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Chuwi Hi10 First User Hands On

Chuwi Hi10 First User Hands On

Update: I’ve heard from sellers that the newest batch is indeed 64bit Windows 10 Home. Just the first batch had 32bit, which wasn’t meant for export apparently.

Forum member Mikaboshi received his Chuwi Hi10 today, I know many of you are itching to see more of this tablet. Mine is still in China and I just got message it’s been delayed again apparently. But lucky for us Mikaboshi fills the gap. He has given us hfirst impressions and some photos of the Chuwi Hi10.

Mikaboshi’s first impressions:

1) Packaging seems decently thick enough to offer the needed protection with sponge beneath the top cover to protect the screen.

2) What’s in the box – Hi10, 2-straight pin 2.0A USB-charger, Micro-USB cable, user guide (google translated), screen protector was applied to the units.

3) The feel

a. Weighing 522gram, dont think I will hold that for too long.

b. Screen sound plastic-ky

c. Back is made of plastic

d. 2 x USB + 1 x MicroUSB to the left of the unit, along with microHDMI and earphone jack.

e. Power-on and volume buttons are made of plastic. Not too rigid not too loose like X98 Air III

4) First Power On

a. the usual settings blah blah blah.

b. Drivers are fully installed.

c. Didnt have any screen flickering issue during the first 5mins but it did occur when I plug in my USB keyboard. I power-off the screen and on it again, the flickering is gone. This flickering issue came back 4 times for the next 30mins. This only happened to one of the unit. Both units had been switched on since 4pm (GMT+8) until now 7.30pm (GMT+8) and no reoccurrence of flickering issue.

d. OS is 32bit Windows 10 Home Edition ☹

e. System detected 4GB ram but usable ram is 2.93GB ☹

5) The keyboard that I got with the unit is not per what the sales staff claim to be. It aint the original keyboard. Its a generic keyboard which you can get for USD20 bucks from Taobao. Does not comes with touchpad.

6) Attached a low-powered Samsung USB DVD Drive to the unit’s USB port but system was not able to detect. Seems like the usb port is not supplying sufficient juice to operate the DVD drive.

Chuwi Hi10 photos.


Many thanks Mikaboshi for sharing this! If you have a question, why not ask in the Chuwi Hi10 forum thread?

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  1. Why r they not shipping a dual boot version like with the V10? Will this change in the near future is was there a deliberate corp decision not to?

  2. Hi,

    I’ve received this tablet today with docking keyboard and some weird chinese gift (anyone knows what is it?).

    The problem is I changed some settings in BIOS (enabled Fast Boot) and It looks i can switch it on, because USB ports do the power on, but I can’t see anything on the screen. It doesn’t seem to connect to the WiFi neither.
    I opened him up, but it doesn’t look like it has some “reset-BIOS-magic-button”. Has anyone know what can i do with that? Is there any solution? Is there any way to reset BIOS? I thought of disconnecting battery, but it’s soldered to mainboard and I don’t wanna do this without trying something else.

    It’s Windows x32 Build 10586

  3. and wtf is the gift they gave me its in the box with the charger btw it smells like some sort of spice but it looks like dried animal poop … o_O

  4. yay it finally arrived at 10 somthing the the morning pretty amaze with it butt……. 32 bit …………. -.-

  5. oh yeah and there fixing the problem with the filickering having to fix/rebuild 5-10 thousand tablets before sending them out atleast they caught this before and maybe fixed the dang 32 bit S***

  6. hi please check your hi10 display glass or plplastic??

  7. Which Ports Are usb 3 Micro-usb or Type A?

  8. Tried to cancel at Gearbest on Sunday, but today got a response today (Wednesday) saying that it had already been dispatched.

    Funny their website doesn’t show that, and Paypal still only shows ‘Payment authorised’.

    • Eggbert- Same thing with me and Gearbest, open up another ticket with them and say “cancel order in 24hours, or I will open up a paypal case”.
      They canceled mine.

      • I gave them a day, and have just gone to Paypal. Of course you can’t dispute a deal that is Pending, so have had to send a message via their help system.

      • Guys,
        You need to be very strict with Gearbest as they lie through their teeth when it comes to stating shipping time. From experience, the only strategy to deal with it is to open a PayPal dispute straight after the expected shipping time has past.
        First send a message to Gearbest by opening a ticket saying that they breach their sales agreement by shipping too late. Also state that you don’t want it sent anymore as you will buy somewhere else. Straight after that open a PayPal dispute and immediately ‘escalate’ it. it is important to escalate it or you will be left hanging for over a month! You will win this dispute and get your money back.
        Don’t go along with Gearbest reps that always say “wait another 2-3 days” cause it is a standard lie they use time after time to win time.

