Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Hands on Benchmarks, Temps And Gaming

Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Hands on Benchmarks, Temps And Gaming

I recently tested out the new Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate, the upgraded Vi10 which the new Atom X5 Z8300 in it. The tablet is an improvement in some areas over the Vi10 and in others it’s not much of a step up over the Atom Z3736F By Trail. The design is exactly the same, a solid build with front and rear tempered glass.

The Vi10 Ultimate boots up quicker than my Vi10, but in most benchmarks it’s a little slower, apart from 3DMark’s tougher tests like 3DMark11 and Cloud gate. It’s down to the lower CPU clock speeds of 1.84 Ghz Vs 2.16Ghz on the Z3736F. But the GPU does have more EU’s than the Bay Trail. 12 EU’s on the Cherry Trail Vs just 4 on the Bay Trail, but with the single channel ram and lower clocks limiting the GPU it’s not really much faster at all. You have to remember the X5 Z8300 is the lowest Cherry Trail, so much slower than the X5 Z8500 and X7 Z8700.

Thermals have been an issue on most X5 Z8300 tablets and mini PC’s I’ve tested. But the Vi10 Ultimate is good. Pushing the tablet hard with 3Dmark11, gaming and other benchmarks for a few hours the maximum temps on the X5 SoC where 75 degrees C. The back of the tablet get’s slightly warm. But no thermal throttling which is the main thing here.

But the Vi10 Ultimate does have several improvements over the older model:

  • Micro HDMI Outputs upto 4k 30hz (As well as 2560 x 1440p 60Hz)
  • MicroSD card slot supports high-speed cards with reads and writes over 100mb/s
  • Ships with Windows 10 Home (Latest November update)
  • Slightly better battery life. Looks like over 7 hours at 40% brightness
  • 3.5mm headphone jack now supports microphone headsets


The benchmarks, and others things like, 4k YouTube playback and a Counter Strike test are included in the above video. Overall it seems a solid tablet with its super useful 2 x full USB 2.0 ports and keyboard dock. The 1366 x 768 resolution might not be for everyone and the loss of Dual boot Android & Windows. It’s still one of my favorite tablets the Vi10 and for me, it’s a step up over the Vi10 Bay Trail model as I can now drive my 2560 x 1440 monitor at this resolution instead of being limited to 1080p and it works well.

And having the faster MicroSD card slot offers faster expandable storage.

Benchmarks are one thing, but it feels faster than the benchmark results in Windows.

I picked up my Vi10 Ultimate from for $173 (64GB Model) The 32GB model is cheaper at $146


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  1. Can this tablet charging while playing (turned on) ?

  2. Hello Chris G, u say that headphone port now support microphone headsets.
    That means i can use external microphones i.e for video calling like hangouts on air yea ? And its possible this tablet can record audio from mixer huh ? please answer me Chris, Thankyou.

    • Yes, it supports headsets with microphones. So 4 pole plugs. Like an Android headset.

      • Thank you for ur answer Chris, and how about Chuwi Hi10 ? Is it Support headset with microphone too ?

  3. Thanks for the awesome review CHRIS.
    I am about to buy the chuwi vi10 ultimate for portable productivity.
    I hope my questions are not too long winded.

    Would the quality of the display be comparable to HP pavilion X2?

    Regarding all the Chinese tablet, since it is very much cheaper, would there be a safety concern such as battery explosion or any battery quality issues ?

    Are there any other generic keyboard docks/case where by the chuwi vi10 ultimate is compatible with?

  4. Anyone knows if this tablet would be able to manage the reading of heavy technical PDF with lots of illustrations (between 100 to 500MB each).
    I tried using a (quite old) Iconia A510 under Android to test some PDF. While the resolution (1280×800) didn’t seem to be a problem, the reading turned into a nightmare because it was so slow.
    I would prefer to use W10 and progs like Phantom or Foxit reader but the many comments added here and there about the X5-8300 (much much slower that the 8500 and 8700 in many reviews here) added to the high resolutiuon make me hesitating to order one. Reading PDF will be, with the usual stuff like Internet, mails, the most use of this tablet.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  5. Anyone know when they will get the android ROM?

  6. I wait for you reply @chris is very important for me.

  7. Worth the ultimate version?, Not sure whether to buy this tablet: or this:, If so I would like to know why, thank you very much and sorry for my bad english I am spanish men.

    • Yes, if you want the faster MicroSD card port, HDMI upto 4k and battery life is slightly better.

  8. Hi Chris 🙂

    I ordered a Vi10 Ultimate to replace my laptop people while I wait to buy a more powerful machine. I use Chrome as my browser but I’m scared it’s too demanding, how does it run on the Vi10?
    Which one did you use with your previous Vi10? What’s the best browser to use on a tablet pc?

    Thanks for the help!
    Ps: I tweeted you when the website went down 🙂

    • Hi, Chrome normally. That’s what I use on the Vi10. But Edge or IE run much smoother and stream video 10 x better than Chrome.

      So far it’s good. I have new gaming test video coming and it got to 80 degrees this time, it was a warmer day might have had something to do with it.

  9. Which dual boot is still the best gaming wise and media playing?

    I’m having a tough time deciding with Nvidia shield and Chinese tablets

    I could hopefully get a used Teclast x98 Air 3G Windows 8.1 + Android 4.4.4 Tablet for $100, but not sure how it’s holding up now a days.

    • Hi, the Teclast X98 Air 3G is holding up well still, the new versions have Android 5 and Windows 10. But if you can get it for $100 I would go for it. The Nvidia shield has the best performance by far of the two.

  10. any issues with battery and charging?

    • None, it’s all good so far. I’m enjoying using the tablet.

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