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Official Chuwi Hi10 Keyboard Dock Now Up For Preorder

Official Chuwi Hi10 Keyboard Dock Now Up For Preorder

In a Weibo from Chuwi the official Hi10 keyboard dock is now up for pre-order. Chuwi commented that it moves from zero to 120 degrees from closed to open, so similar to the Asus Transformer Book series of keyboards.

I’m still waiting for my Hi10 and hopefully, I’ll have it in a week or so. I do have the keyboard ordered to review, so this explains the delay on the keyboard, it’s not even out yet!



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  1. Where is the official keyboard being stocked, any reliable links appreciated

  2. Wonder how this thing compares to the generic keyboards. I mean the hinge definitely makes this more practical for lap-top use, but the added weight might make it less portable as well. On the other hand, the generic fold-up keyboards like those for the Vi10 are really thin and light.

    Hopefully most of the Hi10’s get shipped this month. I mean most of us made the orders more than a month ago, and a good chunk have already cancelled.

  3. Sadly the free keyboard I got doesn’t have a touchpad, but I might just try to sell it and buy one of these.

  4. Cool, looking forwrd to odering it… not really since my tablet hasent come in yet been past 5-7 days -.- .

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