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AllDoCube Thinker – 1 Year Later Review

AllDoCube Thinker – 1 Year Later Review

In an ideal world of tech reviews, you would later review the tech a year later or at set intervals to see how it’s faring, just how well it’s holding up. Did the battery fail to fully charge? Did the screen crack or shows signs of burn in? Did the keyboard fail or any issues during that time?

It’s rare to do such reviews as I have to sell on tech for financial reasons, but the good stuff, my favorites I try to hang onto. One such device is the Cube Thinker i35 or AllDoCube Thinker.

So how well has it held up over a year of moderate use? Surprisingly well as you’ll see in the below video. With only a few minor issues popping up. And even after one year, it holds up fine, a fantastic laptop for the price with one of the best screens in Chinese tech you’ll find. A fully laminated Microsoft Surface Book 13.5″ 3000 x 2000 touchscreen with N-Trig stylus (Surface Pen) support. This great screen is also in the Chuwi Hi13, but without the glass optically bonded to it, so nonlaminated with a large gap.

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  1. 2 years later and one of my best laptops so far – except 1 point:

    when fully charged there is a near silence, but disturbing high noise that stops if I pull the charger out.
    I am talking about the original EU charger that came with the unit.

    Interesting to know: if you charge it even with a 15€ cheap usb type c charger that noise does not appear at full charge … but a shame that a great device suffers this way.

    Display beautifull, keyboard quite useable except wrong keyboard layout … so a silicone cover one would be great and also a backlit would be an improvement or at least an LED like the old thinkpad had decades ago.

    The i35 has become my working horse … and works quite well with dozens of tabs in chrome open and still able to deal with other apps … while my big screen laptop with 4 GB is completely dying and killing apps when chrome is working.

  2. it is a myth cause it still works well and my system is now fully 1903 – english and german ui

  3. If you see this for a good price again like a couple of weeks ago I can confirm it’s definitely worth going for. All the latest Windows 10 updates installed with no problem and works fine with my HP pen.

    Does get a bit warm so will try Chris’s thermal mod when I have the chance, being a bit lazy do you think just using a 1.5 or 2mm pad would work on its own Chris?

  4. Great to see that these Chinese laptops are holding up after a year or so of use! As Subrosa said, the problem with Win10 updates could be a dealbreaker for some, so maybe other users could chime in here and let us know if later Win10 updates are working okay, or whether this is a problem with the Thinker?

    • Well, I’m the latest 1809 redstone 5 update or is 6 now. It’s perfect, no issues to report. Seems it was one of those big early fall updates a bug and now it’s good. The laptop also seems a little quicker.

  5. It’s great to have a 1-year review, and gives a lot to think about, especially in considering today’s offerings from the same company. However, in that regard, the possible inability to keep Windows 10 updated would be a deal breaker for me. Conversely, knowing that updates went smoothly would be a major positive. As it is… ?

    • Okay, I did it, I fully updated and this time it’s fine. I think ti was an issue with Restone 3 or 4 updates causing this micro stutters. It’s perfect now on build 1809 latest updates all done!

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