        • I stopped ordering from Gearbest and now only use Geekbuying, banggood and vickmall (phones). I always ask in advance if it is in stock and if it is in stock I order with DHL. My last phone and tablet that I bought this way were both here within 5 days from ordering (all the way to Australia!).
          Be vigilant as a customer, it is the only way we can stop these malpractices.
          Sorry for the shouting, I just needed to share my experience and prevent others from falling in the same sales pit I found myself in 🙂

          • Kwistenbiebel – I used use Etotalk but they didn’t have the HI10, but previous purchases Lenovo P780, Pipo P8, X98, Elephone P3000S, got it sent with a birthday card extra $3 I think. NO Customs not sure if that was luck or the card did the trick.

            Got the Bluboo X550 from Geekbuying got hit with customs £12.

            Thanks for the tips tho.

      • Still can’t get them to cancel my order. Getting very p*ssed off with gearbest now, and won’t ever be using them again even if they are the cheapest option.

  9. Today i received comformation from DHL that my order is being shipped. Hope it is also installed with win10 64bit
    Seller is vc mall

    • Mine hasn’t shipped out yet. Bit of a pain. But at least I hope it’s the trouble free 64bit batch.

    • Can you let us know when you’ve received it, and tell us about any issues?
      By the way, do you live in the Netherlands or Belgium?

  10. Well I emailed ChuWi directly and this is the reply. vc Mall at Aliexpress also said something similar.

    • Wow, I hope that is true and I get mine from VC with real 64 bits, not 32 bits and 3GB RAM

  11. Don’t purchase from GearBest. They keep saying my product is not available. I ordered mine in the pre-order, but they are now “selling” the tablet at a much lower price than I actually paid, and say that they have several items to ship yet they haven’t shipped my product. GearBest is a sham company!

  12. Banggod claims a 64 bit Windows for the Chuwi Hi10 (still on presale).
    I have asked them for further inquiry.

  13. looking forward to a few videos showing unboxing and function \ features.

    • Still haven’t got mine yet, had to cancel two orders now. 3rd time lucky I hope to have it in the next 7-10 days.

  14. Seems that Gearbest has pushed the Chuwi Hi10 back into presale yet again until December 10. That’s more than a month-long presale.
    I’m getting really close to cancelling my order, but I really want to test out the tablet for myself.
    I’ll think positive and assume that they’ll take the extra 5 days to confirm issues are resolved on the December 5 batches.

    • My, more direct supplier said 15th.

      I think the ones around already are the chinese batch. I would guess 10th is wrong. Although obviously chuwi are close enough to pick a date, suggesting they have a solution and its only a matter of how long it takes. I’ll get them after NY I think.

      • Either that or they are starting to lead people on like an aliexpress seller 😛 Which wouldn’t be a good look!

      • Guess it ain’t coming before Christmas then. 🙁
        Gearbest staff has been using canned delaying replies for a while now, so I’ve given up hoping for a 2015 release.
        On the bright side, it’s better to get a working product late, than a busted product early.

    • The guys at Aliexpress vc mall said December 4th-5th and to extend my order time by 10 days.

      • With all the promotional discounts they’ve been featuring, you’d think they had the stock to push all these orders.
        It’s either that, or they’re cashing as much out of the early hype before people get wind of the technical issues.

  15. Thanks for all the info.
    I’ve tried to cancel my order with Gearbest on the strength of this.
    I ideally wanted a dual boot system, but decided I could wait until someone had worked out how to flash Android, but I think I might now wait until a true 64bit version is available.

  16. Hi there all.
    Chris, Thanks for your up to date work on the Chuwi! (as well thanks to Mikaboshi for the pictures and mini review)

    I have contacted the seller of the Ali express black Friday deal. (which I have ordered) And he told me the batch that the sell there are arriving 5 December at their shop.
    So this probably is not the first batch. We have decided to stay in touch when the tablets arrive there. Then he will probably test them out for me. And I will report back here.

    Just one quick question to @Mikaboshi. Where did you get the driver updates you talk about in the comments? (link maybe?)

