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Chuwi Hi12 Gets A New Metal Keyboard Dock

Chuwi Hi12 Gets A New Metal Keyboard Dock

Let’s face it, the keyboard for the Hi12 is very cheap and has a poor build quality (Remember my unboxing? Screws fell out of it) Well Chuwi listened to the complaints it seems, and they have announced a new metal high-quality dock for the  Hi12. It’s now got black keys (not white!) and a build that looks just like the HiBook keyboard, but larger. And HiBook keyboard is really nice, so I’m sure this one will be good.

I just hope the new touchpad also supports gestures that can be disabled.

It still retains the two USB 2.0 ports on the left and right.

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  1. Might this be the one ?

    It certainly isn’t cheap, about 50% more expensive than the first generation.

    • The layouts are different, the one you’ve linked to would be very practical for me and worth the extra cash if the build quality was good. It’s a shame that the Hi12 only has a Z8300, it’s probably the only serious flaw (for my purposes) with the Hi12 now.

    • I just ordered one at Gearbest, after they confirmed it’s the new version.
      Price € 35,29 / $ 39,92 at the moment, so (about) the same as the old one

      • they made a confirmation for me too :

        Hello Denis,

        Thanks for your inquiry.

        The material is metal masses.

        I think it’s tie to order! 🙂

  2. Oh thank god! They finally did it! Now the tablet it’s nearly perfect! I’m really surprised by Chuwi, they listen to us.
    I will buy it no matter the price.

  3. This is great news. I’m glad I didn’t buy the old keyboard.

  4. Could you please do a weight-in of this tab with keyboard attached? I also with that the manufacturer instead of adding counter-weight to keyboard just put an additional battery in there so that no space is wasted.
    The tab is 830 gramms and the keyboard is another 700 (?) so it gets pretty heavy with keyboard attached. Is there a cover-type keyboard for this unit?

  5. I want to know if the Hi12 can play x265/HEVC 10bit videos smoothly ?!

  6. Any idea of when it will be available ?

  7. Hi,
    Please give a link to this product.

  8. Would love to check out a review of this and see whether it’s worth replacing the current keyboard dock.

    Are you buying it Chris?

  9. Hey Chris, are you sure it isn’t the same as the white key version (plastic) – only with black keys this time? The black looks so much better. I get the impression that the Hi12 is still ahead of many of the other tablets you’ve been testing of late, because of its great screen. I’m waiting to hear you say that you’v found a new tablet with a better or equal screen, until then, it’s me and my Hi12. Oh, it looks like my employer might get the Voyo VBook V3, mostly because of its low price, stylus etc. Ho hum. Hey, the UK may have voted to exit the EU, but I’ll be staying tuned to your videos. Thanks..

    • +1

    • And I want to know if the Hi12 can play x265/HEVC 10bit videos smoothly ?!

      • Yes, using the video player in Windows 10 it’s very smooth.

    • I’m holding fire on my next tablet until either the pound recovers enough to make it worthwhile again or else the pound goes through the floor and Chris starts reviewing cheap UK tablets 🙂
      Last night I nearly bought a Cube i9 for about £266 +CC fees etc. this morning it would have been £303!

    • the new keyboard is a metal body, I confirmed this with the official store at Taobao. Pretty good.

    • No it’s different if you look at the 3 pictures, it’s like the HiBook keyboard which is metal, just a larger version of it.

  10. Excelent News 😀 I hope your review when it starts to selling. Thanks Cris

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