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The Chuwi Hi10 Is Crowd Funded?

The Chuwi Hi10 Is Crowd Funded?

I spotted this on, in an interesting turn of events it would seem Chuwi has the Hi10 on some type of Kickstarter, crowd fundraiser in China. Specs still talk of an Atom X5 Z8300 with 4GB of Ram. Did Chuwi find a way to get the Z8300 to run 4GB? Intel’s Ark states it will only support 2GB max. And they show three USB ports. 2 x USB 2.0 and one microUSB, like the Chuwi Vi10.

Chuwi Hi10 fundraiser

So they are looking to raise 2,000,000 yuan for the Chuwi Hi10. Which is around $315,000 USD, now what happens if they don’t meet this figure? No Hi10? It’s all a bit odd if you ask me, is this the future of Chinese electronic companies, public fundraisers?

One bothersome spec I noticed, battery size 6600mAH! Argh, that should be at least 8000mAH, I hope that is subject to change? The release date is still set for the 11th of November, just in time for the big 11/11 sales.

Fundraiser images: 

Chuwi Hi10 1 Chuwi Hi10 2 Chuwi Hi10 3 Chuwi Hi10 4 Chuwi Hi10 5 Chuwi Hi10 6 Chuwi Hi10 7 Chuwi Hi10 8 Chuwi Hi10 9

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  1. Hi Guys. Did anyone hear previously that Chuwi Hi8 Pro/Hi10 is also Dual Boot (well its obviously for me)? I asking that since @ Gearbest ( said that Hi10 is only Windows 10, as its mention in the description (it seems isnt just a typo). Hi8 Pro have same description states OS: Windows 10 and nothing related to Dual Boot. This is huge step back for me and almost changed my mind to not buy any since i was looking for some z8300/1080p/DualOS. Can anyone confirm NO DUAL BOOT for those tablets? Thank you!

  2. i find it really odd… maybe it’s just a wannabe seller, that plans to order a stock from chuwi for a profit? there are sites with the hi10 on preorder already and the eta is mid november, i doubt that it would be there if it wasnt already in the production stage which means it would be stupid to cancel the product if they don’t meet that fundraiser.

    anyway, what worries me more about the specs is the USB ports… if they’re not usb 3.0 that is a dealbreaker for me. as for the z8300/z8500 debacle, rest assured it’s a z8500 if it has 4gb of ram… there is no way anybody can circumvent intel lockdowns on processors

  3. I’m glad I (pre) ordered the Vi10 Ultimate. I’m not using it for gaming anyway, so it should be powerful enough. And less vague like this Hi10 for sure.

    • I have one preordered too, I like my Vi10, it’s my most used Chinese tablet. So happy with just a Z8300 bump up in power. The rest of the design is still good.

  4. 6600 battery… now waiting to see X98 Plus’s specs.

    • Plus will have the a 8000mah battery as used by Teclast in all 9.7″ tablets.

  5. Maybe it’s another marketing/advertising gimmick…
    Thus, by using the crowd-sourcing site, they are using a new communication channel.

  6. yea you’re right. it just mentions crowd funding so that more people are able to enjoy a hi-tech product at a more affordable cost. so i guess that’s through presale etc…

    • Looks to be, it even has a USB 2.0 port. But the price…Geekbuying for you.

  7. IMO, its typo, after typo, after typo with these Chinese ads. They even claim it’s on 14mm process, LOL, which would make it the largest process ever. Its obviously either the 8500 paired with 4gb of ram, or the 8300 paired with 2gb. Or two different models being sold depending on your needs.

    • Yes quite careless of them with the typos! I think only those lines too, it must be a 2GB/Z8300 and the top model a 4GB/z8500. But they should come out and state this.

  8. Where did the blue colour inside the usb port go? 🙁 And 6600mah (instead of that battery they should have given a space for a AAA battery 😛 ) + Z8300 . Looking at that second image,I am glad that they included the photo of a person who is really looking forward to buy this tablet.

    • Looks like USB 2.0 is cheaper. I hope it is USB 3.0 on release, slim chance now I think.

  9. Anyone who understands Chinese, can you make any sense of this? Is it a crowd funded thing or a preorder? But I can definitely work out they want to raise or sell 2 million yuan.

    • I am a Hong Konger. I can understand Chinese.

      “这个项目必须在 2015年11月18日 之前达到¥200000的目标才算成功,否则已经支持的订单将取消。订单取消时,您的支持金额,除了京东钱包退款到钱包账户外,储蓄卡和信用卡都是原路返回。”

      The message above is copied from the link provided.

      It is saying that the project will be cancelled if they cannot raise 200000 yuan, and the fund raisers will get back their money.

      • I don’t think Chuwi doesn’t have money to produce HI10.
        It’s just a kind of advertisement. The fans of Chuwi will raise money and share this page to their friends, ask their friends to raise 1yuan to draw a Hi10, so that more people know Hi10. And people who are going to buy a Windows tables will wait for the Hi10 after knowing Hi10

      • Thank you!

      • Thank you, Priscilla!

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