Onda V919 Air CH and it has wireless connection, restart and shut down issues. And there is no Play Store on the ROM. In general Onda is to be avoided I think. At least their tablets.

    • Hi both are good. The X98 Plus now has Mirek190’s custom Rom V1 which greatly helps and the Cube iwork10 Ultimate now has Google Play via an OTA update. My pick would be the iwork10 Ultimate with its keyboard dock and very light Android Rom.

      • Thanks, Chris and highwind.

        To watch movies and normal functions on windows like browser office and read pdfs. Play games on Android
        This tables with the 8300 are enough? or should i wait for something a little better ?

        Not going to use for nothing too fancy because I have my laptop and a great tower but a smooth experience in Android is very important to me (I have a nexus mobile so…)
        Thaks once again and sory for all the questions.

  17. Teclast X98 Plus is advertised for 154$ aswell but I cannot find the discount code…
    Does anybody here know that code?

    • It’s a flash sale (17:00 UTC). Only 10 units are available and you have to be really fast because they are sold out in seconds. I got lucky in the first day of this sale and got it for 144.22 USD. I hope they ship it soon. Good luck anyway 🙂

  18. I gotta stop checking the site for a while. I pulled the trigger on a Chuwi Hi12 a bit over a week ago and I’m waiting on delivery from Banggood. A few years ago I had an Android tablet buying addiction, and I don’t want it becoming a W10 tablet addiction.

  19. hello Criss is amazing how new and emerging new models of tablets increasingly improving its design and features. Would you recommend buy only for use chuwi hi12 office? Does chuwi hi12 tablet can play video in full hd mkv x264 smoothly? Would you recommend expect cominecen out z8x50 tablets with new processors?

    • Why would need individual answers, when there are tablet reviews available in the site? Did you bother to look in this site, did you bother to google at all for this tablet’s reviews on the net?

      Man, when people start shopping it’s like they lose part of their personality and intellectual capacities or something.

  20. I can’t see the Paypal discount logo on my checkout page. I am shipping to Australia in $AUD so maybe it is region only offer.

  21. Nello guys, i Reed someehere that is possibile tomorder nere in europeo from the china wharehouse using a determinate shopping method to avoid the payement of the extra taxes\fees. I forgot where i Reed it bere on techtabketrs, just a questione, iz it possibile to order one of those tablet in offers and avoid the customer fees?
    In looking to get zone of those asap.

    • For Germany it is “Priority Direct Mail” and then “Germany Express”… Not as fast as DHL but 100% free of customs and taxes

      • Thanks mate i will follia the dame way ad You, hopefully it will work forma Italy customs ad dell.

      • Forget about Priority Direct Mail though if your destination is in Asia. They actually sent a tablet from China to Netherlands… so that it can reach Malaysia. Makes literally no sense at all, whatsoever. Malaysia is in the other direction from China.

  22. Cube i9 deal is now available as well, with the PayPal coupon and GivingAssistant cashback you only pay $430.

    • Teclast X3 Pro is on flash sale too http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_332586.html works out to be cheaper (under $400 with cashback) and you get 8GB of RAM vs 4GB + the X3 Pro has active stylus support.

      • Teclast X3 looks pretty much like the X2 with an updated Core M.
        Besides the 8GB ram the Active Stylus, the Cube i9 seems superior with it’s kickstand, overall build quality and emdoor mainboard.

      • Chris, how do you figure out the “under $400 with cashback” for Teclast X3 Pro? The GivingAssistant code is currently at 8 % (not 12 %) and does not apply on “special prices). It makes the original price go skyrocketing before the discount is applied. The PayPal discount doesn´t show either. So, $449.89 is the lowest I can make it.

        • I have to modify what I wrote above. GivingAssistant seem to have several different discount codes and the 8 % one was not the right one. The PayPal discount does not show until the order is placed and you get to the PayPal page. So, $439.89 is what you pay on the final line. I will believe that the GivingAssistant 12 % cashback works, when I see it.

          It was a hard fight between Qube i9 and Teclast X3 Pro. I would have preferred the bigger screen on Qube, but 8 GB RAM on Teclast made the difference to me.

          • Well after the – $52 cashback (If you get it)

          • I received an email from Giving Assistant, saying
            “Oh Yeah, $52.79 Received!
            Fantastic news, you just earned cash back from Gear Best.
            Our automated happiness robot has credited your account accordingly.”

            Nothing shows on my GearBest account. And if they mean my PayPal account, it would mean they have access = disaster. I have changed my PayPal password, to be sure.

          • You won’t get the casback on gearbest or your paypal Account.
            Just login to your givingassistant acc. There should be the sum.
            You can get it via paypal if you want them to payout.

          • Gandalf, it seems you are right. So, it depends on GearBest, if they honor the cashback or not.

