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Cube iwork8 Ultimate Dual Boot Preview (Video)

Cube iwork8 Ultimate Dual Boot Preview (Video)

So we have the first Cherry Trail 8 inch dual boot, about time. I only hope Chuwi follow and do the same with the Vi8 Plus and Hi8 Pro. Here’s a quick look at the Android Rom, some benchmarks and a little gaming on the iwork8 Ultimate. Overall the rom is great, only 3 Chinese apps which are removable. The DPI set in the build.prop for the Rom is perfect for the screen, resulting in a sharp image and demanding games like Mortal Kombat X run very fluid thanks to that 1280 x 800 resolution. The speaker is super loud in Android, more than Windows for some reason.

I find myself liking the iwork8 Ultimate more as a dual boot. Temps in Android don’t get anywhere near as high as Windows maxing out around 65 degrees Vs around 85 degrees C in Windows.

I got this one from Banggood here and if you use coupon fcecc2 it’s only $89. It’s still the Windows 10 version but converted it to Dual OS myself. Use this guide -> How to convert the Cube iwork8 Ultimate to Dual Boot.

The only downside is the battery life isn’t very good. Around three and a half hours and if you game the whole time in Android it’s even less. Only the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 seems to get decent battery life for the smaller category of tablets with it’s larger 6700 mAh battery.

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  1. Hello my Friends,
    Im new here , and wish the best for this site , that helps a lot people to have their best choices .
    Now I would like to ask you about it :
    I want to make an order between Cube iwork8 ultimate and the (new arrival ??? ) Chuwi Hi8 Pro .
    1 – I ear about a lot of problems with Chuwi ( battery , screen etc , bios ) , so i would like to know and
    concerning this new updated version , that the bugs are repaired .???
    2 -The final question is this : thinking that Chuwi had repaired the bugs , which one to choose ??
    Regards to you all ,

  2. Chris, thanks. Does it mean that no solution to run dual OS in cube i7 stylus ?

  3. Is there any 8 inch cherry trail with 16:9 screen?

  4. Hi Chris, I’m a bit skeptical on this part:

    “Temps in Android don’t get anywhere near as high as Windows maxing out around 65 degrees Vs around 85 degrees C in Windows”

    Are you sure you aren’t comparing the android battery temp to windows cpu temp ? Most android app bases their overlay temperature from battery sensor, So a 65c battery temp could be equivalent to over 85c cpu temp. That’s why you might assume android ‘runs cooler’.

    for example, here’s my teclast x80hd running cpu-z app. (
    and the overlay says it’s 38c . However, checking the thermal section reveals that 38c is my battery temp & my cpu cores temp are over 50c and 52c respectively.

    My apology if I misunderstood this. just wanted to make sure you got it right for the review.

    • I can’t edit my comment so forgive my double post, but you really don’t want battery temp over 65c+ because thermal runaway are scary 🙁

      • Oh yeah the overlay is one thing the 65 degrees I saw in CPU-Z just after playing some games for over 1 hour. The overlay CPU Temp widget didn’t detect the CPU cores sensor, but at least it didn’t go over 50 degrees. Sorry it wasn’t clear as the part where I showed CPU Temp app was cut from the edit to save time and not confuse people.

        That CPU app doesn’t seem to detect the CPU on the Atoms, but it works on other systems. I think if the battery was 65 degrees it would have exploded on me 😮

  5. Chris, could the dual boot conversion also be applicable to cube i7 stylus as I have one installed with win 10.

    • No not at all, completely different hardware and you could brick the tablet trying.

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