  17. Patch pae

    Kernal patch tool for use more ram

  18. Makes sense about the keyboard. My supplier told be at least a few weeks ago, that the keyboard was not available for pre-sale from chuwi yet. Might be now, but the tablet is available before the keyboard.

    And very much sounds like you got the software faulty chinese versions. Which I wonder if, are the ones on sale for black friday.

    As for the RAM – guess you could just install a pirate copy of windows 64-bit – however, you’d need to do a back-up of the whole system, and possibly of the registry, as well as capture what you can of the drivers, because drivers on fresh installs can be tricky…

    All a bit of pain. Why couldn’t they put in 64-bit windows?

  19. IS the flicker related to keyboard ?

    Maybe the power drained from the tablet affect the tablet itself ?

    Trying with a powered usb HUB may confirm/infirm the problem…

    Thanks for all your informations.

  20. video quality – 4k ultra hd seems smoother after updating the driver
    sound quality – terrible. it is worse than x98 air series even after updating the driver

  21. while I am not very familiar with sellers from Aliexpress, these sellers buy from most of the sellers in Taobao. I would usually deal with flagship stores in Taobao as you can be sure that they are the first to receive new stocks.

    I had also order Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 during 11.11 and got it couple of days ago too. hmmm

    anyhow, am trying to install win10 64bit onto one of the units.

    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, nice phone for the price you get a lot. Thanks for the photos and first impressions.

    • nice, let us know how it goes and if there are really 4gb of ram or just 3

      • hwdinfo, system and bios detected 4gb. but since the os is 32bit, only 2.93gb is usable.

        • The same on my Cube iwork11 I just got today. 2.9 usable because they installed 32bit Win 10 and not 64GB. The X16 Pro (also received today) doesn’t have this issue.

    • Thanks for the info. Waiting for more… 🙂

    • Let me know how you go.
      I own a vi10 64gb and sadly 64bit was a no go.
      Cpu 64bit yes
      Chuwi system bios 32bit… Only

      If they force 32bit that is very sad and stupid

      I read years ago about special hack to use 4gb on 32bit
      Google windows 7 32bit 8gb ram hack

      • I believe this limitation is only that the BIOS will only *boot* 32bit from the USB UEFI drive and NOT that it won’t boot a 64bit OS if you manage to get one installed. I have read there are ways to install a 64bit OS on a 32bit UEFI system. Not sayin’ it’s easy, but it’s possible to be done – at least by reports. I have never tried it. Those interested should do a search on XDA-Developers site and other sites.

      • @Shaun, what method/procedure did you use to attempt to install/boot 64bit Windows?

  22. Hello, I bought the X16 Pro during the black friday event. It’s still in “Processing” state. So I send a message to GearBest, this is his predictable answer :

    “Unfortunately, this order is not ready yet. The item(s) your ordered is a hot sale and there have been significant supply issues with the manufacturer.We are as disappointed as you and feel let down by the manufacturer. We wish to apologize unreservedly for this situation.
    Regarding item(s): Teclast X16 Pro Tablet PC
    We expect to receive the goods in 7 to 15 days . ”

    So wait wait and …. wait. 😉
    Good luck for everyone ^^

    • I just got my X16 Pro, unboxing vid and first impressions will be up soon. So not sure where the delay is? Maybe limited stock and I got lucky?

  23. the link below is a video submitted by one of the chinese users in baidu on Hi10 with screen flickering issue. Mine was not as bad and was unable to take video since it occurred only 4 times

    Pass code:e9cv

  24. I’m starting to wonder why anyone buys anything from these sketchy Chinese sites. They are liars. Lie all the time about everything…ship dates/delays, the actual stuff they are selling (eg, keyboard in this case). They are lucky people put up with this crap to save a few bucks.

    • Are you serious? I have been pleasantly surprised with these Chinese sites.

      But I have a rule to always use PayPal and be a bit patient.

      • If you’re not gonna draw the line at them shipping you something different than what you actually ordered and payed for, *where* will you draw the line?

  25. I will get teclast x16 pro soon 😉 will let you know about as well

    • Got mine today, unboxing video coming asap.

      • i m waiting for it! great

      • Ok, there is 1 unboxing video on youtube already ;-), please check google play store if it’s working in your review. I hope x16pro will be a good choice , get it with keyboard and pen ?

        • Just the keyboard. I’m trying to get a stylus to test on it.

        • Can you post a link to the unboxing video ? I could not locate it.

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