          • Yes it takes some time.
            vgiozo and me will do a full tutorial with q&a in the forum if chris allows it.

          • The $449 price was back, however, despite following instructions as mentioned, neither did I get the $10 PayPal discount (not even displayed at the PayPal order page) nor the GivingAssistant 12% cashback (set to credit to PayPal) reflecting the amount on its own page or PayPal’s.

            What gives?

          • Jay, the PayPal sponsored discount seems to be over, too bad you missed that. But I wouldn´t mourn the cashback until someone confirms it has actually been paid.

          • Thanks for the confirmation @Bjorn. $449 is still a good price though.

            Many thanks to @Chris who alerted us to the deal.

        • I just received a “Oh Yeah, $53.77 Received!” e-mail from Giving Assistant. Was a bit delayed, but woohoo! Since the payouts happen on Mondays, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed until two more days. Will update if the credit actually happens to my PayPal account.

      • Rats! I missed this sale and I feel like kicking myself now 🙁

        @Chris, any idea if this offers like this would be seen again?

  23. These are really great prices for those who need a tablet now, seems like they are getting rid of stock to make room for the next generation of Onda, Chuwi and Teclast Z8500/z8700 tablets coming soon.

    For those who can wait, Onda is coming out with a Z8700 tablet soon and Teclast and Chuwi are both taking customer feedback’s for their next generation of tablets which should have Z8500/Z8700 chipsets.

    Personally…I’d love to buy a Chuwi Hi12 Pro Dual Boot with Z8700 and Dual Band Wi-Fi.

  24. so is it worth it to get the i7 or wait for the i9 sale

    • Sorry couldn’t say as I have yet to test out the i9. So I have no idea if its worth it or not. On paper, yes. But that’s not always the case as it could throttle bad etc.

  25. Paypal seems to offer extra discount!! Place your mouse over the Paypal icon at “My Cart”, you can get 2-5% discount (maximum 10$ per order)

    I had cancelled my previous order for Cube i7 Stylus, but now I reordered it for 289.89 (299.89 – 10$ by Paypal). Hoohoo!!

    • Yes I can confirm that works. I’ve just had some email screen screenshots on how to do this. Was it You? Apparently it looks like it’s not giving the discount until the very end you’ll see you paid $10 minus on the order.

    • This Sale looks amazing… (probably my birthday gift) ?
      With everything it would be around 230 euro…
      But well im quite happy with my i7 stylus and don’t have to wait.
      Hope you are lucky this time.

  26. Let’s just hope they really have the stock on hand to ship asap. As sometimes stock levels are very slow to replenish and I’ve had to wait a long time. Where as other items have shipped very quick.

    • I am not that optimistic, at least as far as the Cube i7 is concerned, into the availability of which I have inquired repeatedly.

      But at this price, I am willing to wait a bit longer.

      I could not have gotten a better deal, I believe unless Banggood decided to drop the price at around 280$, then I could use part of my 6000 points there to get an even better price…
      …but I can’t know that for sure….

    • hmm .. just after ordering, I noticed that the delivery time is 15 days 🙁
      and here in the forum already a few candidates from the beginning of the month
      so hopefully it served within a reasonable time

      • Unfortunately. They told me the April 5th as shipping date as well.

        • It’d be great if they would keep that timeline..at least you got a date! That in itself is encouraging.

          • My device was shipped yesterday, if it arrives within two weeks i will be pretty satisfied.

    • Ordered a Cube i10 with ready stocks. However, the customer service later advised that they have no stock. I’ll need to wait for about 10 days before they could ship it out.

      Gearbest reputation is stinky for a reason.

  27. I got lucky and bought Teclast X98 plus for 144.22 USD. I hope it was a good deal/descision (my first chinese tablet btw)

  28. That iWork 10 is really tempting… was about to get a X98 Plus for my girlfriend as she likes the white color and 4:3 better but thats a 40$ price difference

    • tempting if you do not need full size usb3 host socket, because iwork requires extra adapter for that to carry with

      • I dont see much use on that full size port… As a large 10 incher without 3G/4G this is mostly a tablet for home use, so no problem in having an adapter lying around somewhere.
        Besides, how often do you even use that USB3 Port? Relevant data is stored on my NAS or full size PC anyways, so I can easily access it via network/WLAN.

  29. Despite the fact that this is GB (too many bad references here in the forum) I could not resist the price of 130EUR for iwork10
    so I hope not going to wait very long for the package

    • I purchase iwork10 on 21 mar.

      Till now, the status is still “processing”.

      Are you facing the same issue?

  30. Looks like the codes are already applied? When I try to enter the code on the EZpad 5s it says invalid but the price looks to be already reduced.

    Really tempted to pull the trigger on this – £164 shipped to the UK, looks like a bargain!

    • According to the information on the page, codes valid from 17:00 UTC (19:00 CEST)

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