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Chuwi Vi8 Plus Benchmarks, Temps, Speaker Test and Type-C port

Chuwi Vi8 Plus Benchmarks, Temps, Speaker Test and Type-C port

Hands-on video with the Chuwi Vi8 Plus, I ran through my usual benchmarks, tested out the speaker and type-c port. Sadly it seems the type-c port is only USB 2.0 spec and not USB 3.0. It will run my 1TB Toshiba basics 2.5″ HDD, but speeds are limited to 40mb’s. Considering the tablet doesn’t come with an adaptor and we aren’t getting anything over USB 2.0 speeds I’m not really sure what the point of adding the Type-c port was? Chuwi would have been better off just leaving it as a micro USB 2.0 port.

Apart from this issue, the tablet seems to be a decent 8″ tablet for $90, thermals maxing out at 74 degrees when gaming for two hours. I’ll have a gaming test video coming soon with Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Leagues and some store games.

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  1. I’mthinking of buying 8 inch tablet. I was thinking mainly buying Chuwi Vi8 Plus because of the battery and performance. My main use is going to be primarily using microsoft office and editing documents and statistical/research data. What would you recommend for a cheap 8 inch tablet woth strong battery ( dual os is optional )
    Also, is android only os is good for such functions ?
    I would be happy for replies.

    • For notifications.***

    • I would recommend something larger. Do you need a keyboard? Maybe the Cube iwork10 Ultimate?

      • I need a keyboard.
        I was mainly thinking 8 inch mainly because of the small size.
        How’s the Cube iwork10 ultimate performance and battery life though ?

  2. hello…
    i have a question…
    how i can enable the usb otg?
    i have try to set the bios to enable that, but i have not success…
    please, can you explain to me what should I do ?
    thank you.


  4. is there any diffrence in performance on Chuwi Hi10, Vi10 Ultimate and Vi8 Plus?

  5. Ok, is it normal to have 5% battery drain per hour in airplane, battery saver mode?

  6. Any ideas when it will get a dual boot rom? I can’t decide to wait till it gets the dual boot or grab one now and upgrade to dual boot rom later.

  7. Hi Chris, is the plus longer than the original Vi8?

    • I think it is, the housing is different, the first model vi8 cases will not fit. Hi8 cases will fit however.

      • Thanks! I really hope they come out with a new generation model as compact as the Vi8.

  8. With that slow SSD it is not better to install and run PC games like ( World of Tanks – pc version ) from fastes micro SD card ???

  9. SD memory card it will be not faster that 32gb ROM ( LEXAR 32GB Professional 1800x microSDHC UHS-II ). Do you now any USB C hub with 1 or 2 USB and charging but i looking for compact that meen slim that can carry in cover.

  10. Seems like there are definite shortcomings. But it’s so cheap!

    • Yeah the only real shortcoming is the USB 2.0 type-c port and not USB 3.0. Otherwise for $90 bucks it’s good!

      • It’s a huge one IMO, those temps are awesome, though.
        I’m really craving for a 8″ tablet with 4GB of RAM.

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