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Chuwi Hi10 First Batch Blues – Chinese Users Report Issues

Chuwi Hi10 First Batch Blues – Chinese Users Report Issues

Doesn’t seem like the Chuwi Hi10 is off to a good start, first the delays due to apparent heat issues with the Atom X5 X8300. And now issues with the first units that have shipped out, users are reporting touch screen issues, wifi problems and screen flicker since the screen is only running at only 50hz.

My Chuwi Hi10 still hasn’t even left Chinese yet due to the heat issue. I certainly hope my unit isn’t effected or they have some new drivers updates asap to address these problems. They do seem to be only software related (Fixable), so at least it’s not a hardware problem. So far looking in the forums I can’t see any complaints about heat.

This often happens with the first batch and it’s what I call first batch blues. I’ve experienced this many times with the first batches I normally order quickly to review here. I’ll be sure to test my unit out for these issues and any thermal throttling when it finally arrives.

Thanks to Mikaboshi for the info who posted this in the Chuwi Hi10 forum.

Has anyone received or got a valid tracking number yet for their Hi10? As a matter of fact for any 11.11 purchase? I’ve received nothing but delays and fake tracking numbers to stop orders from auto canceling and refunding.

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  1. Suprise #1:
    – yesterday postman brought me home my laser pointer presenter bought on 11.11 with standard free shipmnet. Under two weeks? Great! Thi
    Suprise #2:
    – several other packages gave me true tracking, and couple of them has a status “Arrived in country of destination”
    Suprise #3:
    – my Cube i7 Stylus today received this status….

    So I expect some postman visits next couple of days… I am really suprised, I was wondering if it would come before Christmas….

    • Wow ! This makes me want to cancel my order from gearsbest.

      • I did, but it wasn’t because of this.
        I had the order placed a month ago, they were stalling for delivery.
        Soon as I read about the faulty first batch I decided to cancel it.
        Just got confirmation this morning.

  2. Black Friday – Chuwi Hi10 for 169$ on AliEx.

  3. Bought 2 Hi10 on the 8th Nov and was shipped to my Guangzhou warehouse on the 20th. Now, i am pleased to say that my consolidator had sent out the units and now in shenzhen for clearance before on plane to Sg. stay tune. Will post update on wed/thu and will send those photos/videos to Chris

    • Videos please! Thanks

      • Will do that once I get it which should be this Wednesday if not Thursday. Will have the photos and videos sent to chris.

  4. Hi everyone,
    I’ve checked with my seller Gearbest, and they told me they shipped the first batch from the 11.11 sale.
    However, they said the demand was so high that they didn’t had enough for all the orders, even though I placed the order on the 27th October.
    I was on hold for a couple of weeks now, contacting them every week.
    Unfortunately I had to cancel the order today because it has been almost a month without any positive feedback.

    Maybe offtopic: Any idea where to buy the dock for the Hi10 other than Geekbuying?

    • I bought mine on October 22nd during the pre-sale at Gearbest, and they told me they filled the orders sold on 11.11 first before fulfilling those of us that bought in the pre-sale, plus we actually paid more for it. I’m not liking Gearbest at this point, and they sent me an email and told me they’d refund to my “wallet”, basically store credit, told me to wait for 15 business days (what, 3 more weeks on top of 4 already??), substitute something else with store credit. Now I’m wondering if I’m going to be scammed out of USD$195, will probably open a PayPal dispute against Gearbest.

  5. Hi Chris, today the seller of AliExspress wrote that sent my Chuwi hi10 which I bought in 11.11. After a few days I whill check the track number on traceability.

  6. I’ve been waiting on both the hi10 and the hi8 pro. Seems like they are still fixing issues. Can’t tell if it will be this week, or next year. I’d rather it was fixed though, that faulty.

    Which gets me wondering about what is already released. Plus seems okay, if overclocked somehow. Pro seems great, but really expensive. There’s also the 919 CH by onda, which I am curious about, but the 820W was bad, so……

    Be cool to know what the onda is like actually. Seeing as ATM, we have major delays in everything else….

    • *underclocked.

      The pro seems great as a tablet, but its just too expensive. And that leaves the plus, and the onda (and onda have been more miss than hit recently, I kinda hope they got that one right all the same, its cheaper)

  7. I also got weird tracking number the moment I asked to cancel my order. Every time I try to track it I get “Undefined”. Not sure if us fake or just wrong but it does look suspicious.

    I hope chuwi will get their **** together.

  8. Fellows, I had chatted with a couple of those who had received the Hi10 in china and are getting inconsistent reports. Some claimed that the USB arent even 3.0. Its 2.0 USB port.

    Am asking for the Hi10 from one of the active forum participant of Chuwi forum. Will post the link once I get it.

    • Thanks, I look forward to seeing what info they can provide. If it’s not even the claimed USB 3.0 ports, that’s another issue to add to the list. Not looking good!

      • well, since they announced it i wondered how it could be that much cheaper than the pipo w1s with identical specs… i guess they cut down on quality pretty hard

        • ChuWi and Pipo are pretty much line ball when the keyboard’s considered. W1S 4/64 is generally about $50 more than Hi10, but Hi10’s keyboard is around $50 than Pipo’s. In amongst the questions that Gearbest’s answered, though, they say that ChuWi’s Vi10 folding keyboard/cover is compatible with Hi10, if you’ve already got one or want to save a little by buying that instead of the rigid new one.

  9. Waiting for it since 20 October (Geekbuying).
    I prefer to wait one month and a half, than having a overheating, screen flickering, touch screen isues and Wi-Fi problems. Hope they will be resolved before they ship mine.

  10. the cherry trails really sucks, being no better than z3735f.. why buy these cherry trails over baytrail then ?

    • It’s not just about the new processor but also about the increased ram which will really allow one to do slightly more things with a tablet such as doing some simple photo editing through Photoshop etc.

      I travels alot and sometimes, pretty lazy to lug a laptop around. I had been using my Acer W4-820 and had been serving well and was able to do the ad-hoc work that I need except that its on 2gb ram, thus slow at times.

    • for various reasons… usb 3.0, 4GB ram, UHS microSD, 64 bit UEFI, and theoretically newer, up to date android roms when/if dual boot comes…

  11. I havw an hi8 and iam about to upgrate it to hi10
    Should i do that or there any other tablet with 4k g ram and usb 3 ? 10“ +

    • pipo w1s is basically identical, but it’s still on preorder

  12. It seems that Geekbuying was not lying. They wrote to me that they had returned first batch to the factory due to screen issues (I wrote they message in forum section). I thought they were just stalling, but now im glad they returned it.

  13. I ordered i7 stylus straight away on 11.11
    They only marked it as shipped in the early hours of this morning.
    The shipping reference provides no information.
    Very disappointed with the customer service so far.

    • Me too. They gave me the DHL tracking number which also provide no info. for Cube i7 stylus shipment.
      It seems that they try to made the shipment in time before the time was ended and give me fault tracking number.
      Or it is just weekend for DHL ? so the system is still not updated yet??

      • Sometimes the update can take a day or two. If it’s not showing after Monday, I would ask for the real tracking number. So far all I have is 3-4 fake tracking numbers from sellers I thought knew better than to give out fake numbers. I’m not very happy about it.

  14. hmm… so apparently geekbuying was right there were issues with the screen…

    • And the heat issue might have been a cover perhaps, blaming Intel when it was their own drivers not up to scratch?

  15. I’ve discovered tablet world just before the release of cherry trail and it’s been disaster since then. I can’t wait for new skylake tablets.

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